Tum Saath Ho Jab 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mariam is helping Fiza in making her project. Waqar and Najma are in line too. Nasima asks Mariam to make tea for Abbajaan but the Fiza wants Mariam to be with them. nasima offers to help her instead. Mariam leaves while Nasima sits down to help Fiza. She has no clue where to put Jupiter. Fiza says who will help me then. Waqar too speaks up. We could have got help from Choti Ammi if you would have made tea. Nasima glares at him. she asks Saba to help them but she backs off. Waqar too had worked on this project last to last year. Nasima remembers that Tauseef had helped him. Najma smiles at the mention of her Abbu. Abbu had made it for bhaijaan. I too wanted one so Abbu made it for me too. Nasima suggests FIza to bring the old one from the storeroom so that she can help her but Fiza declines. I feel scared. She orders Saba to go with Fiza. Saba and Waqar deny so Najma offers to go with her. NAsima wonders about the kind of projects that school gives to students.

Imran is in tears as he cuts the onions. Altaf and Imran talk about Imran’s elder Fufi. They had been really naughty when they were young. Imran wants to cook chicken tonight. Altaf is happy to see him happy. take out your anger with your smile. He knows that Imran was angry because of Mariam. Imran gets upset again. Why do you have to talk about that mother daughter duo anyhow! Do we not have anything else to talk? He walks away in a huff asking him to cook chicken now. Altaf is sad that he has to bear the brunt of taking the names of that mother and daughter.

Najma and Fiza come to the storeroom. Fiza is scared to go inside. Najma assures her that she is with her. she takes Fiza inside finally. Fiza talks about ghosts whereas Najma says there are no ghosts. They both head to different corners to find Najma’s past project. Fiza finds Najma’s stuff in a carton along with her Abbu’s blazer. Najma is sad that Ammi dint even let her keep the blazer. Najma hugs her Abbu’s blazer. Nasima comes to see if they have found the model. She asks about the blazer.

Younis’s MIL keeps talking to Younis about Naima’s impending wedding. She doesn’t even let him talk. He ends the call in haste. Abbajaan smiles seeing his reaction. Every MIL is the same. your MIL is a different piece altogether. Mariam indirectly tells him to be quiet but Younis supports Abbajaan. She is calling me to prepare every talk (what to say or reply) with them. mariam tells him to think about her feelings. She is a mother after all. Nasima comes there with the blazer. Why did you give it to Mariam? Younis gave it to Mariam to keep it with her as Najma got all emotional when she saw it. this is Tauseef’s memento. Abbajaan wants to touch it too. When did he make it? younis had made it. I thought he will wear it when he will play for his country. Nasima is angry with Mariam for not valuing Younis’s emotions. I found it in the storeroom. Mariam stands there tensed. Mariam threw that blazer in the storeroom which you had kept with yourself so safely. Younis asks for an explanation from Mariam. Nasima scolds Mariam for acting to love her late husband. Is this what you think about him? mariam is all quiet as she looks at Najma. Younis is sad that he was wrong in thinking that she misses Tauseef more than him. you could have returned it to me. what was the point of hurting Tauseef’s soul like this? abbajaan speaks in Mariam’s favour. There must be some reason behind Mariam’s actions. Younis demands to know what it is. Najma says I am the reason. mariam too speaks up. After Allah and Rasul I love Tauseef most. But I am not just a woman but a mother too, DIL of this house. I too want Tauseef’s every memory to hold onto for life but to keep Najma away from sports and to avoid fights in this house I thought to keep it in the storeroom for a few days. Honestly speaking I was punishing myself. Younis agrees with it. I will keep it with me. but Abbaajaan wants to keep it with him. he seeks Mariam’s permission and she complies. I have two reasons to live – one, my life with Tauseef and two, Najma. She leaves with Najma. Abbajaan hugs the blazer all emotionally.

Bilkish cannot find her suit anywhere. She finds Amma all quiet and finds something fishy. Bilkish can sense that Amma has hidden the suit somewhere. They both bicker over it like always. Jamaal agrees to bring a new suit for her tomorrow itself. They both head inside. Amma takes out the suit from under her pillow and caresses it. you will see how I will look in this suit.

Imran paces on his terrace. He notices the shuttlecock and then looks at Najma’s balcony. He thinks about Najma and her talent followed by her promise to her Ammi. Altaf calls out for him saying dinner is ready. He remembers Mariam’s words too. Altaf comes out to take him inside to have food. He thinks that Imran is still thinking about what he said regarding Mariam but Imran declines. I am worried for Najma actually. They are not doing it right with her. altaf agrees. I have seen her passion. I too feel sad for her. Nowadays she keeps so quiet that I feel bad. But we cannot do anything as her Ammi has given ultimatum. He reminds Imran that they don’t have to talk about the mother daughter duo just like he said. Altaf goes to clean the kitchen asking Imran to come inside fast. He nods.

Mariam thinks of Nasima’s words. She is in tears. Najma apologizes to her Ammi. Abbu’s blazer went far from you because of me. mariam assures her that its all good. Blazer is with Abbajaan only. Set the bed while I will go bring milk for you. She goes out and notices Imran looking at her balcony. He walks inside when he finds her looking towards their house. She recalls Najma’s words about how Imran has never forced her to play even though he wants her to play. He has always kept me away from tennis. It was I who used to roam around tennis court always. She remembers the incident in school when he was trying to make her understand how talented Najma is but she has scolded him instead.

Next morning, Mariam offers namaz. Najma wakes up just then. She joins her Ammi and prays for her happiness. Mariam smiles. They greet each other with a hug. She has to read Quran today before going to school. Najma notices the wound on Mariam’s head. She lies that she slipped from the stairs while going downstairs. Najma doesn’t believe her. she makes her Ammi confess. Mariam says it’s because of you. You keep moving your hands and legs whole night while you sleep. You hurt me with your elbow. Najma says sorry to her. mariam has already forgiven her. stop moving your hands and legs or I will get hurt seriously. What did you see in your dream today that you were so excited? Najma saw her Abbu in her dream again. he was playing tennis with me again. we had real fun while hitting the shots. Pray that he keeps coming in my dreams often. Mariam gets serious again. najma says I can play with Abbu in my dreams atleast. We cannot control our dreams. She is about to go bring medicine for her. mariam declines but Najma stays put. I have hurt you so I only will apply medicine. Mariam thinks that she hasn’t hurt her with her hand but with her dream. She puts a reassuring hand on Najma’s face and then goes from there. Epi ends on Najma’s sad face.

Precap: Imran thinks Mariam has come to fight with him again. it is in your family. she says I dint come here to fight with you. I have come to take form for tennis coaching for Najma. He looks at her in surprise.

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