Tum Saath Ho Jab 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nasima was angry at Rehmat Khala in front of Younis, she was looking for her mobile. The box throws on her foot, Younis argues on her about it and asks Younis to give missed bell on her number. Mariam and Najma watch the guard, the phone rings. Mariam is worried that Younis bhai is calling. Younis asks her to look in her room. Mariam thinks bhabi must be looking for her phone. She thinks she must off the network.
The peon mixes the wine, Najma shows Mariam. Mariam asks if Najma is ready.
Nasima comes and tells him the phone is no one there.
Mariam and Najma show the video to principal. The peon had confessed to Najma that he got Imran caught by placing the wine in Imran’s bag. He also confesses that he tried to stab on Imran when he tried to catch him. Najma says to principal, she told him even before but she had no proofs then.
Bilquees, Jamal and Nasima look for phone. Bilquees asks has Mariam taken mobile along. Jamal says why will she take it. Younis scolds Nasima that she must now live without mobile. Rehmat Khala takes a leave, Nasima says she can’t leave until her mobile is found. Jamal says Rehmat hasn’t taken a single penny in years, Rehmat Khala complains to Younis this was left to be seen. Nasima says she will call police, if she doesn’t return her mobile. The children and Mariam also come home. Rehmat asks Younis why will they send her to police. Nasima asks her anyway, where her mobile is. Mariam says she has the mobile, not Rehmat Khala. She hands it back to her. Nasima asks why she took it, Younis asks why she did it. Mariam was about to tell them, but Waqar says he took the mobile which Mariam has, he thought about making the video. Fizza says Mariam took it from his hand, when she saw it there. Younis scolds. Rehmat takes a leave, saying she will never come home. Mariam stops her. Younis apologizes to Rehmat Khala, Rehmat khala asks why he didn’t say this when Nasima blamed her. The kids hugs khala, but khala agrees. Mariam smiles.

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On the terrace, Rehmat asks Mariam what she wants her to do. Rehmat says this is her last day, Najma gives her some money and gives her a sorry card. Rehmat asks why is she apologizing. Mariam says she is the culprit as she took the phone. Najma tells her everything. Mariam asks her an apology, Rehmat takes the card. Mariam says if she has forgiven them, she must not talk about leaving the house. Najma hugs khala, so does Mariam.
Imran tells Altaf he is leaving for practice, Altaf was in bad mood. He says to Imran he is really getting fat, he will buy bananas from market. Imran says he has some money, and also give him ATM to take 500 from there. Altaf says he is thinking about going to Allahabad, his father left some money and he is thinking about doing business. Imran forbids him, that he has kept this money for his marriage.
Imran gets a call from principal. Najma and Mariam come to the window, Najma calls him to attend the call; Mariam also asks him to hear the call. Imran hears to him, and asks what then thanks him. He tells Altaf that he has been proven innocent and got his job back. Altaf jumps with Imran, Najma also cheers. Mariam congratulates him.
Bilquees tells Nasima to be calm, and talk to Younis. He will talk to Rehmat himself. There is drum beating outside, everyone gathers to see what is happening. Altaf danced on the road, Jamal joins him. Younis comes and asks what is this all. Jamal offers Younis the sweet, but he throws it with a jerk.

PRECAP: Mariam opens the door, Younis stands out and asks where they are going. There are guests to meet Mariam.

Update Credit to: Sona

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