Tum Saath Ho Jab 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Waqar is riding his bicycle. Younis is upset about his monetary loss. Nasima is sure Waqar will win cycle race next time. He nods a little sarcastically. Bilkish wonders how Najma won instead of Waqar when we all had prayed so much for him. nasima feels that Najma fooled them all by lying that she will help Waqar in his practise. She was just doing her practise. She is a very clever girl. bilkish finds Mariam standing there and hints at Nasima. Mariam keeps the tea tray and turns to go when Younis stops her. Tell Najma that it’s enough of sports for her now. She should focus on her studies. Mariam nods. Nasima supports her husband.

Jamaal comes home and greets everyone especially Younis. He has come to congratulate Najma. Younis knows that he wants Najma to participate in sports and neglect her studies. Jamaal knows him too well. The one whom you told not to play has actually got the trophy. Nasima is sure that that drunkard (Imran) must not have been in his senses. She won because of his wrong decision only. Jamaal recalls a perfect example for her reaction and Younis stares at him in his typical style.

Bilkish whispers in Jamaal’s ears to talk to Waqar as well. He is sad of his failure. Jamaal goes to Waqar. Winning and losing is a part of game. Your Tauseef chacha used to say that the real fun is in the game. He has brought jalebis (250 gms) for the kids as his Najma has won championship. Younis taunts him.

Altaf comes home and is sad to have lost jalebis to Jamaal. I would have taught him nicely if it wasn’t about a little girl. he has taken 250 grams jalebis for so many people. I can eat that much just like that. He talks to his nephew about a sweet maker of the locality where they used to live earlier. Imran goes to get his bottle and Najma calls out for him. he looks at her but then heads off back towards his chair. She wants to thank him. he left again? But I will say it to him. She gets an idea and writes thank you on a paper. Altaf continues to talk about jalebis and Imran shouts at him angrily. I am not at peace inside and outside. Why are you stuck after jalebis? Altaf decides to finally make kheer and leaves.

Najma makes a plane of the paper and heads towards her balcony. You can run all you want but my thank you will reach you for sure. She aims it at his window and Imran’s liquor bottle breaks by the paper plane as it hits a showpiece kept on the table. He looks out of the window angrily and finds her waving at him. she signals him about it that she has sent it for him. she leaves from there as Jamaal calls out for her.

Altaf thinks that Imran has broken the bottle out of frustration. I was making kheer for you. Imran tells him that that girl actually broke his bottle. He shows him the paper plane and Altaf laughs. This girl is quite a champion. She would not have done it intentionally. She is just a kid. Imran wants to go and complain about her. Altaf runs after him to stop him. Imran opens the door and finds a lady standing outside the door with a bowl in her hand. She gives her intro (Shabnam). She has brought kheer for them after doing the niyaaz ritual. Altaf explains the ritual and then takes it from her but Imran retorts that he doesn’t want it. she compliments his (arrogant) way of talking. Imran closes the door on her face. Shabnam inches closer to the door to overhear their convo. Altaf explains him that he took out his anger at the wrong person. I wont insult niyaaz like this. Shabnam turns to go at the exact moment when he opens the door. she wonders why Imran was shouting on her. I came here like a good neighbour. Altaf talks sweetly to her and gives his intro. He takes the bowl and she goes back to her house.

The kids ask for jalebis. He gives small pieces to Nasima’s kids and gives one whole jalebi to Najma. Nasima is not happy. He offers it to her but she is not in a mood to eat. He gives one to Mariam as well.

Imran notices that there is something written on the paper and goes to check. He is surprised to find a thank you note. Altaf mocks to be angry at Najma for this (just the way Imran does). Imran tells him to let it be but Altaf continues his acting. Imran keeps the note on the table and goes away. altaf smiles and says, thank you!

Jamaal complains to Mariam about how Younis was taunting him about jalebis. Everyone got jalebi, right? Salman Baig is upset as Mariam is not giving him his favourite kurta. She has thrown it away as it was worn out. He doesn’t care if it has lost colour or is torn or whatever but I want to wear that only. They both cannot understand why he is acting so stubborn. Salman Baig tells them that it is the last souvenir with me that he had bought for me. whenever I go out wearing it then I feel like that my Tauseef is walking with me. this is why I have kept his memories safely with me. he shows them his sherwani that Tauseef had got for him. Jamaal recalls that he had worn it on the day when they had gone to see Mariam for the first time. They both smile at the memory. She was so scared of me that day. The tea tray in her hand was shaking. She was not able to utter a single word. For once Bilkish thought that she cannot talk. Meanwhile, Mariam gets emotional and gets the kurta out of another cupboard for her Abbajaan. Salman Baig hugs it tight.

Mariam comes to her room and recalls their words. She takes out her dress that she had worn that day. Back then everyone was so excited about the Tauseef’s family coming over to see her. she was getting ready when he had called at her landline. He called her to tell how to talk to his Abbajaan and bhaijaan. He had scared her that his Abbajaan is very strict and short tempered. She tells him about the food preps. Ammi has made so much. Tauseef scared her all the more saying that neither of them like it. she had even asked for another colour’s suit as per his request. He finally breaks into a smile and tells her the truth. Flashback ends. She smiles at the memory. Liar, he made such a good Abbajaan Amrish Puri.

Jamaal and his Ammi enjoy food and jalebi. He had saved one for his Ammi. She blesses Najma. Tauseef would have been proud of his daughter today. She remembers how he was so jovial and used to hug her whenever he used to come here. She prays for his soul. Bilkish tells Jamaal that Nasima bhabhi was not happy. he suggests her not to go that house for 2-4 days. Nasima bhabhi was really angry. She knows that he would have been happy seeing her angry. Ammi knows that she would be happy. You only support those who have money. You don’t care about Mariam and Najma as Tauseef is dead now. Bilkish disagrees with her. he was my brother. I still cry for him. do you think I am Najma’s enemy? Jamaal tries to explain. Bilkish says I have made good relations with Nasima bhabhi which is why we get food from there so often. I have to hear so much from her for both of you. Ammi talks about how Jamaal gets his salary from post office. Jamaal calmly lies down uttering some shayari.

Najma gets ready for school. I sent thank you note yesterday and new neighbour dint say anything. She goes to the balcony and greets Imran. Do you know that one says something like welcome after thank you? He turns a deaf ear but she continues to talk. Tell me whose manners are not right now? Is this how you reply to thank you? He closes the windows. Najma makes it a point to see till how long he will continue to be arrogant.

Precap: A guy (I think Azhar) asks Younis about who is Mariam bhabhi talking to. Younis tells him to focus on what he is saying. The guy apologizes. I was asking just because I hahve seen this guy here for the first time. Younis looks up and finds Mariam talking to Imran.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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