Tum Saath Ho Jab 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shabnam talks to Mariam about Imran and asks them what they are doing here. Mariam lies that she heard some noise. We were going to buy groceries. Shabnam nods and they all head in different directions. Mariam and Najma head towards the garage as soon as they think that Shabnam is gone whereas Shabnam observes them from a distance. There is some reason for their going to the garage.

Imran tears Naima’s letter. Altaf repeats the lines (sher) written in the letter. He has a hearty laugh over it. they go quiet as Mariam and Najma come in. Najma is scared as she looks at the garage, recalling yesterday’s incident. She hugs her Ammi in fear. Mariam assures her that everything is fine, nothing will happen to you. Imran tells Najma not to be scared from now onwards. No one can even touch you now. This Imran has learnt to swim now so he wont let his Mehak drown ever again. this is my promise to you. Najma feels better. He gives her badminton racket while Altaf gives her her socks. I have even washed them for you.

Everyone congratulates Saba in the green room. She has won the Miss College Championship finally. Her friends are really excited for her. Saba shows them her trophy and certificate. Saba thanks both the girls and to Ayaan too. Thanks for boosting my confidence. I was really nervous but I could only hear your words when I was on stage. Feel you are the best. Thank you Ayaan! He replies that she deserved it. can I give you a hug? She gets serious but her friends insist. He deserves it after all. SAba agrees. They share a sweet and short hug. Ayaan invites everyone for a party. Saba denies. I have to reach home early today. she agrees to come some other day. Ammi and Abbu will be very upset with me. Her friends remind her how she cannot take this trophy home or her Abbu will kill her. Saba gets thinking.

Najma and Imran are practising. He announces a break. She denies. I have my match due tomorrow. he tells her to save energy for the same. she teases him saying if he got tired so soon. this is why I tell you to do some exercises. Altaf supports her. Imran tells him that he is more energetic than him. mariam says Najma is leading. Imran goes quiet. Najma says you are a sports teacher and you got tired in an hour only. Start practising now. She notices him looking at her and asks the reason. he says thanks to Allah that he got his Najjo back. Najma smiles and so does everyone. Someone knocks at the door. Najma hugs her Ammi again thinking about those guys. Imran and Altaf wonder who it could be. Imran goes to check. Before that he hides them behind the door. Altaf opens the door and is surprised to see waqar and Fiza. They have come to see her practise. The kids share a happy hug. Imran and Altaf realise that these kids knew about this secret place. Waqar and Fiza proudly say that Najma shares everything with them. start the practise now please.

Saba holds her trophy in her room excitedly and looks in the mirror. Ammi and Abbu should not get to know about this. she hides it behind her back just when her Ammi and Abbu enter the room. They insist her to show what she is hiding. She shows her trophy. Younis thinks that Saba won the debate competition. Younis asks for the trophy. Did you come second or third? She replies that she came first. He says you should have told everyone. It is such a happy moment. Nasima goes to tell everyone about the same while Younis hugs Saba. I am proud of you.

Kids cheer for Najma. Mariam tries to stop them but Imran says it is good for Najma. Altaf too joins the kids. Najma plays well. Her siblings hug her. you played so well, just like a champion. You made him lose. Imran nods. Mariam tells them not to praise Najma so much. Altaf praises Imran too whereas he praises Najma. You played really well today. everything was perfect. Fiza demands for an ice cream treat. Imran agrees but Mariam tells him not to take the kids outside. What if someone sees you with them? I will take them. He says it will be my treat but. She replies that it is the same thing. maula plays. Fiza insists that they will take treat from new neighbour. He gives money to Mariam. Altaf too wants to but Imran asks him to sit with him here only. Najma wants to practise more but Imran sends her out. Kids leave with Mariam.

Nasima calls out for Fiza, Waqar and Abbajaan. The kids are nowhere to be seen. Abbajaan congratulates Saba. He also gives money to Rehmat Bi to bring sweets for everyone.

Shabnam too comes there just then. she congratulates Saba. Younis is irked seeing her. I had told you not to come here again. nasima tells her to let it be. Nasima calls out for her kids again but gets no reply. Shabnam spills the beans about seeing Mariam and Najma near Ibrahim’s garage. Everyone is surprised to hear it. Younis and Abbajaan scold her while she continues to repeat the same thing. nasima points out that Mariam and Najma are not available at home at this time only since last many days. You (Younis) should go and check. I will see Shabnam if it turns out to be a lie. Younis too has been observing something wrong. He warns Shabnam of the consequences in case it turns out to be a lie. Shabnam leaves. I will find out the truth today come what may.

Kids enjoyed eating ice cream. Mariam promises to treat them again tomorrow if they do their homework nicely. Altaf commends Imran for teaching tennis to Najma. Your training is excellent. Imran wants her to save her energy for tomorrow’s match. She should not play anymore today. altaf knows Najma is stubborn like Imran. She will win tomorrow’s match? Imran wishes for the same.

Someone knocks at the door. they are amazed / irked to see Naima. She reminds him of his words. You said this is a haunted place. What are you doing here? They both stand speechless. She smiles thinking that he was lying. Imran tells her to leave as he has some work. She stays put. I have brought taviz. Imran repeats it that he has some work but she asks him about the letter. Mariam and the kids return just then but stop in their tracks as they notice Naima. Altaf signals them to leave. They oblige. They run outside and hide in a corner.

Imran tries to tell Naima that this is wrong but she is not ready to listen to him. you can speak what’s in your heart. Fiza and Waqar wonder why Naima Khala is here. Mariam says she came here again. the kids get confused. This is a problem. Fiza notices her Abbu coming there only. Everyone looks at him in shock. Younis parks his scooter outside the garage, stares at the corner (where Mariam and the kids are hiding) but then goes inside.

Imran seeks Altaf’s help but Naima tells him to not to come in between them. Imran and Altaf continue to tell her to go but Naima acts all brave. I am not even worried about Younis bhai. I am only waiting for your yes. Younis has heard everything, he calls out for her angrily. Everyone looks at him in shock.

Precap: Najma’s match is on a holiday which is a cause of worry. Fiza and Waqar plan up to go to zoo so that Najma can go and play her match.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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