Tum Saath Ho Jab 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Next morning, Altaf makes tea for Imran but he refuses to have it. he has his eyes set at Najma’s window. She will wake up now as it is time for her to go to school. I want to talk to her, see her, and apologize to her.

Mariam touches Najma who wakes up with a start. Mariam tells her that it is her only. Don’t be scared. Forget all that. I will break if you will stay sad like this. talk to me. I wont let anything happen to you till I am alive. You should rest today. There is no need to go to school. Najma wants to go to school. Everyone will continue to ask me questions if I stay back. Waqar bhai and Fiza too will be relieved to see me. Mariam too thinks maybe it will help her in forgetting it. I will drop and pick you up from school too in the afternoon.

Imran calls out for Najma. How are you now? Mariam turns to along with Najma but he requests her not to separate him from Najma. I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven for what I have done but I want to apologize to Najma. I know you all want me to leave alcohol. I swear I wont touch alcohol from today onwards. Mariam tells him how she doesn’t care anymore whether he drinks alcohol or not. you can do whatever you want to. She also stops Altaf from supporting Imran. how can you support someone who cannot keep himself sober enough to save a little girl’s honour? Najma wont come for tennis practise from today. I don’t want to keep any relation with you. Imran says it is about the competition. Mariam is more concerned about her daughter and her dignity, she says. Don’t even dare to look at this window again. maula plays. Mariam takes Najma with her. Imran thinks of her words and feels bad. He takes out all the liquor bottles from the cupboard and breaks them one by one. Altaf is pleasantly surprised at his gesture. Imran sits down on the floor heartbroken. Altaf wipes his tears and then comforts him.

Younis tells Abbajaan how Srivastava tried getting Mariam on his side but he failed. Abbajaan deduces that Srivastava is working with him just because of Mariam then. I wish Allah fulfils your dreams and makes you successful in whatever you do. Saba comes downstairs talking on phone to Kirti about her dress. She goes quiet seeing her family members and greets everyone. She tells them about college fest, her debate competition. Younis asks her to tell him what she is going to say in the debate. Saba is in a fix. Jamaal comes in and she breathes in relief. Jamaal has brought post for Younis. Younis tells him not to come inside the house from now onwards. You can drop the post in the post box outside the house. Abbajaan tells him not to talk like that. Jamaal notices that Saba is ready to leave for her college. Nasima insists Saba to speak but Younis changes his mind. I will be getting advance today from Srivastava. Nasima makes another demand for Waqar which irks Younis. Abbajaan tells Nasima to be a little patient. You shouldn’t start thinking about expenses before earning well. She goes quiet. Jamaal too supports Abbajaan. Saba leaves for her college. YOunis wishes her luck. I hope you will bring trophy with you in the evening. Everyone leaves from there so Abbajaan has to hear Jamaal’s shayari.

Fiza and Waqar try to tell jokes to Najma to make her smile but Najma doesn’t react. Waqar asks Mariam what has happened to Najma after all. Mariam lies that she had scolded Najma a little too much yesterday which is why she is angry with me. waqar tells Najma not to be upset over such it. Fiza notices Imran and they all look at him in surprise.

Younis and Jamaal talk in a tit for tat manner yet again. Jamaal gives the doll to Abbajaan to give it to Najma. Abbajaan gets serious as he looks at the doll. Najma looks worried since yesterday. Younis too gets thinking. Abbajaan feels that Mariam is hiding something from him. Nasima had felt the same thing. Younis too realises that Mariam went to drop Najma to school today as well. I thought it wasn’t a big thing. Nasima is sure Mariam is doing something wrong and lying to her. Younis is sure something is going on in Najma’s life. I don’t want to question Mariam again and again as she will feel like I am keeping tabs on her but you can do it. abbajaan agrees to talk to Mariam. Younis leaves. Jamaal and Abbajaan talk about Najma again.

Mariam tells the kids not to stop or talk to Imran. Imran stops Mariam saying that he wanted to talk to her. mariam sends Waqar and Fiza to their class. I will bring Najma. Waqar and Fiza oblige reluctantly. Mariam tries to walk away but Imran requests her to hear him once. She refuses to talk or hear him out. I want to remove yesterday’s memories from Najma’s mind. You should stay away from us. He agrees that her anger is justified. I came here not to apologize but to seek punishment. She declines to punish him or even talk to him. I just want to stay away from you. He requests her not to say this. I have always seen my Mehak in Najma. I cannot lose Mehak once again. please forgive me. I will do anything, I can even give my life. Najma asks him if he will quit drinking for her. he nods. Najma asks him if he thinks that she is his Mehak. You don’t want to lose me right? Promise me you wont touch alcohol from today onwards. He promises her. tum saath ho jab apne plays. Najma finally smiles and hugs him. he too is in tears. He kisses Najma’s forehead emotionally.

Imran apologizes to Mariam as well. She too tells him to leave alcohol. He promises that he wont let it repeat again. please allow Najma to play tennis. It is my fault. Why to break this kid’s dreams? She has her match due after one day. Let her practise. Mariam agrees to bring Najma for the practise. He smiles in relief.

Precap: Shabnam meets Mariam and Najma outside the garage. She asks them what they are doing here. Mariam lies that she heard some noise. We were going to buy groceries. Shabnam nods and they all head in different directions. Mariam and Najma head towards the garage as soon as they think that Shabnam is gone whereas Shabnam observes them from a distance. There is some reason for their going to the garage.

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