Tum Saath Ho Jab 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Imran has joined Al-Habib Public School. A peon gets him some file and stuff. Imran finds a photo in it and asks him about the man in the picture. He gets to know that it is Tauseef, their old sports teacher. A student had gifted him this photo frame. Imran keeps looking at the photo. Other teachers come there and exchange intro with Imran. They notice Tauseef’s photo frame and asks the peon to take it away. Imran tells them to let it be. They are curious about what will he do with the photo. The teachers confirm it with him that he stays in the same locality as Tauseef. You must have got to know them too. His widow still lives there. Tauseef used to bring her to school many times. I had noticed her then and still is very beautiful. Imran doesn’t like the way he is talking and calls them cheap. They point finger at him saying that he has killed his own daughter. Imran gets angry. Principal comes there and asks him if everything is ok. Imran composes himself. He leaves with the principal for some work.

Jamaal paces while Salman Baig plays chess with his friend. He starts saying some shayari regarding the chicken. They don’t give him importance and focus on their game. Mariam brings tea for them. she excuses herself as Jamaal starts saying some shayari. Salman Baig and his friend are ready to be tortured from him but spare our Mariam. Mariam smiles and offers them batashe. Salman baig realises that she had gone to dargah again. She smiles and leaves for the kitchen. He knows why she keeps going there. She is still waiting for Tauseef. His friend suggests him to better her present to get her out of her past. Salman Baig knows that he doesn’t have much time now as he is getting old. I want to give her hand in someone’s hand who can take care of her. its been two years since Tauseef left us but I have never let Najma feel an orphan. But now I scared what if people make her one after I die. Jamaal is sure Allah wont do such a thing ever. One day He will send someone in her life who can take Tauseef’s place.

Principal makes Imran meet the principal of Najma’s school. Meanwhile, coach praises Najma for the way she is playing. Najma gives its credit to her Abbu’s racket. Principal Sir comes there to make announcement regarding the championship. Najma and another girl are at war (of words) regarding who will win the championship. He announces that the referee will not be from their schools. Our new referee will be Al-Habib’s sports teacher Imran Siddiqui. Imran comes there. Najma is shocked to see Imran. Even Waqar and Fiza are taken aback. What will happen now? Imran notices Najma too while the principal is busy giving his intro to the students and coaches. Najma and Imran keep staring at each other continuously.

Jamaal tells some shayari to his Amma. She is really hungry and tells him to call Bilkish. Landlord knocks at the door and threatens him to pack his stuff. I have brought police with me. they both panic. Jamaal tells his Amma to die and whispers some plan in her ears. She wants to have chicken tandoori in exchange for which he readily agrees. He makes her lie down and puts white sheet over her. afterwards he goes to open the door and starts crying. Kaiser is taken aback. Jamaal calls Kaiser irresponsible for he dint do the maintenance of the house. Even the constable blames Kaiser. Bilkish comes home and cries for Amma. She had brought chicken to make biryani for Amma. Amma keeps opening her eyes in between to look at them. Bilkish curses Kaiser for her Amma’s death. Constable takes Kaiser out. Bilkish goes to give chicken to constable but Jamaal takes it from her as Amma pinches him. They both continue to fight for it. finally Amma tells the constable to stop. I was dying to eat biryani since so many days. Jamaal calls her ghost and the constable and Kaiser run away from there in fear.

Mariam is making list for what all to get this month (grocery stuff). Rehmat Bi tells her to give the last month’s list but Najma denies. We should get to know what’s needed and what’s not. the house runs solely on Younis bhaijaan’s earnings. Nasima asks for the list. Rehmat Bi replies to her in her style.

Nasima gets the list for Younis. Younis checks the list and notices that the oil is gone. I had brought 10 kilos. Rehmat Bi tells them about it. Younis and Nasima bicker over the list. Rehmat Bi and Mariam hear it. rehmat Bi thinks how Tauseef used to bring something or the other while coming home. So much changes when someone goes away.

Younis tells Nasima to control the expenditure this month. Najma comes home and greets them. waqar and Fiza fight over ice cream. He notices that they dint greet them and is upset. They oblige. Nasima asks about Waqar’s practise. He tells her how Najma too practised with them today. she too will play tomorrow. najma leaves from there quietly.

Mariam notices Najma’s sad face and asks her about it. Najma tells her Ammi that their new neighbour is the referee of the match. Younis too gets to know it and is upset how a drunkard can be made a referee. Waqar replies that he is a teacher and has played state level tennis. Principal sir brought him to give the correct judgement. On the other hand, Najma is fully sure he will never let her win. You know he doesn’t like me. mariam tells her that nothing like that would happen. Nasima has her hopes pined on Waqar. He demands for a cycle if he wins. Younis leaves for his factory. Mariam tells Najma to go and change. Najma recalls seeing Imran in her school and how he was staring back at her only. I will have to do something or he wont let me win.

Altaf is happy at Imran’s job. The surprise is how you agreed to be the referee. Imran couldn’t say no to the principal. Altaf gets happy that there is someone who he couldn’t say no to. Imran smells something (kerosene oil). Why is it coming from my clothes? Altaf replies in his typical shayarana way. He has washed all the clothes in kerosene oil and has returned all the washing soap. Imran is irked at the idea. Have you lost it or has someone suggested this to you? Altaf tells him about Mariam. She gave a great idea and the grease stain is gone. Imran retorts that she would have just told you to use kerosene oil for the stain. You don’t wash all the clothes in kerosene oil. Now cook with the soaps. He goes from there.

Najma and Fiza are waiting for Imran to come to his window. They start their act. Najma tells Fiza how one should not get personal while making a decision. You shouldn’t cheat while coming on a conclusion even if you are arch enemies. Imran hears them. Allah sends cheaters to hell. New neighbour will not do something like that as he is very good. Imran goes from there while the kids smile.

Altaf wonders what this new drama is. He gets to know that Imran will go to her school as the referee. She thinks that you can decide against her? Another problem! Did you not get any other school? He goes quiet as Imran turns to look at him in his usual style.

Fiza and Najma preach the same thing and try to scare Imran by telling him about hell. Imran asks Altaf who is at fault now. I will go and talk at her home. Altaf stops her as she is a kid. You should act like a grown up. Najma yet again talks about hell. Imran wants to complain against her but Altaf stops him again.

Precap: Imran takes his position as the game is announced. Najma and he stare at each other again. Saba tells Najma that things are not looking good. Najma prays to Allah to do justice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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