Tum Saath Ho Jab 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imran tells Altaf about Najma who is all concerned for Najma. Did you take her to hospital? What if something would have happened to her? Imran says she should take care of herself. She comes to the tennis court every day because of some or the other reason Allah knows why! Altaf says they both know the reason well. This game is her passion. Imran thinks of Najma’s words and how she dint mind getting hurt from the tennis ball as sports persons are bound to get hurt often. He calls her mad. She got hurt but was happy as she was hit by a tennis ball. Altaf remarks that Imran used to play with the same passion. There is something about that girl. mariam Bi is not talking to me or I would have gone to see her once. Imran tells him against it or he will put curtains in the house too. We don’t have to keep any relation with that home or any family member. Altaf is still thinking about Mariam Bi. Imran asks for food. He looks at his tennis racket.

Fiza hits Waqar with her book. Waqar calls out for his Ammi. Younis sends Waqar to get property tax papers from his Ammi. Waqar leaves. Fiza is curious about it but he tells her to focus on her studies. Younis notices the bandage on Najma’s forehead. Fiza tells him how Afshaah’s ball hit Appi by mistake. She wasn’t playing. Najma assures him that she is fine. Waqar comes back and tells him that the file is kept in the suitcase which is above their cupboard. A coat falls from the suitcase as it was half opened already. Younis caresses it emotionally. Waqar thinks it is a coat but Younis corrects him that its a blazer. Najma curiously asks her Bade Abbu if he used to wear blazers as well. He shakes his head. this belongs to your Abbu. She gets all emotional as she goes near it. Younis had got it for Tauseef. He wanted to play for his country but Abbajaan was against it. he wanted Tauseef to study and get a good job. But Tauseef had wanted to play for his country which is why I got this for him. I dint even tell Abbajaan about it. I had wanted him to wear it whenever he plays for his country but! He hugs the blazer. Najma too is in tears. She hugs her Bade Abbu (and the blazer). Younis says his death broke all his dreams. She knows he loved her Abbu a lot. He nods sadly. He wipes her tears while the kids looks on. He tells Najma to give this blazer to her Ammi. She will keep it safely with her. Najma is in tears again as she holds it close to her heart. He caresses her face and then leaves with the file. Fiza and Waqar hug a tearful Najma.

Mariam wonders what to do about Najma. She is crazy about tennis. She got hit by the tennis ball but she is still stuck on the same track. She was ironing her clothes when the light goes off. She can see light outside. She realises that maybe the bulb is fused. Najma comes there wearing that blazer. Mariam looks in her direction as she poses in that blazer. A single light focuses on Najma. Fiza is shown to be holding a torch in her hand as she stands behind her Appi. Mariam tells her to return the blazer to Bade Abbu as he might get angry if he gets to know that she has his blazer. Return it to him asap. She is surprised to know that he has given it to Najma on his own. She is all the more amazed to know that this blazer belongs to Tauseef. Maula mere maula plays. They share how Bade Abbu had got it made for Abbu as he wanted to play for India. He dint even let Dadajaan know about it. fiza leaves after pointing out that Chote Abbu was going to be selected in the national team. She leaves from there.

Mariam is all moved as she touches the blazer. Wish Tauseef could wear it. she imagines Tauseef in Najma’s place wearing the blazer. Sad title track plays as she looks at him with tears in her eyes. Fiza comes back after switching on the lights. Najma remarks that Abbu dint get the chance to wear it but I will wear it. fiza compliments Najma. I look just like my Abbu. Mariam recalls Younis’s warning regarding Najma and her tennis craze. She wants Najma to leave it asap. Go and study. She angrily tells them to go. she is all helpless owing to the situation. She keeps the blazer in the cupboard after which both the girls leave from there reluctantly. Mariam takes out the blazer once again when they are gone. She cries holding it.

Altaf is all energetic tonight. He acts like Shah Rukh Khan and repeats his dialogue from Om Shanti Om Movie. If you have the willpower within you, if you have a really strong desire to achieve something, then the whole universe helps you in obtaining that desire. You come to my mind whenever I think about this particular dialogue as you are the perfect example for it. They both discuss about how passionate Imran was for tennis when he was a kid. Your Abbu used to scold you for the same but you dint budge. Imran had stolen someone’s money to join tennis academy. They smile at the memory. Altaf too was beaten because of it as they used to think that he knew about it. Altaf tells him how his Abbu had especially gone to watch his match. He was so proud of you that day. He told everyone that my son utilised my money well. Imran was scared what if he had lost back then. Altaf talks about his passion for tennis. You had the guts to do anything for it. Imran can see himself in Najma.

Najma sees a dream where her Abbu is making her practise tennis. She starts smiling in her dreams. Mariam wakes up hearing her voice. She notices Najma talking in sleep and waving her hands. What’s Najma doing? She finally holds Najma’s hand and shakes her out of her dream. Najma tells her that she was playing tennis in her dreams. Mariam is irked that the new neighbour is teaching her in dreams as well. Najma declines. Abbu came in my dreams. Mariam is all speechless. Abbu had challenged me for a match. Sorry Ammi, we cannot control our dreams. Plus I couldn’t say no to Abbu. They both lie down again. Najma wants to see the same dream again. it was my match point and Abbu was going to hug me. Mariam turns to the other side uncomfortably. Sleep now as your Abbu must be waiting for you. Najma smiles and closes her eyes. Mariam looks at her thus.

Next morning, Abbajaan sends off the kids for school. Younis questions his Abbajaan why he gives money to kids every single day. You spoil them. mariam looks at them from upstairs. Abbajaan reminds him how he used to look forward to eating things from outside his school when he was a kid. You used to get angry when you dint get your daily expenses. Nasima sides with Abbajaan. Salman baig notices Mariam upstairs. She joins them. he realises that she wants to say something. Nasima wonders if she should leave from there. Mariam denies. she suggests going to her Ammi’s house for a few days.

Precap: Shabnam tries to instigate Altaf and Imran against Mariam. You don’t know her well. She is doing all this to get you (Imran). Altaf politely requests her to leave but she stays put. She warns them again. Mariam wont say anything to you for a few days as I had told her family members everything the other day. I had even asked her what’s going on. Everyone has gone quiet especially Mariam. Imran is losing his patience by every passing second and Altaf too looks at her in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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