Tum Saath Ho Jab 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Salman Baig cannot understand their problem with Najma participating in the badminton championship. There are sports in school along with studies. What’s the problem then? Let her take part as well just like Waqar. Mariam and Najma look at him in surprise. Najma knows that she plays better than Waqar and he nods sweetly in agreement. Younis tells her not to speak between elders. Salman Baig knows that kids’ wishes are very innocent. Mariam is touched. I am allowing her to play. The whole matter will end once the competition is over. Nasima is upset as Najma is a girl. A girl will play badminton? Salman Baig repeats Younis’s words. One must not speak when elders are talking. This is not just to be learnt by Najma here. You (Younis) too have done a lot many things which I dint like but I never stopped you. I always allowed you as a person learns like this only. Let Najma learn from life. One can never forget what he learns from life and nature. Mariam has tears in her eyes. Dadajaan tells Najma to prepare well as she is taking part in the competition. She gets super happy and hugs him. Thank you Dadajaan! You are very good. He blesses her. nasima isn’t happy but Milkish signals her to be calm. Salman Baig gives money to Mariam to buy a racket for Najma. She thanks him for it. Najma hugs him again and Waqar and Fiza too join in. Mariam smiles.

Imran recalls Salman Baig’s words while he continues drinking. He takes out a photo album and there is him singing a song sometime in the past as the background music. A kid cannot help laughing while he sings. He opens the album and there is a picture of a girl. he recalls the incident when that little girl’s ball had fallen in a river. She had gone inside to get it but the water was too deep for her and she had drowned. Flashback ends. He looks sad / angry (with himself maybe). Altaf asks him if he is alright. Imran wonders why everyone feels that he hasn’t lost anything. Altaf comforts him.

Saba, Waqar and Fiza discuss about how Najma too will be able to play badminton now. Saba wishes that Dadajaan could fight for her too. Waqar knows that even he wont like it if he gets to know that you want to go for modelling. Jamaal comes there and asks for Milkish. He is worried to have lost the chicken as Milkish would be angry with him. She sends the kid inside their room. She doesn’t want to take food from here today. I have got chicken from Rukhsana. I will make biryani. He diverts her mind and tells her to eat here only.

Najma is super excited to go get a racket for herself. Jamaal can feel her happiness. She tells him that Dadajaan has allowed her for it. Jamaal is happy for her. I am sure you only will win this competition. Younis stands in Najma and Mariam’s way. He looks at Najma pointedly / somewhat angrily. What are you thinking now? You have got permission from Abbajaan. Go get your racket. Jamaal greets him but he doesn’t respond. He continues to stare at Najma and she has her eyes lowered. Jamaal can feel his anger and talks to him to divert him and tells Mariam to go. Younis walks away from there as soon as Jamaal starts talking. Milkish is still bent upon cooking biryani and he gets worried.

Imran looks at Tauseef’s racket. Maula mere maula plays as he holds it. Salman Baig’s words echo in his head. Altaf asks him what he is thinking. Imran realises that maybe Tauseef is the same guy whose place I am going to take in school. Altaf feels bad for Najma. Imran tells him to return it to Najma. Altaf backs off. I cannot even look her in the eye. You have made a mistake and you should handle it. Imran still doesn’t think that he is at fault. She came inside my house for no reason. she could have told us if this racket was her Abbu’s but she dint say anything. Altaf points out that he dint let her speak. Imran gets angry. I will throw it outside and she can take it if she wants it. Altaf agrees to give it to her.

Najma and Mariam discuss about the colour of the badminton. Altaf stops them. mariam thinks that he has come to talk about the same issue yet again. He tells her not to embarrass him. I have come here to end that issue. He apologizes to them on Imran’s behalf. He holds out Tauseef’s racket for them. Maula mere maula plays. Imran dint know that it belongs to your deceased husband. Najma notices Imran on his rooftop. She replies in a louder voice. He should have asked me na. I wasn’t asking for this racket for no reason. Altaf calmly tells them to take it but both the ladies decline. Najma tells him that she is going to buy new racket. This irks Imran. Mamu bring it back if no one wants it. Najma stays put. Mariam drags her from there while Imran calls out for his Mamu. Altaf turns to go but Najma runs and takes her Abbu’s racket from him. It is my Abbu’s racket. Najma tells her Ammi that they don’t need another racket now. Mariam gets emotional as she holds it and hugs her. altaf smiles and Imran is somewhat relieved too. He goes inside and recalls Najma’s words.

Milkish is upset with her MIL as she is behind the chicken’s disappearance. Jamaal and his Ammi try his best to hide it from her. milkish curses whoever is behind her chicken’s disappearance. Ammi is scared and goes to offer namaz instead of eating food.

Mariam keeps the racket on bed and places her anklets over it. najma asks her about it. Mariam tells her how she had gifted this racket to Tauseef and he had given her the anklets as a return gift. Najma loves the anklets. Mariam is holding one too and starts smiling / laughing. She recalls a past incident when she had given him the racket and he had brought anklets for her. they were in a park at that time and he wanted to make her wear it. she was all shy. He got down on his knees promising to wear those anklets if she is not ready to wear it right now. She tells him to go ahead but she wont wear them here. Maula mere mauls plays. She walks ahead and is surprised to hear the sound of anklets. She turns and finds him dancing / walking in style while wearing the anklets. Flashback ends. Mariam starts laughing as she remembers it all. Najma gets curious. Did you remember some incident related to Abbu? Mariam gets quiet as she looks at the racket yet again and thinks of the old moments.

Imran takes out the photo album yet again. he looks at the girl’s photos. On the other hand, Najma still wants to know what her Ammi recalled but Mariam dismisses it. Imran cannot help but recall Salman Baig’s words. This pain can only be understood by the person who has lost someone in life. Imran sadly clutches onto the photo album as he recalls the little girl.

Precap: Imran and Mariam are in a mosque. They are tying the holy thread on the wall. Imran points it out that she is pulling her thread. Mariam recalls a similar incident that had happened between her and Tauseef.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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