Tum Saath Ho Jab 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imran tells his Mamu to stop the bike. Why are you taking me towards the mosque? Altaf talks about eating something from a nearby joint. Imran doesn’t buy it but Altaf continues to talk about the menu. He notices Mariam. What a coincidence! Imran knew this is what was in his mind. Altaf tries to convince him even though Imran doesn’t find it right. He repeats Najma’s words. You cannot speak in from of Mariam Bi. He pushes Imran who finally agrees to say it to Mariam once.

He doesn’t find it right as he walks towards Mariam. It is their personal matter after all. I wont say anything to her. He turns to go but he recounts Najma’s words. Maybe she (Mariam) will understand my point and will allow Najma to play. I should talk to her once. She is gone by the time he makes up his mind. No problem, I will talk to her some other day. But Altaf parks his bike there only. We will do it today only.

Najma kisses her Abbu’s racket. You know Abbu, new neighbour has gone to mosque to talk to Ammi. Though I am still unsure if he will really be able to do it! He cannot talk actually as he lacks that talent. He is good at shouting and getting angry. I hope he makes Ammi agree somehow. Then only will I become a big player and will be able to make our country proud. What do you think about it Abbu? I honestly want to play for our country and win many trophies as well. I want to make your proud too. Ammi is not against me. she is just afraid of Badi Ammi and Bade Abbu. I hope new neighbour is able to talk to Ammi. Let us pray for it. she prays to Allah to make her Ammi and new neighbour meet with each other. They should get a chance to talk. Amen!

Bilkish is cleaning the house. Amma is all quiet. Jamaal observes them both. Have you both fought already? Amma says Bilkish is not talking to her since yester night. He goes to check what has happened. she is still pondering over Shabnam’s words. Don’t know what my Chachajaan must be feeling. He assures her that everything is fine there. Allah will punish Shabnam for her mistake. She blames it all on Najma. She shouldn’t have gone to that drunkard’s place to get her Abbu’s racket in the first place. Things have gone out of hand because of her only. He knows Shabnam is wrong. Amma too speaks in favour of Mariam and Najma. She indirectly taunts Bilkish for she doesn’t have a child of her own. Bilkish locks herself in her room while Jamaal stands outside helplessly.

Mariam is buying some notebooks at a shop. A lady greets Mariam. She comes to the same topic of Imran. Shabnam told me that you have gelled well with that new neighbour. Stay away from him. you are a widow and still young. People will talk for no reason. you know how Shabnam is. She excels in spreading rumours. Mariam is about to say something when she notices Imran. She tells the shopkeeper that she will take the notebook later on. She hastily leaves from there.

Naima wants to talk to Imran. I will say no to Shabbir. Saba points out that one, the new neighbour will scold us like anything. Plus Abbu will kill me. Naima settles for Shabbir then. I have one permanent option then. Don’t know how much time will go in convincing Imran. Saba likes her idea. Younis comes there. Saba goes to get water for him. Younis teases Naima regarding Shabbir. He tells the same to Nasima. Her Ammi is calling her yet again to find a date for the wedding. Younis teases her about it. tell her to wait a little. Such decisions are not taken in haste. There are a few things to be thought about before deciding upon a date. Nasima knows her AMmi is only worried that they don’t lose such a good prospect. He nods. Naima reminds Saba to get Shabbir’s number for her. Younis get curious. What were you talking about? Naima lies that Saba was asking me about my would be husband. Younis tells Nasima to make Naima understand. Hope things stay put.

Imran continues to look for Mariam. She crosses by when he coincidentally collides with someone else. They don’t meet. Altaf too couldn’t find her. Imran wonders why they need to talk to Mariam Bi today only. Altaf is not ready to give up. Mariam stops in her tracks as she finds herself standing quite near to Imran. He notices her this time and tries to talk to her as she walks ahead him. she tries to excuse herself but he starts talking as they walk. You are only thinking about yourself and not your daughter. She too has some dreams / wishes. Mariam wants to go home. He wants to accompany so they can talk about it. najma is talented, passionate but she is ready to stop herself for you. He walks in front of her so as to stop her. she gets really uncomfortable. Stop following me. is this a way? Why don’t you realise it that I don’t want to talk to you! Is it right to stop a woman in the middle of the road? People gather around to see what’s happening. Please stay away from me and Najma. He hears her quietly even though he is angry. He requests her to allow Najma to play tennis. Altaf comes there too. Mariam reprimands him for giving her advice. Who are you to suggest me what to do? Stop following me and maintain a distance from my Najma. She is a kid. She doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. Will you like it if I interfere in your matter? He declines. she asks him then why is he interfering in her personal matter. A few men ask her if he (Imran) is troubling her. Mariam requests him to stay away from her things. Altaf takes Imran.

Bilkish is sad as Amma’s words echo in her head. Jamaal and Amma notice it. Jamaal is upset with Amma for speaking like that. Amma is feeling bad to see her thus. Do something. She hasn’t fought with me since morning. They set down to do a drama so as to make Bilkish smile. He drops the whole box full of flour on himself which brings a smile on Bilkish’s face.

Najma is waiting for her Ammi. Don’t know if new neighbour has met her. Saba is ogling at John Abraham’s photo in a magazine. She tells Fiza and Waqar about his ex girlfriend. Waqar taunts her that she knows film affairs much more than her studies. You know what will happen if Abbu gets to know about it. she reminds him what she will do to him if he opens his mouth. Fiza knows Saba wants to become a star. Waqar again repeats his Abbu’s words. Najma is not playing tennis for the very same reason. they notice Najma waiting anxiously.

Najma excitedly goes from there as she hears Rehmat Bi welcoming Mariam. Mariam thinks of Imran’s words. Najma comes there and greets her Ammi. Did you meet new neighbour? Mariam diverts the topic to her homework but Najma continues to ask him about Imran. Mariam gets irked. I don’t want to talk about / to him. you too should stay away from him. all the time you are talking about him. I have told you so many times to stay away with him but you stay put. Najma notices her Ammi’s angry face. Has he fought with you? Mariam firmly tells her to stop talking about Imran. How many times do I have to tell you the same thing? go downstairs and see if Dadajaan needs tea. Please leave me alone. Najma leaves sadly. Mariam keeps thinking of the afternoon incident. I shouldn’t have spoken to him like that. What’s his fault in all of this? Allah please forgive me. I dint want to hurt him.

Precap: Imran tells Najma not to come in the tennis court ever. I am a teacher here. I will complain against you if you come here again. Najma stands in a corner sadly. Afshaah hits the ball which accidentally hits Najma on her head. she sways because of the impact and hurts her forehead. Imran notices her falling on the floor.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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