Tum Saath Ho Jab 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Najma stands in a corner and cries while Mariam too is hurt because of Nasima’s words. She and Younis were so blatant in telling them that Tauseef is dead. She recalls another incident where he was cracking jokes and she was laughing at anything over them. He spoke about memories as equal as another life. They keep people alive even if they go far from them. mariam was so carefree and happy with him. flashback ends. Mariam continues to cry. Najma knows that she has hurt her Ammi today. mariam keeps quiet which hurts Najma all the more. mariam had warned her of the consequences but still she went there. The incident will spread in the whole locality. People will talk just about anything and I have to hear it from our family members too. Najma apologizes to her. I know I have made a very big mistake but I am not lying. That time I felt as if Abbu was calling me. trust me. Abbu was telling me to get that racket which is his souvenir. Mariam is touched. She kisses her daughter and asks for a promise that she wont go there again. Najma asks her if that racket should be with them. It is my Abbu’s racket. Mariam hugs her sadly.

Jamaal and his Ammi peek in through someone’s window. They have their eyes set on the chicken in that house. They go inside the house to steal it. they try to catch hold of it but it keeps running away. A lady comes there to take money for that chicken as Milkish had bought it.

Najma keeps looking at her Abbu’s racket from her balcony. Waqar and Fiza come there. Saba is calling them all as she wants to do a catwalk. Najma is not in a mood. Saba understands that she is feeling bad about her Abbu’s words. What was the need to go to that drunkard’s house? Najma points out that it is her Abbu’s racket. Is it a crime to ask for your Abbu’s racket? The kids agree with Najma. They notice Imran near the window. They decide to try asking him the racket once. Najma calls out for Imran as her new neighbour. That’s our racket. Imran turns to go but Najma is not ready to give up. The truth wont change if you will turn your face from us. You shouldn’t keep other people’s things. Imran tells his Mamu to explain it to Najma. She is not ready to keep quiet. Najma reminds him that Allha has spoken about returning the things to the rightful owners or it’s a crime. Can you hear me my new neighbour? Where are you hiding? Altaf tells the kids to be quiet. They shout in unison that they should not keep quiet. He (Imran) has done the wrong thing so he should be mum. Najma talks about her racket. If you don’t return it then you will be cursed. Nasima’s kids run away when Mariam comes there. Altaf greets Mariam. Please explain it to your daughter. Mariam tells Najma to be quiet as she will be scolded again if Bade Abbu or Ammi hear her. she goes with Mariam but shouts at Imran that she will be back.

Milkish is at her Chacha’s house yet again. nasima tells her about what happened. both the ladies are against Najma. They are irked that Salman Baig always supports Mariam and Najma. Milkish offers to tell him the truth. He comes there just then and the ladies greet him. he too wonders if her MIL doesn’t mind it that she comes here so often. You should stay with her as she is getting old. Nasima offers to bring tea for him which surprises him. Milkish talks to him about Najma. You are spoiling her. he is happy with it. this is what’s keeping me alive. Remember how I couldn’t believe it when Tauseef left us two years back. I thought that I too will leave the world very soon but Najma’s innocent pranks and mischief’s kept me alive. I have learnt it from Najma only. When a kid can bear losing her father then why cant a father bear losing his son? I see my Tauseef in her. Whenever she does some mischief I can see him in her. Nasima gives him tea. She tells him what happened today. Najma had gone to that neighbour’s house to get her Abbu’s racket. Don’t know what would have happened if Younis bhaijaan was not here. Salman Baig is taken aback.

Altaf is shocked to know that Imran wants to leave from this locality. We have just shifted here and you are talking about going back? Imran is irked with Najma. She is messing up with me. Is this a way to talk? Altaf suggests returning the racket as it will end the matter but Imran is against it. I wont give this racket to her at all. Don’t come in between this.

Someone knocks at the door. Salman Baig has come to meet them. He looks around and notices Tauseef’s racket. Altaf gives his intro to Imran. Salman Baig greets him and he responds. I have just come to know that Najma came here which you dint like at all. She is naive and doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. This racket belongs to her Abbu. She had come here to take it from you for the very same reason. Imran recalls how Najma had come there to talk to him. he and Altaf had no clue about it. Salman Baig talks about Tauseef and his love for badminton. He apologizes to them on Najma’s behalf. I assure you she wont trouble you ever from now onwards. She has lost her Abbu at such a young age. She would have come here to take her Abbu’s souvenir from you. Please forgive her. This pain can be only understood by someone who has lost someone who was close to him. He takes their leave. Maula mere maula plays.

Younis meets some Shakeel while he is on his way to home. He is talking to him about the labours when he notices his Abbu coming from Imran’s house.

Salman Baig comes home and calls out for Najma. She comes downstairs with all the other kids. Younis questions his Abbu if he had gone to that drunkard’s house. Salman Baig answers in a yes. I had gone there to apologize to him. this doesn’t go well with Younis. Salman Baig knows that Najma was at fault so someone from our home had to do it. There is something called etiquettes. You fought with him so I had to do it. Younis speaks against Imran. Milkish is irked with Najma as her Chachajaan had to apologize to that Imran because of her. Mariam apologizes to him on Najma’s behalf promising that she wont do something like this again. Nasima is upset with Najma as she continues with her craze for badminton. Younis again warns her of the consequences. Salman Baig cannot understand their problem with Najma participating in the badminton championship. Let her take part as well just like Waqar. Mariam and Najma look at him in surprise.

Precap: Najma is excited to buy a racket for herself as Dadajaan has allowed her for it. Jamaal is happy for her. I am sure you only will win this competition. Younis stands in Najma and Mariam’s way. He looks at Najma pointedly / somewhat angrily.

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