Tum Saath Ho Jab 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma warns her not to say anything against her Abbu. Afshaah is unaffected. I dint say anything wrong. What has your Abbu achieved in his life? In the end he became a teacher in a school only. You are a loser and so were your Abbu! Imran holds back Najma’s hand so as to stop her. She says you don’t know what all she has said about my Abbu. He says he has heard everything. You should surely reply to her but not with your hands but racket. He gives her a racket. Hold it and play it so that this girl understands that you are not a loser and neither was your Abbu.

Najma and Afshaah take their positions. Najma eyes the racket sadly. Imran says you are very aggressive and you get affected by words. Show me your aggression. Play and prove me that you are right. Or is Afshaah right? Najma thinks of Afshaah’s words. She also recalls her mother’s pain and her Bade Abbu’s taunts; her promise to her Ammi. Imran continues to push her to play. Najma throws the racket angrily and runs from there. Imran looks on.

Mariam gets ready to go to the mosque as she is feeling restless. Rehmat Bi wants to get even with that Shabnam once atleast. Mariam tells her against it. Things will come back to us only in the end. She gives Najma’s clothes to her that needs to be washed. She has also stitched Saba’s suit. Keep it in her room. Rehmat Bi is relieved as Nasima wouldn’t have spared her otherwise.

Altaf is trying a recipe while reading an article in newspaper but finds the info inadequate. He notices Mariam and Rehmat Bi. They must know about it. He calls out for them for which Rehmat Bi reprimands him. why do you calling us from your terrace? He is taken aback. What did I do? Rehmat Bi is about to tell what happened yesterday but Mariam suggests her to keep quiet. He praises Mariam. Please tell me how to make ginger pickle. Rehmat Bi tells him not to try stuff that he knows nothing about. Altaf replies he is trying to make it as Imran loves it. Mariam gets uncomfortable again. she lies that they don’t known and leaves with Rehmat Bi. Rehmat Bi gives him a fitting reply before leaving. Don’t look at this house from now onwards or I will not spare you. She leaves muttering to herself. They always try to talk to the women of this house. Altaf is really confused at their reaction.

Nasima is talking to someone on phone. I will tell him (Younis) once he is back. He might be in meeting with his client which is why he dint pick your call. She ends the call. She finds Saba sitting all upset. I am calling you since so long but you are not even responding. Saba declines to take it. I don’t want this useless phone. There is no internet or camera. She talks about social networking. All my friends were laughing at me in college. Even the peon of my college has a better phone. Nasima reminds him how much they had to cajole and convince her Abbu. What do you want now? Naima greets them. nasima congratulates her. your wedding will be fixed in a few days time. Naima has come to meet Saba. Naima takes Saba upstairs as she wants to talk about something important.

Principal talks to Imran about how the practise is going. Imran gives him all the updates. Not many students are eager to play it. Principal understands the situation as this game is not usually played at home. Imran agrees with him. we cannot motivate the parents of those kids who themselves are not motivated. They both notice Najma sitting in a corner sadly. Principal wants to know why she is not taking part in the practise. Imran goes to check with her.

Najma apologizes to her Abbu. Afshaah said so much against you and I couldn’t do anything. I would have given her a fitting reply but I have promised Ammi that I wont play tennis. Imran is shocked to know it. He recalls how Najma had lied to the coach the other day. Najma dint want to break her Ammi’s faith. If instead of our new neighbour it was Ammi who would have told me to go ahead and show everyone that I am a champion’s daughter then I would have made Afshaah lose in this very court today only. Maula mere maula plays. Sorry Abbu! Imran too feels bad to see her thus. She is surprised to see him as she turns to go from there. He walks up to her and wipes her tears. So your Ammi has given you a swear. She runs away from there all the while wiping her tears. He remembers the game that they had played from their respective terraces and what Najma had said just now.

Jamaal is playing chess with Salman Baig. He continues to do shayari all along. Mariam comes to check if Abbajaan has eaten his medicine. She gives it to him as he forgot again. She turns to go when Salman Baig suggests her to maintain distance with new neighbours. There is no need to go on terrace too often. I too don’t want people to make rumours about things. Jamaal explains that Mariam isn’t at fault. Salman baig knows it all but Shabnam’s intentions are not good. I am sure she will try to put all the wrong blames on Mariam. He isn’t worried about his dignity but Mariam’s. Don’t worry Mariam, I am with you till I am alive. She too assures him that she wont give him any chance to complain or be disrespected. He blesses her.

Kids come back and greet him. najma is all quiet. She even declines to accompany her Ammi to the mosque which surprises / confuses everyone. She says she is tired. Kids go to change their clothes. Mariam leaves for the mosque.

Saba finds Shabbir (Naima’s would be husband) equally outdated as her mobile. How did you agree to marry him? naima requests her not to take out her anger on her relation. Please get me his number from your Abbu’s mobile. There should be some romance and date before wedding. Saba wonders about the date. Naima’s attention is diverted as she notices Imran stopping his bike in front of his house and heading upstairs. DDLJ music plays as she continues to look at him, all moony eyed. Saba reminds her of her alliance. Naima still has a wish to talk to him. Nasima reprimands them for standing in the balcony. Come downstairs.

Altaf puts wind chimes on his window. He notices Imran’s sad face. Imran tells him that Najma is in pain. I used to be upset / irked with her and have scolded her as well but her tears are real. I saw them today. she wants to play tennis but! Altaf admires Najma for sacrificing her dreams for her Ammi. You must talk to Mariam bi now. get that girl a chance. I will talk to her if you don’t want to do it. They hear Fiza’s voice. Fiza and Waqar are playing. They get up to see what’s happening. They notice Najma standing in a corner sadly. Altaf points out at the same. Lets talk once. He calls out for Najma. Please call your Ammi as Imran wants to talk to her about tennis. Najma gets happy but then says he (Imran) wont be able to do anything. He shouts in front of me but he goes all quiet in front of Ammi. Imran gets irked again. there is no point doing anything for her. Altaf insists. Najma calls it her bad luck. Today Ammi is not at home. She has gone to the mosque. Imran thinks of talking to her tomorrow then but Najma suggests them to go to mosque itself to talk to her Ammi. If anyone hears us talking here then things will go out of hand. Altaf likes the idea. Imran wants to wait. Najma points out that he actually doesn’t want to help me. imran repeats what he had just said. I don’t want to talk to anyone. altaf wants to go downstairs. Imran gives in finally. He gets his helmet and bike keys. Meanwhile Altaf signals to Najma that he will do the needful. Najma smiles with happiness.

Precap: Najma kisses her Abbu’s racket. Mariam notices Imran and tries to walk away. the background voice says, Imran will come to talk to Mariam regarding Najma playing tennis. What will be Mariam’s reply? Najma’s and Mariam’s future will depend on that answer only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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