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Altaf teasingly greets Imran as he enters inside. He also confronts Imran about the green chicken secret. Imran looks at Najma and realises that she spilled the beans. You cannot keep any secret. Altaf tells him not to scold the little girl. It is you who has lied. Mariam tells Altaf to let it be. Imran ji had worked really hard to make that chicken nicely. No one can make anything just by hearing the recipe. You too had tried to make pickle by reading the recipe in the newspaper but in vain. He lied once and you also lied so its equal. Altaf acts innocent so Najma reveals his secret as well. Imran looks at Mariam and Altaf starts acting as if he is having stomach ache. Imran and Mariam smile seeing his antics. Najma wants to go home early, finish off her homework and play antakshri today as well. Altaf gets up excitedly but then holds his stomach again. Najma is sure her Ammi will defeat Imran today as well but Imran denies. I forgot the songs yesterday but I recall them all now. Mariam praises Imran that he sings beautifully. Imran looks at her in surprise. He tells Najma to begin the practise. He walks to another corner while Mariam and Najma are standing at the other side of the garage when Naima comes inside and greets him. Everyone is shocked to see her there. Naima has her eyes set on Imran only.

Imran and Altaf talk to Naima while Mariam and Najma hide under the table. Naima praises Imran for converting the garage into a tennis court. He asks her opinion about the same which pleases her. Please talk to me like this always you sound so cute this way. Will you teach me how to play tennis? Meanwhile, Altaf signals to Mariam and Najma to leave somehow. They carefully walk out of the garage without coming in Naima’s notice while Imran agrees to teach tennis to Naima. She promises to meet him here daily for tennis practise. She turns to go but Imran holds her hand so as to stop her from noticing Mariam and Naima feels all shy by the gesture. You touched my hand? I will die. He denies and takes her leave. He collects his stuff and walks out of the garage with his Mamu. Naima drools about Imran.

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Younis waits for Mariam to return home and paces anxiously. He asks Nasima about her whereabouts. Fiza and Waqar tell him that Choti Ammi has gone to the mosque. He scolds Nasima for believing the kids blindly. I can see that Mariam is going out every day. I will ask Mariam straightaway today. Nasima says there is no harm in going to mosque. She is not a kid. Why do you want to make her feel that she has to depend on us for everything? Fiza wonders as to why is their Ammi taking Choti Ammi’s side suddenly. Even Younis is confused at her behaviour. Srivastava’s order has ruined your mind. Make one thing clear to yourself. This family’s respect is way more important to me than this business. He walks away but she asks him if he feels that Mariam will do something to disrespect us. You too very well know that she wont do anything against us. You saw how she refused such a big order for you. Let her do something if she wants to then. He asks for tea. She tells him that her Ammi had called. We can find some alliance in Delhi as they might not be able to know about the broken alliances of the past. Brother said that he will make the arrangements of the wedding in Delhi only. He appreciates her family members but once she goes inside, Younis again speaks against her family members for having no brains. The kids laugh hearing it. He looks at them sternly so the kids praise him. He goes away blushing and the kids again have a hearty laugh over his reaction.

At night, Imran is drinking again. Altaf tells him against it but Imran stays put. Imran avoids talking to his Mamu as he is sure he will talk about Najma again but Altaf pops Naima’s name. Imran thinks how he got saved luckily today. she had been following me from the school only. Altaf wonders if Najma had called her to make her meet him. Imran gets doubtful as well. Every member of that house is anyways mad. I will ask her. altaf denies. najma is not mad as this will bring out her secret in front of anyone. But I have seen how Naima has gone mad in your love. teach her tennis too. His phone rings. It is Asad’s call. Asad tells him that he has got a broker for the land registered on his and Zeenat’s name. You have to be there at the time of registry. Imran agrees to come over next month but Asad insists on coming over next week only which angers Imran all the more. I am not your servant that I will come whenever you or that woman will ask me to. Now I wont come at all. He ends the call angrily. Altaf cannot understand what that Asad wants. Next time give me the phone. I will give them a piece of my mind. Mariam listens to their convo from her terrace. Imran retorts that he wont be able to do anything. That man and woman are after my life and are trying to rub salt at my wounds all the time. Nothing will change. He gulps down the whole bottle in anger. Mariam gets thinking.

At the dining table, Najma tells Fiza and Waqar that her match is due next week. They too want to see it. Saba asks them about their discussion but they avoid telling her as she told them that they are kids and she is a grown up. She gets Ayaan’s call. She goes to another corner to talk to him while the kids come closer to eavesdrop on her. ayaan offers to accompany her till the college as he is nearby only but she declines. she hastily ends the call. Her siblings wonder about her new friend Ayesha. Saba refuses to tell them anything as they are not her Ammi or Abbu to ask her questions. Mariam tells them not to trouble their elder sister. The kids pull each other’s leg.

Younis shares with everyone that they have got the order. Everyone congratulates him while he congratulates Mariam as well. Two of her designs have been finalised. Najma is happy that her Ammi’s efforts have been recognized. The kids start demanding for things like car, AC which irks Younis again. he tells the kids to go to school. Nasima thanks Allah for the help.

Najma is practising but Imran does not like the way she is serving the ball. Mariam offers her water but Imran tells her not to make Najma dependent on her. You wont be with her in the tennis court on the day of the championship. She has to play alone. Najma asks him not to scold her Ammi but Imran tells her to be quiet. You are going to play professionally from this year. Under 14 is not easy. If you will continue to play this way then you will lose it. Najma serves the ball angrily because of which it tears open. Imran questions her about it. this shows that your technique is faulty. Go get another ball. Mariam offers to bring it but Imran suggests her to let Najma learn from her mistake. Altaf goes out with Najma.

Abbajaan congratulates Younis for getting the order. They hear Nasima’s cries as she is having a headache. Rehmat Bi tells them that this happened since she had a word with her Ammi over Naima’s broken alliance. Abbajaan suggests Younis to take Nasima to the doc. Younis agrees on Abbajaan’s insistence.

Mariam asks Imran the reason behind his anger. He tells her to make Najma understand that this match is pretty serious. She agrees to do so. He apologizes for over reacting. She is concerned but he denies that there is no problem. He suddenly gets very serious and angry as he looks in her direction. This makes her uncomfortable. Why are you looking at me like this? he keeps his racket down and continues to stare in her direction.

Precap: Altaf and Najma return to the garage but they don’t find Mariam and Imran there. Najma sees blood on the floor and they both get worried.

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