Tum Jo Mujhe Yun Mil Gaye – Prologue


“Nahi Dev, bolne do aaj mujhe (No Dev, let me speak today)” Sonakshi said looking at Dev who was holding her helping her balance herself and stand properly, “Tum hamesha mere saath rahe, meri har problem solve karne ki sari koshishein ki aur main, main hamesha apne hi baare mein sochti rahi, hamesha apni khushiyon ke baare mein socha, us insaan ke baare mein socha jisase main pyaar karti thi (You were always with me, solved all my problems, and I always thought about myself, about my happiness, and about that person whom I loved)”</em> Sonakshi looked at Abir once, Abir also looked at her hearing her words.

Hearing Sonakshi’s words, Mishti also looked at Abir. Dev was also looking at Sonakshi and Abir while he tried consoling Sonakshi.

“Jab ki mujhe toh uske baare mein sochna chahiye tha jo mujhse pyaar karta hai (When I should have thought about the person who loved me)” Dev looked at her shocked hearing her words, “Kya hua, itna shock kyu ho rahe ho, tumhe kya laga Dev tum bataoge nahi toh mujhe kabhi pata nahi chalega (What happened, why are you so shocked, you thought I would never know)”

Dev did not know what to say, “Tumne kabhi kaha nahi, par tumhare har action se main samajh jaati thi, par phir bhi kuch nahi kehti thi, kyun ki main toh kisi aur se pyaar karne mein itna ghum ho gayi thi ki (You never said it, but your actions did, but I never said anything because I was so lost loving someone else)”

She could not complete her sentence as tears flowed from her eyes, she sat down on the floor while Dev also sat down with her, she hugged Dev tightly, “Kyu hu main itni buri Dev, kaise ban gayi main itni buri, itni selfish kaise ho sakti hu main, Abir ke pyaar mein main itna ulajh gayi ki tumhare pyaar ko nazarandaaz karti rahi (Why I am so bad, how could I be so selfish, I was so lost in Abir’s love that I ignored your love)”

Sonakshi cried hugging Dev, “Aur itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi, jab Abir ne mere pyaar ko accept nahi kiya, mera dil tut gaya tab bhi, tab bhi tum hi mera sahara bane, tab bhi tumne hi mujhe sambhala (And even after everything, when Abir did not accept my love when my heart was broken, you took care of me)” she cried more “Dev, tum itne ache ho, tum mujhse kayi guna better life partner deserve karte ho phir bhi tumne mujhse shaadi karne ke liye haa keh diya, kyu Dev, kyu ho tum itne ache (Dev, you are so good, and deserve a much better life partner than me yet you agreed to marry me, why Dev, why are you so good)”

Sonakshi stopped speaking and Dev realized she had fallen unconscious, he picked her up in his arms, looked at Abir signing an apology, and walked up the staircase.

Abir looked at his mother once and walked away.


“Nahi Abir in sab mein tumhari koi galti nahi hai, aur in sab mein sirf Sona akeli hurt nahi hui hai (No Abir, it is not your fault in all this, and Sona is not the only one to get heart)” Mishti said and Abir looked at her “Tum bhi toh huye ho, humne jaane anjaane mein tumhe bhi hurt kar diya hai (You have also been hurt, knowingly or unknowingly we have hurt you also)”

“Mishti” Abir said not knowing what to say ahead.

“Bolo Abir agar main kuch galat bol rahi ho toh (Say Abir if I am saying anything wrong)” Mishti looked at him “Sona ne jo kuch bhi kaha kya usase tumhe dard nahi hua, kya uski baatein, uski haalaat ne tumhe hurt nahi kiya (Whatever Sona said, did it not pain you, her talks, her state, did it not hurt you)” he looked at her “Kya yeh sab tumhe pareshan nahi kar raha hai, tumhe takleef nahi de raha hai (Is all this not bothering you, is it not giving you pain)” she looked at him waiting for his answer.

“Haa ho rahi hai mujhe takleef, ho raha hai dard aur hona bhi chahiye, yeh sab meri wajah se hi toh hai, meri galti hai, maine hurt kiya hai Sona ko, maine use itne saal takleef di hai, un sab ke badle toh mujhe bhi takleef hi milni chahiye aur wahi mil rahi hai (Ha it is hurting me, I am feeling the pain and I should feel this pain because all this is because of me, it is my fault, I have hurt Sona, I have given her pain in all these years and if I get pain in return, it is right, I should get this pain)” Abir said as tears flowed from his eyes.

For a moment Mishti was shocked by his sudden outburst, she did not know how to react, she looked at him and then slowly kept a hand on his shoulder, Abir turned to look at her and before she could do or say anything, he hugged her tightly as tears flowed from his eyes, Mishti felt sad for him and tears collected in her eyes seeing his pain, she hugged him and caressed his back, after some time Abir broke the hug, and Mishti wiped his tears.


“The course of true love never did run smooth.” – William Shakespeare

Love is indeed a complicated emotion, then how can love stories be simple, even the simplest of love stories have their complexities, so is with the story of Dev, Sonakshi, Abir, and Mishti.

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
Here is the prologue of the story, and I am sure you all will be having many questions now and all those will de answered in the course of the story. So, get ready for a roller coaster ride of all emotions from happiness to sadness, pain to anger, heartbreak to friendship, this story will be a complete package deal, and I hope you all will like it.

Come join me on this journey of Dev, Sonakshi, Abir, and Mishti and witness their ups and downs in their love and how they hold onto each other during all the problems and stay together forever.

Keep reading and smiling!!!
Take care and stay safe!!!

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      Thank you and I am really sorry but I cannot update twice, final year in college, I have other work commitments also.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that sona was interested in abir but he didn’t love her back but dev handled the broken sona.never expected abir to feel guilty.eager to know the story.

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      Thank you and once the story begins, you will like it more.

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