Tum Jo Mile (ragsan swalak ff) part-2

Next day Morning

Gadodia House

A girl is wearing white anarkali doing puja and singing devotee song. The girl reveals Ragini. Listening her song all family member come downstairs and join her. After doing puja they all take arti from her. Ragini also take blessing from elders.

Dadi- Jiti rahe mari bachchi. Our laado will go which house she will bring their light.

Shormi-n Ji ma ji. Our laado is one in million.

Ayush- Arre someone else also here. anybody notice him.

Shekhar- Im doing na. Go to your room and do study.

Ayush- paaapa.

Shekhar glares at him and he goes from there.

Shekhar- Swara beta when will your collage open?

Swara- Next week papa.

dadi- Then you are free. Then you and laado go to the Shiv Mandir.

Shormi- But ma ji ragini has school na.

Dadi- Ragini take leave today laado.

Ragini- Ji dadi.

Maheswari House

All ae sitting in dinning table to have breakfast except Laksh.

Durga- Where is laksh?

Anu- He should be in his room.

Durga- Then why dosen’t he come for breakfast.

Suji- Because he is not in room. He will be somewhere for party, movie etc. Jiji dont cover his did. Bigad gaya hai pura woh.

In between their talk Laksh come in the house.

Ram- Lo agaya sahabjada.

Laksh- Dad why you and mom always curse me? i should better to born from maa’s womb.

Uttra- But bhai where are you from morning?

Laksh- Uttu atleast look at my attire. I went for jogging.

Laksh sit beside Sanskar.

Sanskar whisper to him- You really gone for jogging?

Laksh- Do you think so? Arre gobi paratha give me maa.

Sanskar- Dont give him ma.

Anu- Why?

Sanskar- Its very unhealthy food. You are doing workout it could harm you. Eat juice, salad, fruit na.

Suji- Thats true mera beta.

Laksh glare at sanskar.

Sanskar- What are you watching Laksh? I know im very loyal brother. Ok everybody im done and also leaving papa chachu you both wil come later. And laksh if you could you also come today we have to go for audit. bye mom ma and uttu.

sujanutt- bye.

In a mandir

Swaragini are doing puja.

Ragini(monologe)- Hey bhagwan please keep my family happy like this. And papa was saying about my allince please he should be a very caring and a good person. I dont want money fame or worth i just want everybody’s happiness. Keep safe all.

Swara- Hey bhagwan please give me 80% marks in exam swear on you i’ll do puja every day pakkawala promise. Di are you done? How much you are talking to bhagwan lets go na.

Ragini- Ok chalo.

Both place flower infront of god and left. In that time Ragini get a call from her school that she has to go there.

Ragini- Shona i’ve to go school. You will go home safely na?

Swara- Leave me i am fine. You go safely mataji. And best of luck.

Ragini- Thanks chal bye.

At Ragini’s School

Ragini- What happend Sonali(her colligue) why does you call me in hurry?

Sonali- Ragini auditors will come today we have to arrange work.

Ragini- But im done.

Sonali- But your presence needed.

Inturrepting their talk peon come and said- Ragini madam, Sonali madam headsir is calling you.

Sonqali- Ragini you go im coming sometime later.

Ragini- Ok.

In school corridor Ragini and Sanskar both coming from opposite direction watching their phones and (dhadddddd) they collabed. They both look at each other eyes. After a short eyelock they break it.

Ragini- Ji who are you?

Sanskar- I’m Sanskar Maheswari the auditor.

Ragini- OOh i’m sorry mr masheswari. i dosen’t know you so im really sorry.

Sanskar- Its ok ms???

Ragini- Ragini, Ragini Gadodia.

Sanskar- Yeah miss ragini its ok.

Precap- More ragsan scene. Swalak first meet. Sanskar with family at ragini’s house.

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