Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (episode 2)

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Shruthi sitting in her cabin sadly and remincing the car accident by looking at her family photo . She gets sad. Then she consoles herself by saying that she is not born to smile or cry and she then tells that people who do so are emotional idiot and im not that im unique i deserve to be successful and not emotional idiot. She then departs to meet one of her contracter for the promotion of her company’s new car ASH . She departs frm her office. In Aarav’s house he comes out laughing and gigling one man who passes by ask him what had happened and why r u laughing he then replies him saying,”people born to laugh and make others laugh why r u asking me reason actually there is no reason i was looking ag my watch it was just fantastic it makes me punctual and so im laughing life wil be throwing out many prbls but still u have to laugh at simple thing and btw dont forgot to smile”the man smiles and promises him that he will be smiling always. Aarav thanks him and went in his car.

Scene 2

On the way shruthi’car and Aarav’s car slightly dashes each other. Aarav came out and asks Sruthi to vome out and yells at her. She opens her window angrily but instantly changed her reaction seeing him. He was wearing full hand black color shirt folded half handed and a grey jeans his hairstyle was s*xy push back his dressing sense taken shruthi aback she was lost in his deep eyes she came out of the car looing into his eyes. On seeing her he stoped yelling and looked away. Though she is drawn towards him she rdminfs herself that she is queen and asked hesitantly,”hello what was ur prbl”. He dosent look at her and answered ,”dknt u have eyes see u have hitted my car” she then ask him to speak looking at her and then he looks her and humbly replies ,”ur black eyes r trapping me with black magic what will i do ” she feels shy but doesnt show it and replies “is it ok now can i go” he was shocked and said ,”hare yaar i have given a cute comment u didnt react what ur prb actually ??r u sick ?? Y u r so lonely??”she ask him how do u know and he dmiles and says ur eyes told ur sadness haan then who fave lisence to school girl??she smoles and replies “im not school girl im sruthi entreprenar” he laughs and replies,”actually u r cute u r 22acting like 30 but looking like 16 so pretty bachi” she warnx him not to call her bachi and thdn he tells her”come on bachi u r absolutely cute and sweet while smiling then y u r nt smiling ??

Ever smile always thats suit ur face being rude and strict only brings u temprorary success not permenent dont cry ever but always smile” she smiles and tells him that”u r the only one who talks to me so fr that il smile now but smile wont last and haan u and me have one same thought ‘dont cry ever’ ” he asks why smile dont last and she tells him that people who who make her smile will leave her soon and he promises her to be with her for ever as frnd and calles her accidental frnd she smiles and nods her head. He also smiles and the both leave.

Scene 3

She sits in her car and thinks abt him she smiles to herself and calles herself as accidental frnd. She again smiles . He in his car thinks abt her and tells to himself “choti bachi dosent even know to smile so sad now its my duty to make her more cute by smiling and shruthi i have heard many things abt her very brave and sangerous but……nobody is equal to king of mumbai yeah why i should be afeaid its king’s responsibility to make his frnd and people to smile”. Aarav’ scenes is keep on tormenting shruthi’s heart she keeps on thinking abt him and says “god pls make me meet him once again . Oh my god wait he is aarav kapoor the best singer but i didnt praise him!!how stupid i am !!”ok let him be best and attractive but me…..iam Sruthi mehra SM grp of companies owner im more than that”she then reaches the place and went to meet contracter.

Yje contracter frightened on seeing her she aks him to relax and greets him with a smile. He as surprised but yet scared he slowly tes her that he had given the contract to somebody else as he dosent want to do mistake and if he makes up it with her and makes a mistake in it then she will be killed him and so being afraid he gave the contract to somebody else. He then pleads in front of her. She consoles him saying alright and instanyly remembers Aarav’s words rude and strict bring u temprorary success….. she then yhinks he is right and thinks to meet him surely once again as sometimes queen too wants good suggesstions and guidence. She then departs hurrily thanking the contracter mde him surprised and went to meet Aarav.

Aarav comes to Sruthi’s office to invite her to come with him today for enjoyement but she refuses telking she is busy and we’ll go next day. He insist her saying he is Abff (acidenral bff) .She tells him she will come other day. He goes away dissapointed.Shruthi was kidnapped by someone outside her office .

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  1. Mahavir

    awesome dear….i loved their first meeting….idhu unmaiyave superb epi….love it dear….by the way are u in fb…???

    1. Aksharaa

      Sry dear no ma I’m not in fb only wats app and btw tq u for ur lovable comment

  2. Manasvi

    Didi.. You are rocking yaar..
    You juz nailed..
    I m falling in love with Aarav kapoor yaar..
    But he is only Shruthi’s?
    About the episode you are writing so beautifully…
    Loving it..

  3. Mica

    their world change on first meeting

  4. Aksharaa

    tq mica mansvi dear and everyone tq fr ur lovable comments actually u r so supportive let me give u another one today

  5. Vidhya Shree

    Great Work Ash… Proud To be your friend..

    1. Aksharaa

      Tq dear love u so much I’m too proud to be ur bestie

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