Tum Bin (part 2)

Thank u very much for your response. I wasn’t expecting such great comments. Here is the 2nd part.
*Meghna’s roommate’s name is Shreya….

Power comes. Kunal and Meghna stand face to face with Kunal still holding Meghna by her waist. They are very close. After a while Meghna realises the situation and tries to free herself but Kunal tightens the hold. Meghna becomes furious. She looks at Kunal angrily but our hero is lost in his dreamworld and stares at her continuously.
“Kunal baby! I’m here” comes a voice. Kunal comes to his senses and leaves Meghna at once.
“Sosoooso sorry..” Kunal blabbers.
Meghna bursts and starts scolding Kunal to which Kunal just smiles and looks at her face. He explores her face…those eyes, cheeks..,lips and then his eyes rest on her hairs. He watches her hair playing with the wind while she scolds him and in the background this beautiful song plays….
Aise lehra ke tu robaroo aa gayi-2
Dhadkane betahasha tadapne lagi-2
Teer aisa laga dard aisa jaga-2
Chot dil pe wo khayi mazaa aa gaya…

(PS : this is badshaaho version. Just close your eyes and imagine the scenes.???)

“Hey Kunal came for me. It was just a mistake. Stop overreacting.” A voice interrupts Meghna. She stops and turns to move. Kunal’s eyes follow her. The girl tries to turn Kunal towards her but in vain. While walking away, Meghna turns angrily and Kunal imagines all this in slow motion with Meghna’s hairs bouncing in the air and the lines plays…
Mere rashke qamar
Mere rashke qamar
Tune pehli nazar
Jab nazar se milayi mazaa aa gaya
Josh hi Josh mein meri Aagosh mein
Aake tu jo samayi maza aa gaya

Meghna goes to her friend
“Shreya it’s enough. I can’t stay here . Let’s go” Meghna almost pulls her friend.
Shreya: arrey but what happened. The party has just started.
“Can we dance together” they turn and find Kunal with his hand extended towards Shreya. Shreya obliges him. Kunal goes with her and dance but his eyes constantly rests upon Meghna….

Ret hi ret thi mere dil me bhari-2
Pyas hi pyas thi zindagi yeh meri-2
Aaj sehraaon mein ishq ke gaaon mein-2
Baarishein ghir ke aayi maaza aa gaya
Mere rashke qamar
Mere rashke qamar
Tune pehli Nazar
Jo nazar se milayi maza aa gaya.

“Hey Meghna” , Aakash, Kunal’s friend comes to Meghna “let’s dance.”
Meghna: no I don’t.
Aakash: okay then let’s have a drink.
Meghna: no I don’t drink.
Aakash: oh come on! U can it’s a party
Meghna feels uncomfortable. Some more boys join Aakash. They all insist Meghna to drink. Meghna says no in a higher tone. Everyone including Kunal notices them. Aakash holds Meghna hands and forces her. Meghna fumes and slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked.
“Let’s go Shreya” before going Meghna comes to Aakash picks up the drink and throws it on his face and then walks away in swag?.
Kunal with his mouth slightly open and enlarged eyes watches her going?.

Kunal is driving back with his friends.
Aakash: that girl. What does she think of herself. She insulted me in front of everyone. I swear, I would teach her a lesson.
Aakash looks at Kunal who is lost in thoughts.
“Kunal, are u listening?” He asks.
“Yes” Kunal replies hastily. He thinks of Meghna.
He reminisces her face, her eyes,her scolding, her attitude, her flying hair. He smiles.(tu pyar hai tu hi tabahi plays…)

Kunal reaches his room. He changes to shorts and tank and throws himself on bed. He then calls Nirmala.
Kunal: hello mom!
Nirmala: Kunal, how r u??
Kunal: I m fine.
Nirmala(admiringly): I told your dadu about your win. He was very happy.
Kunal: it’s possible because of your blessings. Okay mom listen, I have got to tell you something.
Nirmala: what?
Kunal: u know today at the party I saw a girl and I think I have started loving her.
Nirmala(laughing): Kunal, u r saying this for the fifth time.
Kunal: no mom! This time I’m serious. U know she is just like u but a bit arrogant.
Nirmala: okay okay. Now leave it and take rest, it’s already late, we will talk tomorrow.
Kunal disconnects call and lies on the bed and gets lost in his fantasy.
“Is this love” he asks himself.

Meghna’s hostel:
Shreya: Meghna come here look at this pic it’s super hot.
Meghna goes to her and sees Kunal’s fb account opened on Shreya’s laptop.
Meghna: cheeee!!! U r watching his shirtless pics. Shame on u!
Shreya: what’s wrong. Look at his killer and. His biceps are just Oh my god.
Meghna: u keep admiring him but I know how cheap he is.
Shreya: why? What did he do to you?
Meghna: u know today at party he misbehaved with me. He me to me and asked me for a kiss.
Shreya: wow! That’s amazing. Then after that.
Meghna: then I scolded him so much that he would never dare to kiss any girl.
Shreya: u know? U r totally insane. Which girl would say no to that cute boy. Don’t talk to me and don’t dare to say a word against him.

Meghna is puzzled. She gets irked and goes to sleep…..

To be continued…..

  1. ARK

    *killer and- killer abs
    *he me to me- he came to me

  2. Interesting. Kunal has fallen 4 her already. Aakash totally deserved that insult and i loved Meghna leaving with a swag. Shows that she didn’t regret doing that. Keep going and update soon.

    1. ARK

      Thank u Sunny!!!

  3. Resh

    You are incredible!!! The song was crazy, the scenes were amazing! Because of you I’m falling in love with Kunal and Meghna!!! You present it really well yaar! Just loved it!!! Totally!!?❤️️

    1. ARK

      U know, your comment made my day.
      Thanks a lot!!!

    2. Resh

      Really happy to know that!? U are always welcome!

  4. Jiya09

    A very beautiful part!! Everything was so cute!! I just loved it. Ur story is really very interesting.. Waiting to know what will happen now.. Update soon!!❤❤

    1. ARK

      Thanks jiya.
      Have submitted the third part already. It will be published soon.

  5. Fenil

    Its so fabulous.
    Loved it Meghu’s attitude.
    Kunal already fall for her.
    Aakash totally deserve that insult.

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