Tum Aise Hi Rehna 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi and Ria leaves the house. Rukmani asks Sheetal to tell driver to take out the car. She feels a big trouble is going to come. Dadisaa says she felt too. Rukmani asks Sheetal to call Kailash and they will go together. Abhi and Ria come to the temple. Panditji asks them to sit for the punar vivaah. He ties the ghatbandhan and recites the mantras. Rukmani and Kailash are on the way to the temple, suddenly a wind blows. The driver stops the car. Rukmani gets tensed. Ria asks Abhi, are you ready. Abhi says we will live together and die too. Panditji gets scared as the wind blows. Ria asks him to recite the mantras. Aanchal is seen standing outside the temple. Panditji says it seems there is some spirit here. He refuses to do their punar vivaah and says he is scared of the spirit. Ria says they have to get married anyhow. She says Guruji sent you with trust. She says we are in Mata Rani’s temple, she can’t step in. Panditji says marriage will be fulfilled if God blesses you both. He recites the mantras. Aanchal gets angry.

Panditji asks Abhi to fill Ria’s maang with sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Abhi obliges. Aanchal looks hurt and stares them. Ria and Abhi look at each other. Aanchal makes the tree burns with her anger. Ria recalls Guruji’s shishya telling her that marriage should be done anyhow. Panditji asks them to get up and take the pheras. Ria and Abhi take the pheras. Aanchal cries. Abhi stops. Ria asks him not to stop. She asks are you ready. Ria recalls Shishya telling Ria that they have to jump in the holy fire so that Aanchal leaves Abhi. Ria says we will become one now. No one can separate us. We will become one soul. Abhi and Ria look at each other. They are about to jump, just then Aanchal appears and asks them to stop. She says she won’t let her Abhi die. Ria says we have decided to live together and die together. Aanchal says Abhi is mine and only mine. His body will be mine always. She says you will die only. She attacks Panditji. He escapes.

Rukmani and Kailash come there. She appears infront of Rukmani and Kailash and makes fire round around them. Kailash asks who are you? Aanchal says she is their first bahu, Aanchal. She says she made Guruji paralysed. Rukmani says it means Ria’s strange behavior was because of you. Aanchal says I wants to prove her mad infront of you. Abhi asks her to let his parents go. Aanchal asks Abhi to wipe Ria’s sindoor and fills her maang instead. Rukmani asks her not to agree. She says she will count till three, else will burn them. Ria asks Abhi to stop Aanchal. Abhi comes down. Aanchal asks Ria to come down. Abhi stops Ria. Aanchal tries to burn Rukmani and Kailash. Ria asks her to talk to her, and don’t punish them. Aanchal says she will leave them after taking their blessings. Ria shouts. Aanchal tells Rukmani to ask Ria to give her sindoor. Aanchal laughs. Rukmani and Kailash get worried and pray to God.

Ria says she is coming down. Aanchal says it is going to be sunset soon. She says I have right to spend nights with Abhi. If you didn’t come, then I will burn them. Rukmani asks her not to come down. Aanchal says their death is on your head now. Rukmani and Kailash shout. Ria asks her to stop the fire as she is coming. Ria comes down. Rukmani asks why did you come here. Ria says my life is not precious than your life. I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you. Rukmani gets touched by her words and hugs her. She apologizes to Ria for not believing her. Aanchal says this body is mine now. I will do which I didn’t do till now. I will make Abhi mine for forever. Everyone get shocked. Aanchal says today I and Abhi will get married. Ria is in tears. Aanchal enters in Ria’s body. Aanchal smirks.

Aanchal tells Rukmani, Kailash and Abhi that after amavasya’s night, she didn’t need to appear in Ria’s avatar. She says I will appear in my avatar. She asks Rukmani and Sheetal to get her ready for marriage. Tantrik says you will become one after this ghatbandhan. Rukmani throws knife on Tantrik’s body. He gets hurt.

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