Tum Aise Hi Rehna 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi comes there. Ria makes Dadi eat the medicine and asks Sheetal to bring her bag. Ria takes injection and administers it to Dadisaa. Rukmani stands shockingly. Ria asks Dadisaa not to get tensed as she will not let anything happen to her. She calls Dean and tells her about dadisaa getting a heart attack and says she is bringing her there. Sarthak comes and says ambulance have come. They rush her to the hospital. Sheetal prays to God about Dadisaa’s life and Abhi- Ria’s relation.

Rukmani asks Dadisaa to have strength. Ria makes Dadisaa wear the oxygen mask and gives another injection. Rukmani looks at her. Ria tells her that she will be fine soon. Sheetal calls Lata and informs her that Dadisaa got a heart attack and Ria took her to the hospital. Lata says we will reach there. Vishesh wakes up. Lata tells him everything. They fear whether they know the secret now. Ria takes Dadisaa to the ICU. Rukmani says don’t know what is happening inside. Raman says I told that we will take her to some other hospital, but she didn’t listen. Kailash asks Abhi. Abhi says Dr. Thakkar is the best cardiologist and will treat Dadisaa well. He asks them not to worry. Ria comes wearing the doctor’s uniform with mask. Rukmani asks about Dadisaa’s condition. Ria takes off her mask. Rukmani is taken aback. Ria tells Abhi that Dadisaa is better now as they did Angioplasty. She says she got consciousness now. Sarthak thanks her and calls her Dr. Ria. Ria looks at her family worriedly. Rukmani fumes.

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Abhi thanks Ria for saving Dadisaa. He says sorry for not trusting her. Ria nods no. Lata and Vishesh come there. Abhi asks them to sit. Abhi tells them that Dadisaa is in ICU and resting. Lata worries about Rukmani’s reaction. Ria says she was worried about Dadisaa’s life. Abhi tells him that family will understand as Ria saved her life. Dadisaa meets her family and says she thought that she will die. Kailash and Raman say they need her and thank the God. Doctor comes and asks her to sit. Doctor tells her that your heart has become new now. Dadisaa jokes that she has become young. Rukmani tells him that she will never forget his favour. Doctor gives the credit to Ria for saving her and says you are very lucky to have her. Rukmani gets tensed.

Vishesh and Lata get worried about Rukmani’s reaction and says her anger is justified. Kailash comes there with his family in tow. He tells Ria that you saved my mother and Dr. Thakkar gave the credit to you. Vishesh keeps his head down. Kailash asks him to feel proud and say that their daughter is a doctor. He says we are thankful to you. Rukmani comes and asks Abhi to meet the doctor. Abhi goes. Kailash goes to Rukmani and tells her to meet Ria’s parents. Rukmani asks him to leave her alone for sometime. Kailash asks Lata and Vishesh to meet Dadisaa. They leave. Abhi comes back and signs Ria. They go to Rukmani. Lata and Vishesh come to meet Dadisaa. He asks about her health. Dadisaa tells them that Ria saved my life. Lata prays for Ria’s happy life. Rukmani is sitting angrily. Abhi tells her that we told you everything. Please forgive us. Rukmani tells her that she can’t forget them for their wrong doings. She says she won’t talk about this until Dadisaa comes back home.

Abhi tells Rukmani that they agree with her decision. He says if you want us to leave this house then it is fine with us. Everyone is shocked.

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