Tum Aise Hi Rehna 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Abhi and Ria comes home. Abhi tells Lata that he promised Ria that she will work after marriage. He promises to them too. Vishesh says you are asking us to accept Rukmani’s condition and at the other side you are promising to let Ria work. Abhi tells him that Rukmani’s opinion about working woman is different and will change. He will make her understand. Ria says I totally agrees with Abhi. Vishesh agrees with them. Lata calls Sheetal and says she wants to talk to Rukmani ji. Sheetal gives the call to Rukmani. Lata greets her and tells something which is muted. Sheetal looks on tensedly.

Rukmani tells Sheetal that they have agreed on our condition and are coming tomorrow to our house. Sheetal thinks how Ria have agreed. Rukmani asks her to do the arrangements. Kiran and Pinky come to Rukmani. Sheetal tells her about Pinky’s district athletic meet and asks can she go tomorrow for 2 days. Rukmani says tomorrow is special day as Abhi’s engagement day will be decided. Pinky asks her to let her go. Rukmani asks her to go with Pinky. Kiran agrees.

Dadisaa gets happy hearing that they have agreed upon their condition. She asks her to call the girl also. Rukmani says ok and goes to call them. Vishesh, Lata and Ria get ready. Lata compliments Ria’s beauty and keep off an evil eye. Lata asks Vishesh not to argue with Abhi’s elders. Vishesh says he will say after a proper thinking. Abhi calls Ria. She hears Rukmani doing the arrangements for her welcome. Abhi tells Ria that his mum doesn’t like blue color and asks her to change her dress. Ria says she wear pretty suit. Abhi cuts the call. Ria goes to change her dress.

Sarthak congrats Abhi. Abhi says it is God’s blessings. Sarthak says I am really happy for you. Door bell rings. Rukmani opens the door and greets Rukmani and her family. Rukmani does Ria’s aarti happily. Abhi and Ria have a talk. Rukmani’s neighbour Sudha comes. Rukmani introduces her to Ria’s family. She gifts gold bangles to Radhe Sham’s wife. Radhe Sham’s wife gets happy. Sudha praises Rukmani for choosing Ria as her to be daughter in law. Rukmani praises Ria to be understanding and says she is proud of her son. He looks so happy with my choice.

Vishesh and Lata feel guilty. Vishesh tells Ria that they are trusting us. I am feeling ashamed. Mrs. Sharma asks how did you get this alliance. Lata says we got it through Radhe Sham. She questions since when did you know him. Radhe Sham gets up and says marriage happens because of destiny. Rukmani tells that she prefers arranged marriage. Abhi and Ria don’t know each other. She praises Ria and her parents. Radhe Sham ji smiles as Rukmani thanks her. Ria messages Abhi. Abhi reads the message. Ria asks Sheetal about the way to washroom. Sheetal takes her.

Abhi comes there and asks what happened. Ria says I can’t bear anymore. My Mummy and Papa have never lied before and today they are ashamed to lie. We will tell the truth to your mom today itself. Abhi asks are you mad? Ria says is this your love? To give fake love to your mum. She asks him to understand. She says we have to tell many more lies in the future too. Abhi and Ria goes inside. Abhi tells Rukmani that they want to talk to her alone. Everyone get shocked. Lata thinks what Ria wants to say. Rukmani goes inside.

Rukmani asks what is the matter. Abhi hugs Rukmani. She asks what happened. Abhi says I know that you are very happy about my alliance. I don’t want to hurt you. Rukmani asks what is the matter? Dadisaa asks him to say straight. Abhi says I don’t want to hurt you that’s why I lied to you. Rukmani asks what lie? He tells that they know each other from before and also love each other. Rukmani angrily stares Abhi and Ria. They get shocked.

Rukmani says this relation can’t happen now. She keeps his hand on her head and gives promise not to show his face again to her. Abhi gets shocked and teary eyed.

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