Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raman calls Kailash and says he doesn’t believe whatever had happened with Guruji. He asks about his condition. Kailash says he got him admitted in hospital, but his half body is paralysed. It will take time for him to get well. Ria comes and apologizes to everyone for Guruji’s condition. Dadisaa asks them to have food. Abhi says we are getting late. We have to see the doctor. Rukmani asks Abhi to let Ria stay at home today. Abhi says they have to go for Ria’s check up. Kailash asks her to let them go. Abhi and
Ria leaves.

Guruji’s shishya tells other shishya that Ria came with her husband. The shisya’s decide that they will not allow her to meet Guruji and are going out. Guruji manages to push the glass. They think he wanted to meet Ria and asks her to come in. Ria comes inside and apologizes to him. She says she talked to dean about his treatment. He talked to the best doctor and he will make you fine. She blames herself for his condition. Guruji tries to say something. His shisya says it seems Guruji is asking for gulaal/color.

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Guruji spells something on it. His shisya throw it in air. Ria and Abhi see Guruji’s message written with the color. Abhi reads, Guruji asked them to do last rites of Aanchal. Ria tells him that Guruji showed the way to them. Abhi says he is with her and holds her hand. They leaves. Abhi asks her not to worry. He says I am with you always. That bad spirit have to face me before you. Abhi and Ria come to the hospital to meet Dean. Dean greets them. Ria gives the letter to him. Dean says Aanchal’s body is transferred to district hospital. Ria is shocked and asks when? Dean says we don’t keep unclaimed body here for more than 1 month. Ria asks how to get that body? Dean says he will try. Ria says she wants it today. Abhi says they want to claim Aanchal’s body today only. Ria says we will tell you later and goes. Dean thinks what has happened suddenly?

Ria tells Abhi that district hospital is very big. She doubts that it is difficult to get her body. Abhi says he has an idea. If we don’t get the claim then also we will burn it in morgue. It is our back up plan. He asks her to have faith on him. He plans to buy kerosence oil on the way. He says he won the big challenge of his life by marrying her. They come to the district hospital and comes to the supervisor’s cabin.

He calls his name Ashok Pandey. The man asks what is the matter. Abhi says they want to claim a dead body. He asks about CMO’s permission. Abhi says we need your permission and takes out money from his wallet. Ashok Pandey gets angry and says you are trying to bribe me. He says he don’t want bribe. Ria says she is a doctor herself. Ashok doesn’t agree. Ashok gets a call from someone. He says he won’t move his bike from the place. Abhi notes down number Ashok’s phone number and tells Ria that they will come tomorrow with papers. She asks what are you going to do. Abhi asks her to wait and watch. He calls Ashok informing him that his bike has catched fire. Ashok runs to the parking lot. Abhi and Ria come to the morgue. Abhi asks how you will identify Aanchal’s dead body.

Ria tells that Guruji’s wabhoot will help them. Abhi goes to close the door. Ria throws the wabhoot powder infront of all dead bodies. It color doesn’t change. She says we will check in other morgue. Ria puts the wabhoot infront of dead bodies. All of them changes colors. Ria searches for Aanchal’s dead body and gets it. Abhi says she is not Aanchal, but someone else. Ria says she is Aanchal only. We have to burn her and end the matter. Abhi says if you thinks she is Aanchal then we will burn her in the backyard ground. Ria says she can’t take risk. They have to burn her body right here. Abhi says they will be caught then. Ria says Aanchal and Aghori can come in any avatar. Aanchal asks her to burn her body. Ria turns around and sees its Aanchal inplace of Abhi. Aanchal laughs and says Abhi will never know her truth. Ria tries to light the match sticks. Every dead body asks her to burn her. Ria is shocked.

Guruji’s shishya tells Ria that Aanchal made Abhi drink tantra water which mixed in his body. Abhi will believe on her only. Ria tells Guruji, how to save her husband. Guruji’s shishya asks her to accept death. Ria gets shocked.

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