Tum Aise Hi Rehna 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi asks Ria/Aanchal, if there is anything special today. Aanchal says you will know it soon. She eyes Abhi and says today is our first night. Aanchal/Ria says means it is their first night. She waited for this day since long. She says she wants to feel this night as their first night. Abhi asks are you fine? She says yes, but is very romantic today. Abhi asks her not to feel bad and says he is not in a mood today. He says today he suffered big loss in business. Ria asks him to forget everything and feels this night. She switches off the music system and dances on the song Mohe Rang Lagade Re…………..Abhi is surprised with her behavior. Abhi doesn’t feel good when she hugs him. She pushes him on bed and tries to get closer to him. Abhi hears some noise. Ria asks him to just focus on her. She is about to kiss him, just then Abhi and Ria’s photo frame falls down. Abhi gets up and worries about it. He hears someone knocking on the door and opens it. He sees Rukmani and asks is everything fine. Rukmani says she is worried about the accident. Even Kailash is worried. Ria/Aanchal stares Rukmani angrily. She thinks she spoiled my night.

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Rukmani notices Ria eyeing her angrily. Abhi and Rukmani leaves from there. Aanchal makes her fall from the stairs. Rukmani shouts. Abhi asks how did you fall down. Aanchal thinks you spoiled my night and this is a punishment for you. She thinks if I don’t go there then it will be a problematic. She checks her leg and twists it. Rukmani feels pain. Aanchal says it is fine. Rukmani says she is feeling so much pain as if the bone is broken. She insists to go to hospital. Sarthak asks Abhi to come along with them. Doctor checks Rukmani and says you are fine. The bone is not broken. Aanchal says bone is not broken as I didn’t want that. Doctor says you can take her home. Rukmani says I want to stay here in the hospital at night. Sarthak asks what happened?

Rukmani says someone pushed me from the stairs. Aanchal gets angry. She says it is not possible. Rukmani says I am sure that it is not an accident. Aanchal thinks to kill her. Rukmani sees Aanchal making faces. She closes her eyes and tells her that she is feeling like fainting. Aanchal/Ria gives some tablets to Rukmani and smirks. Rukmani sleeps. Aanchal asks Kailash and Sarthak to go home. Kailash says he will stay with Rukmani. Raman asks Kailash and Abhi to stay there. Aanchal says she has to stay there being a doctor. Kailash agrees and asks Abhi to stay with Ria. Aanchal tells Abhi that they have to shift Rukmani to ward. The ward boys come and say that they have to shift her to the room. Abhi asks Ria why we are roaming in the hospital. Didn’t you know where is room no. 13. Ria asks him to come. Aanchal eyes the room number and thinks this is the same room where I was kept.

Abhi asks her to come inside. Aanchal recalls about her death in a flashback and gets tensed. Doctor comes. Abhi asks her about the glucose drip. Doctor says we put the drip to maintain her sugar level. Rukmani tries to take out the drip. Doctor asks them to be careful. Abhi goes to bring tea. Aanchal smirks and comes to her avatar. She blames her for coming between her and Abhi. She says I will do your treatment. This doctor made my work easy and looks at the glucose drip. She says doctor showed me the way to kill you. I am in your bahu’s body. Ria treats the patients. I will also treat you, by killing you. This is the punishment for you. You will also die in this room. No one will know anything. Abhi comes there and sees her taking out glucose drip. Blood comes out of her hand. Aanchal gets tensed.

Abhi and Aanchal are in a deserted place. Abhi says this petrol pump may be closed. An old man sees Aanchal in Ria’s body and says this is a bad spirit. He asks Abhi to run for his life. Aanchal looks angrily.

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