Tum Aise Hi Rehna 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rukmani hugging Ria and telling that you are entering only in this house and not in my heart. She asks her not to hope for her blessings. Ria gets shocked. She poses for the photo with Ria. Dev clicks the photos. Rukmani asks her to come. Ria looks at Abhi. Ria enters the house without pushing the kalash. Everyone gets shocked. Dadisaa tells him about the importance of Kalash ritual and asks her to do the ritual first. Abhi asks Ria to come out and do the ritual. Ria says she did it deliberately. Dadisaa asks what do you mean? Ria says relations are made if hearts meet with each other. I knew that Maa ji is upset with me as I called Jatin Bhaiyya for my marriage. She couldn’t accept me as her bahu. She says it is my mistake. I have decided not to do this Kalash ritual until Maa ji accepts me as her bahu. Everyone looks on.

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Rukmani says if you thought you will enter this house with this kalash then I don’t have any objection. I will wait for that day. She takes the kalash. She says they will keep the kalash in the temple. Dheer clicks the photo. They go to the inhouse temple. Rukmani says her heart is saying that day will never come. Ria says she will pray to win her heart. Abhi and Ria pray to God. Ria says she doesn’t mean to break the ritual. Sheetal says lets start the remaining rituals. Dadisaa asks Rukmani to do the rituals. Raman says he wants to talk. Rukmani says we will talk later. Kiran and Pinky support Ria while Revathi joins the men. Dadisaa joins Ria’s team. Abhi and Ria stare each other. Sheetal drops the ring. Abhi and Ria search for it. Rukmani and Raman look on. Rukmani tells him that everyone was with Ria that time and that’s why she agreed. Ria gets the ring. Sheetal tells Abhi that you will lose from Ria all your life.

Kailash introduces them to their family photographer. Rukmani gives them instructions. Photographer asks them to take their position as he clicks the photo. Kailash asks Ria did you like to get your photo click. Ria says it is a good thing, but seems like we are very different. Kailash says what do you mean. Ria says if we change our position then photo’s imprtance will increased. Ria says if you permit me, then….Kailash permits her. She changes their seating arrangement and makes them sit with their spouses. Rukmani resists, but Kailash agrees with Ria’s idea. Photographer clicks the photo and applaud for Ria’s idea. He tells Kailash that he got a intelligent bride for his son Abhi. He adds that 4 generations are seeing in one frame. Everyone get happy except Rukmani. Photographer shows the photo. Dev says he will keep the photo poster in his room. Ria thanks Rukmani for letting Jatin do the rituals. Rukmani asks her to know the family.

Dadisaa asks her to send Ria to her room. She prays for family’s happiness and peace. Lata and Vishesh miss Ria. Vishesh says rituals must be going on there. He says we will go and see her. Lata reminds him that Ria went to her sasural where we can’t go without invitation. Vishesh says I know, but I can’t accept the challenge. Lata asks her to accept the fact. Vishesh says Abhi is my friend. Lata says he has become your son in law now. He says you have changed the meaning of relations. He goes inside. Ria sits in the room. Abhi enters the room. Mannwa Lage Plays……………………Ria looks at him smilingly.

Rukmani tells Ria that she will do her grah pravesh when she will be convinced. She asks, are you ready for the test.

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