Tum Aise Hi Rehna 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rukmani tells that Ria is becoming shame of this house day by day. Kiran comes and hugs Ria. She says the dress was praised by her friends. Revathi takes her inside. Rukmani tells Ria that she doesn’t want Kiran to know this. Ria tries to speak, but Rukmani couldn’t let her speak. Aanchal smirks. Dadisaa explains to Ria about the delicateness of the relation. She says we don’t hope this from you. She asks her to go to her room. Rukmani thinks what is happening to Ria? Ria comes to her room. Electricity went off suddenly. Ria looks for candle and tries to light the match stick. Ria gets scared with the sudden opening of windows. She lighs the candle and asks who are you? She sees her wardrobe opening and gets scared. She closes the wardrobe. She thinks to call Abhi and bends down to take her phone. She sees Aanchal wearing her lehenga. She gets scared. Aanchal scares her with her laugh and noise. She comes and stands at her back. Ria asks who are you? Aanchal laughs dangerously. She goes to the washroom and sees a glimpse of Aanchal in the mirror. She gets shocked.

Aanchal turns and shows her face. Ria gets even more shocked. Aanchal goes inside the wardrobe. Ria goes towards it shockingly. Rukmani comes and keeps her hand on Ria’s shoulder. Ria shouts. Rukmani asks her to sit with them until electricity comes back. Ria cries and signs her towards cupboard. Rukmani opens it and sees the lehenga. She asks Ria, why did you tell me that it is stolen. She tells her that Raman and Revathi are hurt. She blames her for insulting them and leaves. Ria is teary eyed. She greets Kailash. Kailash tells her that he came just now and will have rest. Rukmani says she will bring hot milk and is about to slip. Kailash holds her and asks her to sit. Abhi comes home. Kailash brings milk for Rukmani and says someone should take care of yours. Rukmani says she is worried about Ria and tells everything to Abhi.

Ria tells everything to Abhi. Abhi listens to her worriedly. He asks are you sure that the girl was Aanchal. Ria says it is not logical as a medical student, but it is happening with her. She says I am very confused and don’t know what to do. Abhi makes her sit and tells her that Aanchal’s death have troubled us very much. He says we have to take psychiatrist help. He says I think you saw the death for the first time. Abhi thinks Ria is feeling guilty that she couldn’t save Aanchal. He promises to love her very much so that her stress will be gone. Ria smiles and goes to change her clothes. Abhi asks her not to close bathroom’s door. Abhi thinks he have to do something for Ria and thinks to brings badam milk. Ria takes a shower. Aanchal looks at Ria’s gown and sits on the bed. Ria calls for Abhi, asking him to give her gown. Aanchal gives the gown to Ria. She thanks her. She turns and sees her. Aanchal kicks the water bucket infront of Ria. Ria slips and falls down.

Aanchal goes to some tantrik and says she needs his help to get her love. Tantrik tells her about the eclipse which is going to come after decades. He asks her to enter Ria’s body during that time. Aanchal says body will be yours and soul will be mine. I will hug Abhi.

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