Tum Aise Hi Rehna 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ria prescribes medicines to the patient and asks her to get the blood test done after 2 weeks. Nurse informs Ria that Abhi has come. A patient comes there. Ria asks Nurse to make him sit and she will come. Rukmani calls Abhi and asks you didn’t come home until now and asks him to bring Ria fast. He says ok. Abhi then calls Ria and asks her to hurry up as they have to attend the puja. Ria says only some patients are left. Abhi gets angry and asks her to come. Ria says she can’t leave her patients. He says he will take leave from Dean. Ria says no. Abhi comes to Dean and introduces himself. He thanks Abhi for letting Ria join the hospital again. Abhi says can I take Ria home as guests are coming. Dean asks the peon to call Ria. Abhi says tomorrow is puja at home and asks him to grant leave to Ria. Dean says he will handle the patients tomorrow. Ria comes there. Dean says he will manage the patients being a doctor.

Ria and Abhi are in the car. He plays the song Jaaye Na Ghar………..Ria says Dean might think that she asked Abhi to talk to him. Abhi tells her to understand. Ria asks him to stop the car and says she needs to shopping. Abhi says so late in the night. Revathi serves tea to Raman. Rukmani says she doesn’t want. She gets angry at Ria and tells dadisaa that today’s daughter in laws are unreachable. Dadisaa says they will come. Don’t worry. Revathi says they might have went to have dinner. Rukmani says they should have informed me. Abhi and Ria come home. Raman looks at Ria’s clothes and thinks she wear different dress. Ria says sorry for coming late and keeps something on the table saying it is given by Mrs. Bhalla’s mum in law. Dadisaa says it is Puja’s things and money. Ria says she gave me this clothes and asked me to pray. Dadisaa says I like this woman and prays for her. Rukmani says we shall do something for her. She says we will go tomorrow to meet her. Ria gets tensed. Abhi thinks Ria invited trouble home. Abhi says we have puja at home tomorrow. Rukmani says I forgot. She asks them to stay at home.

Abhi and Ria are angry with each other. Ria tells Abhi that her papa says that one shall forget the fight. Abhi reminds her of the seven vows. Ria says she got angry as he talked to Dean without her consent. Abhi says Maa asked me to bring you. He says we shall hug and sort out the differences. Ria smiles. Abhi says sorry. Then Ria says sorry. Abhi tells her that tomorrow is puja at home and asks her not to pick anyone’s call. They share a light moment.

Rukmani makes all the arrangements of Puja and instructs everyone about the do’s. She asks Abhi to bring Panditji. Ria gets a call from Mona. She thinks I am on leave and thinks she can’t attend the call. She gets a message that reads it is an emergency. She thinks to go to hospital and will come before the puja. She thinks Abhi will understand. She asks Sheetal to handle everything and says she will come within half an hour. Sheetal says ok. Ria leaves. Abhi comes with Panditji. Rukmani greets him. Abhi looks for Ria and asks Sheetal. Sheetal says she will come. Abhi asks from where? Ria comes to the hospital and finds it dark. Her colleagues switch on the lights and says they are celebrating Mona’s birthday. Ria says I already wished her. Abhi asks Sheetal to say and gives his promise. Sheetal tells him that Ria went to hospital for some emergency. Mona tells that we didn’t tell you as you wouldn’t have come. Ria says she have to go as she has to attend the puja, but her colleagues ask her to stay till Mona cut the cake. Mona cuts the cake. Abhi comes there and sees Ria eating the cake. He gets angry seeing her attending the birthday party and calls her. Ria turns and is tensed to see him.

Dadisaa feels suffocated and complains of the pain. Ria asks everyone to move. Rukmani asks what are you doing? Ria says she knows and takes out Dadisaa’s jewellery. Ria says she knows as she is a doctor. Everyone get shocked.

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