Tum Aise Hi Rehna 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadisaa tells that she is relieved as that girl’s things are out now. Rukmani says everything will be fine now. Pinky reminds Ria to help her in getting ready for the competition. Ria says we will buy a dress for you. The servants keep the box in the store room and Aanchal’s things are in the box. Aanchal thinks she got the safest room to stay and thinks she will get the entire house soon. Ria buys a dress for Pinky. Kiran asks her to try the dress. Everyone is playing carrom board. Revathi brings tea for them. Sheetal says I would have made tea. Revathi says everyone will praise me today. Sheetal serves the tea to everyone. Aanchal looks at them. Ria asks where did you meet Sarthak for the first time. Sheetal says she saw him in photo. She said yes. She praises Sarthak and tells her story. Sheetal asks Ria where did you meet Abhi.

Ria says in the hospital. Abhi thanks him. Ria says because of him, he got his first love. Aanchal says his first love was me. She recalls in a flashback, Abhi saying I love you to her. Abhi playing guitar and singing song Mujhe Irade de in the college. Kiran goes to bring guitar. Ria asks why didn’t you tell me that you used to play guitar. Abhi says it is long time back, but will try. Abhi plays the guitar and sings Mujhko Irade De………………Aanchal eyes him. Ria smiles…………….Aanchal recalls spending time with Abhi.

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Abhi holds Ria and kisses her. They hug each other. Everyone claps for them. Aanchal is angry. Abhi says when I saw you for the first time then realized that my day and night are you. My love is you. When you are with me, it makes my day. He asks her to be same, being his Ria. Aanchal is angry and says Abhi is lying. I won’t let this Ria live in this house. You are mine and only mine. Ria asks Abhi to come with him. She shows her photos to her family. Aanchal eyes the fan and loses its screws. The rotating fan is about to fall on Ria, but just then Abhi sees it and shouts asking Ria to move from there. Ria tries to go, but her pallu gets stuck in the temple. The fan falls on Ria. Everyone shouts. Abhi moves the table and holds Ria. She says she is fine. Revathi comes and gets worried. Aanchal says it is just a trailor. She can make the happy moment sad in a minute. She can’t see anyone dancing, singing and talking with Abhi.

The thief steals the chain from Abhi’s car given by the guruji in the night. Abhi sits in his car and looks for it. He wonders what to reply to Rukmani as the chain is stolen. Dadisaa asks Kammo, did you bury the things in the jungle. Kammo wonders what to reply? She says she buried everything. Raman scolds her. Ria comes and looks worried. Dadisaa and Revathi ask her. Ria tells that some things are stolen from her room. Rukmani asks what is it? Ria says her pink clothes. Rukmani says Kiran wear that dress. Rukmani says Abhi gave her dress to Kiran. Raman asks her to think many times before saying anything. He scolds her and says I am hurt today. Rukmani says you didn’t do the right thing. You raised a question on our unity. She says you blamed family members and calls her shame of the house. Aanchal smirks happily.

Ria sees Aanchal wearing her bridal dress and then sees her again in bathroom. Aanchal makes her fall.

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