Tum Aise Hi Rehna 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria insists to go and says she needs their help. Lata asks her to come back soon. Abhi’s baraat come on the camel while all the guests dance. Ria sees the camel and asks the attender to help her get down. She calls Abhi and thinks why he isn’t picking the call. She climbs down from the balcony. She goes to the hospital on the camel. Lata asks her to come soon. Ria rushes to the hospital and checks Mrs. Bhalla. Abhi’s baraat come to the marriage venue. Didi scolds Vishesh for allowing Ria to go. Lata asks Didi to handle the matter. Vishesh greets groom and his family. Didi asks him to do the ritual. Rukmani sees her and asks you are here. Didi says I am Ria’s bua. She does Abhi’s aarti. Vishesh welcomes them. Rukmani tells Lata that they will do Tilak Rasam and asks Lata to call the bride. Lata gets tensed. Ria’s friend says we will call her. Give us a chance to welcome you. She serves savouries to them. Abhi sees Ria’s miss calls and calls her. Ria tells Mrs. Bhalla that she gave her injection.

Ria picks Abhi’s call. She tells him that she is in hospital as Mrs. Bhalla’s health deterioted. She asks him to handle there. Abhi gets tensed. She hears Rukmani asking Lata to call Ria to start the wedding rituals. Lata says she will bring her. Dadisaa says we have a ritual before marriage. Groom and bride should do the puja. Rukmani insists to see Ria. Ria calls Arzoo and asks her to handle the matter. Arzoo says ok. She introduces herself to Rukmani and says she came here to cover Rajastani wedding. Rukmani says she doesn’t have time now as mahurat is going on. Dadisaa says it is a matter of 5 mins. Rukmani says but. Dadisaa insists. Arzoo says her research will be complete. She asks Rukmani about her lehenga. Rukmani gives the address of the designer. She says they have so much work to do. Abhi gets up and tells Arzoo to click Dadi and Rukmani’s photo. They sit down and pose for the pics. Photographer takes their photos. Rukmani says it is too much now. We don’t have time now. Lets go Lata ji. Lata gets tensed.

Lata and Rukmani are going towards Ria’s room. Arzoo shouts that she saw snake. Everyone panics. Sarthak asks to call the security. Abhi thanks Arzoo. Arzoo says she will try to stop Rukmani until Ria comes back. Sarthak sees artificial snake lying near the chairs and tells everyone not to worry. Arzoo tells Abhi that she will leave now. Abhi gets tensed. Dadisaa calls Rukmani. Lata asks her to sit and she will check on Ria. Ria tells Mrs. Bhalla that her reports are normal. She asks her to control her food habits and no chinese food. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and says my best wishes are with you. Lata calls Ria and asks her to come home fast. She says if Rukmani ji insists to see you then I can’t stop her. Ria says she is leaving from here. She finds her dupatta missing and wonders how to go home without dupatta. She starts searching it.

Nurse gives dupatta to Ria and she leaves from there. Panditji tells Raman and Kailash that they are very lucky as Maha Panditji will be performing the marriage. Rukmani calls Lata and asks where is Ria. You went to bring here. Lata says she is coming. Rukmani says it is getting late. Bring her fast. Lata says she is ready.

Ria calls Lata and tells her that she is not getting any auto. Lata gets tensed. Ria is standing on the road, waiting for an auto. Some gonns see her and smiles.

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