Tum Aise Hi Rehna 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria sees Aanchal’s spirit in the mirror and washes her face. She sees again in the mirror. She comes back to Abhi and hugs him. She gets shocked. Aanchal writes Abhi is mine on the mirror. She tells that she took 2 years to find Abhi and when she found him, he was already married. She accuses Ria for her death and plans to prove her mad infront of the family so that they throw her out. She says then we will unite.

Guruji comes to Maheshwari’s house. Rukmani says you didn’t come for Abhi and Ria’s wedding. Guruji says his blessings are always with them and says he is happy that they got married. He says he will leave. Rukmani asks him to stay until they come home. Abhi is driving the car fast. He tells Ria that he is driving fast so as to reach home soon as Guruji came. Aanchal gets alert and goes home. She sees Guruji seeing the chain to protect Abhi from evil spirit. She gets shocked. She then unlocks the door of the car. Ria closes the door. Then Aanchal’s soul punctures Abhi’s car. Abhi tries to change the tyre. Guruji senses the presence of evil spirit and tells everyone. He comes to Abhi and Ria’s room and sees the show piece of Aanchal. He sees a glimpse of Aanchal.

Guruji asks Kailash about it. Kailash tells them that the show piece belongs to the girl unknown to girl. Guruji asks them to throw it right now. Kailash says they will return it to her family. Guruji asks about her death. Sarthak says accident. Rukmani gets Ria’s call. Ria tells her that their car tyre is punctured. Rukmani scolds her. Aanchal smirks. Guruji tells Rukmani that he will come again and gives the sacred chain to Rukmani. Abhi asks Ria, what happened. Did Maa say anything? Ria says Maa ji thinks I knew about Guruji coming home. Abhi says he forgot and thought to spend some time with you. Aanchal thinks to lower Ria infront of Abhi’s family so that they will hate her.

Rukmani is restlessly waiting for Abhi and Ria and shows her anger towards them. Raman adds fire and tells her that Ria might like to eat outside food being a working woman. She asks Sarthak to get the clinic soon. Raman says he will make sure. Abhi and Ria comes back home. Aanchal comes in the form of cockroach. Ria apologizes to Rukmani. Abhi tells her that he forgot about Guruji and went to restaurant. Dadisaa shows the chain to Abhi. Cockroach hides seeing the chain. Dadisaa makes him wear the chain. Rukmani tells Abhi that Guruji sensed negative energy in Aanchal’s stuff. Sarthak says we have to shift her belonging to somewhere else. Abhi says he wants to keep her stuff as he wants to give it to her family personally. Rukmani says she doesn’t know and asks him to give it to Police. Kailash asks him to give the stuff to her family else to Police. Abhi agrees.

Abhi comes to his room and asks Ria what is she reading. Ria says hallucination. Abhi asks why? Ria says something strange is happening with her. She tells Abhi about restaurant incident. Abhi jokes with her. Ria says she is serious. She says as a medical student, it is unlogical. She is doing research on it. Abhi says I am solution for this problem. He says he is taking leave tomorrow and will spend time with her. Ria feels pain in her neck. Abhi offers to massage her neck. Ria smiles. Abhi asks her to look in his eyes. He then asks her to lie down on the bed. Abhi bends down to massage Ria. Aanchal’s soul comes to rest on Ria’s body, but gets pushed by the chain in Abhi’s neck. She shouts. Ria hears her scream and gets shocked. Abhi asks what happened?

Aanchal’s blows the candle in the inhouse temple. She wears Ria’s saree while her song plays and holds Abhi’s photo.

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