Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Omri, Rumya) part 3

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Hello frnds.. Kiya is back…. First of all I mistakenly write in previous part that it was part 3. Sorry frnds.. That was part 2 and here is part 3…. And thanks for ur lovely comments….here is the link of part 2…. So let’s start….

Previous Episode

Part 3

In New York….. A big Mansion…. Named Malhotra Mansion…..
Annika entered the Mansion in a big black car.. She gets down and enter the house..
Annika: ” marry, marry…”
Marry ( a maid): ” Yes mam”
Annika: ” Where is Mr. Malhotra????”
Marry: ” mam, sir is in library…”
Annika: ” OK. U go.”
Marry leaves from there, Annika goes to the library..
In library… A man is sitting in couch and doing a video call in his laptop..
The man: ” u know Mr. Krish this deal is very important to us”
Other side: ” yes Mr. Malhotra, I know, but…” Annika comes and take the laptop from the table and said, ” Mr. Krish this deal is not going to cancel.. Understood???”
Mr. Krish nooded and Annika cut the video call and angrily looks at Mr. Malhotra.. Mr. Malhotra makes a face just like he got caught in red handed..
Mr. Malhotra:” I am just…”
Annika: ” I told u many times dad that stay out of business only concentrate on ur health. But u never listen to me na??? Me and Chutki are here na to look after ur business. Bt u???”
(Yes its Mr. Arjun Malhotra, Annika & Gauri’s Dad)
Arjun: ” Sorry beta. U know na this type of business man never listens a girl.”
Annika: ” Dad u know that I can handle any type of business man”
Arjun: ” OK baba sorry… Now tell me how was ur day???”
Annika: ” its nice.. Ur???”
Arjun: ” well because of u Gauri I have nothing to do whole day…”
Annika: ” Great then go and rest…”. And smiled at him.. Arjun makes a helpless face and said ok and goes…

In India…. Oberoi mansion….
Pinky: ” Shivaye listens to me once.. This girl is very nice.. She matches our stranded..please Shivaye…”
Shivaye: ” mom please I told u many times I am not interested in marriage.. Plz. Mom leave me alone..”
Pinky: ” But Shivaye every person needs a life partner…”
Shivaye: ” I know that mom.. But think u forgot that 3 years ago… U snatched her from me mom…”
Pinky: ” Shivaye???”
Shivaye goes from there with teary eyes.. Pinky cries….

In New York…..
Gauri and Sahil enter the house… Annika comes there..
Sahil: ” How was ur day Annika didi??”
Annika: ” just forget my day.. Tell me where is ur report card???”
Gauri: ” its with me Di” and gives her the report card..
Annika: ” hmm. Not bad..”
Sahil looks at gauri.. Gauri understands..
Gauri: ” No Di he is very good.. Teacher praises him a lot.”
Annika looks at them at smiled..
Gauri: ” Just mathematics.. Sahil got low marks in Mathematics..”
Sahil: I got good marks in math if my math teacher is SSO..” Annika shouts, ” Sahil…. Never ever take that name again…..” She goes from there angrily.. Gauri signs Sahil not to worry and goes after annika.. Sahil looks on..

In India… Oberoi mansion…
The hall is fully decorated and Janvi was checking the arrangements.. Dadi ask her not to worry its all right…
Om comes there and ask, ” What is this??? Why the whole house is decorated????”
Janvi: ” Om…. Prinku is coming…”
Om smiled. Om: ” really mom after so many years… Oh my god… Our prinku is coming…” After listening Om shouting Shivaye comes there..
Shivaye: ” What happened???”
Om: ” Nothing much. My sister is coming…” And curtly look at Shivaye..
Shivaye: ” Oh Prinku is coming.. That’s great..” And tries to give a fake smile..
Janvi: ” Om… Prinku is his sister too..”
A voice from the door, ” no mom when he separated us, from that day prinku is only my and ur elder son’s sister…”. All looked at door and yes its our Rudy boy but not like old Rudy. He is now Rudra sing Oberoi, a business man who goes office and makes deals with clients not girls… He looks a perfect business man in his black three piece suit….
Rudra: ” mom please don’t take his side” he comes middle of the hall and looked at shivaye curtly…” Tomorrow I will pick up prinku from airport..”
Shivaye: ” as u wish Rudra…”
Rudra: ” Its OK. If everything is going on my wish then today she is with me.. But no everything is going on ur wish so enjoyed it…” He told looking at Shivaye and angrily goes from there… Everyone looks one…

In New York….. Annika’s room….
Annika is sitting on her bed and remember that day when Shivaye told her that he will teaches math to Sahil… Annika cries… Gauri comes and see her thus… She runs to Annika and hug her tight…. Gauri: ” Di..”
Annika realise her state and get up from bed and wipes her tears.. Annika: ” no chutki no I am not crying for that person. I am not weak.. I am strong.. Right chutki???”
Gauri: ” yes di ur are too strong.. U r this house shield…” Gauri tries to smile to feel all got normal.. Annika also tries to smile…

In India…. Rudra’s room….
Shivaye comes to his room and see him silently sitting on the bed.. He starts to enter the room, but stops… Shivaye in his mind, ” Sorry Rudra I know I hurt u so much.. Please forgive me… Please…” A drop of water comes out of his eyes and he goes from there… Rudra take out his phone and open a picture its Saumya’s pic… Rudra looked at the picture and cries… ” Sumo, Where are u??? I miss u Sumo.. I know I hurt u bt please come back…” Rudra hold the phn on his chest and cries…

In New York…. A big function is going on… A guest told a another guest, ” Its a very big party.. Really great…” Another guest,” Why not is Miss. Iyer’s second book launching party..” They smiled Happily…

A girl come on the stage and turns her face to audience or guests and smiles…. Yes She is our Soumya……

Precap: Arjun told Annika and Gauri that Vivek is coming today from Paris, so get ready for the grand party…. The two girls smiled happily looking at each other….

That’s all… Frnds I am trying to show obro’s and Malhotra sister’s equally… Hope u like it… And sorry for mistakes… Please ignore the grammaticality mistakes… Thanks… Have a good day…..

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    1. Kiya

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  4. Superb dr do post what happened actually pl……

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  5. Verna

    Wow kiya.. such a wonderful and grandeur episode.. u have great creativity..

    I’m really sorry that I didn’t comment for ur last part.. but now I read intro and last part.. its amazing and keep going dr.. love u

    1. Kiya

      Thank u so much Verna…. Keep reading Dr….

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    Superb part

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  9. Splendid post. A similar ff was started long ago where the three brothers were divided but the writer did not continue the story. My curiosity is being satisfied here. Glad that you started this ff. Hope you would not leave the story in middle. Post sooooon

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr… Well I didn’t know that… But I a sure u that if I started it then definetly I will finish it… Thanks for telling the fact….

  10. Fabulous dear….. Luv it…

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