Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Omri, Rumya) part 2

Hey friends…. Kiya is back with part 2 of Tujhse Naraz Nhi Zindagi… Thanks to all who gaves such a lovely comments…
Here is the link of intro and the part 1..


Part 1

So let’s start part 3…

In New York…. In office Annika is working. Annika has totally change in those 3 years. She is wearing a different and gorgeous outfit in black and white, its end up to her knees ( just like some days before original swetlana wear ), long stylish ear rings.. She is looking stunning. Suddenly a girl came to her and said, ” Mam meeting is going to start please come mam..”
Annika: ” Yes. I am coming. You go…” The girl leaves the cabin.. Annika was moving towards the door of cabin suddenly her phone beeped, its a remainder named ” Sahil’s results”. Annika: ” oh know, I missed it again. Now what to do? I have to go Sahil’s school bt this meeting is also important.. Oh god please save me..” She stops and said, ” God.. Yes” She thinks something and smirks..

Sahil’s school.. Teacher is asking sahil, ” Where is your parents sahil???? You didn’t told them that today is your results going to be out????”
Sahil: ” sorry man. But I think my didi forgot that today is my results. So sorry.” And makes a sad face..
Teacher’s room’s door knocked..
Voice: ” May I come in Madam???”
Teacher: ” Yes???” Sahil smiled at the person..
Voice: ” Mam, I am Gauri, Gauri Malhotra, Sahil’s sister.”
Teacher: ” oh. Please come in.” Yes she is our Gauri. She is also changed. She is wearing a blue Jeans and a red top and black jacket and yes Gauri is speaking in good English.. She is not talking like old gauri. Gauri goes and sits with Sahil. Teacher praises Sahil for Hus progress. Gauri thanked her, take the result and leaves the room with Sahil..
In car, Gauri is driving and sahil sits beside him. Gauri: ” What happened??? Why my Sahil is upset??? U got good marks Sahil”
Sahil: ” I know Di. Bt today also Annika Di didn’t came na??? ” and makes a sad face.
Gauri: ” oho. U know na Sahil, Di and her meetings” and smiled at him. Sahil: ” But what about me Gauri Di???” Gauri: ” Sahil you don’t love me na??? U only love Annika Di. That’s the reason.” And make a fake sad face. Sahil: ” Gauri Di stop ur drama. I lv u so much..” Gauri: ” I love u too my little brother.” Sahil: ” then Ice cream????” Gauri: ” as u wish.” Then they said together,” par Annika didi ko mat batana ( But don’t tell this to Annika didi) then they started laughing…

In India…. Oberoi mansion… Janvi and Dadi is in the temple of the house and prays..
Janvi: ” please god please. Please save our children.” Dadi: ” They are changed. They are not the old ShivOmRu.. They are become Shivaye, Omkara & Rudra..” Janvi: “After loosing our house’s dil ( our bahus) everything had changed between our children.” Dadi cries, Janvi holds her…

In New York… Ice cream parlour….
Gauri and Sahil enjoying the ice creams, Suddenly Gauri see a couple sharing a ice cream cone. Gauri sadly smiled seeing this. Sahil notice it and ask,” What r u thinking Di???” Gauri realised that may be Sahil has understood what she was thinking, so she covers up saying,” nothing”. Sahil: ” U r thinking about the long hair creature na??” Gauri gets up from her sit and said, “let’s go Sahil its getting late. Annika Di must be waiting for us. One more thing I told u many times don’t call elder people like that. Ok???” She get into the car. Sahil also followed her.. Gauri in her mind, ” Why Shankar ji why, why we loves those people who hurts us so much”…..

In India…. A big Temple…..
A man in bulldozer: ” Sir can I proceed????”
Voice: ” yes. You can.”
Another man,” please Sir don’t do this sir this is a well known Shiva temple sir. Don’t break it sir.. Please sir..”
Voice: ” Shiva temple????” He stops. His face shown, Yes its our Omkara..
On thinks that day when first time Chulbul(gauri) stops him from breaking the lord Shiva’ idol… Om sign to stop the bulldozer.. Om: ” If it happens there years back then I will break it. But now. I can’t…. Someone told me, ” Dil se mano tho patthar me v vagwan najar ate hai,
Our agar sahi insan mile toh patthar dil v pighal hate hai”…..
( If u trusts from heart then u can see god in a stone, and if u have the right person they can melt ur stone heart.)
After saying he leaves from there…

Oberoi mansion….
Tej is shouting, ” Janvi…. Janvi….”
Janvi: ” What happened tej??? Why u r shouting????” He holds her tight and said, ” Happy birthday my lovely wife..” And smiled. Janvi smiled and said, ” oh, u remember???? So sweet of u tej… Love u..”
Tej: ” well love to but ur gift is not with me right now..” Janvi: ” not with u means???”
Tej: ” its coming from Paris..” Janvi,” oh my god tej. U mean to say our prinku is coning. ” Tej nodes… Janvi: ” my god, I am so happy tej. Our prinku is coming after 2 and half years. I have to do many preparation.” Tej irrupted, ” we have to do” they smiled…

Precap::: Gauri said,” just mathematics, Sahil had low marks in mathematics…” Sahil: I got good marks in math if my math teacher is SSO.. Annika shouts, ” Sahil…. Never ever take that name…” He angrily goes from there.. Gauri followed her. Sahil looks on….

So frnds this the second part of my ff. I think its not much interesting bt next part will be… Hope u like it. Thanks have a good day….

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