Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Omri, Rumya) part 1

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Hi friends.. Kiya is back with the part 1 of Tujhse Naraz Nhi Zindagi.. First of all thank u so much for ur lovely comments and a big thanks to Verna who helped me to create this account… So let’s start the part..

Part 1

Paris in the music night club the boy finished his song and everyone clapped for him. Prinku smiled at him and leaves the place. The boy follow her..
In street the boy call her loud,” Prinku”, prinku turns back and ask
Prinku: “What happened vivek?”
Vivek: ” u didn’t like my song??? That’s for u only”
Prinku: “no its not bad” and smiled naughtily..
Vivek: “I thought u like it” and make a sad face.

Prinku: ” I love that song stupid” and start laughing..
Vivek was mesmerised by her beauty. Vivek: ” Prinku, I love u.”
Suddenly prinku stop laughing and said, ” u started again?” And make a angry face.
Vivek: ” but I really love u prinku, why don’t u understand?”
Prinku: “I know that vivek. U love me a lot bt..”

Vivek: “bt??? Oh I know ur brothers. U know what prinku in every love story there was a villain like father and brothers. Bt in my case its totally different. U are not accepting my proposal because ur brothers hurt their lady loves and u scared for that. Please understand prinku I will never hurt u. Look prinku tomorrow will be our last day together after that u will be in India and I will be in New york . please try to understand dear please..

Prinku: ” I know everything vivek bt I don’t want to talk about my brothers. They were very happy after hurting my bhabies. Forget them change the topic. Tomorrow will be our last day in Paris so u want to enjoy the day with me????” Prinku gave a beautiful smile and after listening her vivek also smiled at her.

In India, The Oberoi Mansion…
Shivaye in his room and discusses some matter in phone and finding something.
Shivaye: ” Annika, I told u many times don’t touch my files. See that important file is missing. Annika”.
Suddenly a hand came and give him the file. Its our Annika. Annika smiled at him and said, ” Its here. In front of ur eyes bt u didn’t see them with ur kanji eyes..”
Shivaye: ” Thanks my jhansi ki rani.” And smiled at her. Suddenly his room’s door knocked. Its pinky.
Pinky: ” Kisse batt kar raha hai shivaye???”

Shivaye: ” mom WO annika…” He stops.
Pinky: ” O my mata shivaye firse annika. Maine tujhe kitni bar samjhaya ke Annika mar chuki hai. WO yaha nhi hai.” Shivaye shouts,” mom” ” I told u na Annika mari nhi. She is alive. Our mai e batt sabit kar dunga ekdin.” And he angrily leaves the room. Pinky looks on.

Shivaye came out and ask a servent,” where is Om and Rudra?”
Servant: ” Sir, Om sir was went for a land deal and Rudra sir was went to office at early morning.” Shivaye sign him to go.
Shivaye to himself, ” everything have changed Annika. Kaha ho tum???? Where are u my Annika.”

In New York ..
A big office is shown. Many employees are working there and suddenly a voice came out from the CEO’s cabin, The boss is scolding some employees. On employe said, sorry mam. I will defiantly finished the work. Please mam sorry.” Boss,” I don’t like to listen sorry. Its a meaningless word for me so please finished ur work or I will finished ur Carrier. Go. Just leave.” And boss’s face is shown she in none other than our Annika.” Annika to herself: I don’t like the word sorry. Just this word change my life.” Screen frozen with shivaye and Annika’s face…

So frnds this is my first part.. Its all about Shivika and privek (prinyaka+vivek).. Bt the next part will be shivika and omri.. So keep reading and supporting.. Hope u like it… Bye .. Have a good day…

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  1. Nice …Plz Update next part soon.

    1. Kiya

      Thanx mahek. I will try to post soon..

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  4. pls write in english

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      Thank u so much for commenting..

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      OK dr in next part I will write all in English…

  5. Awesome

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  6. It is awesome dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update..

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  7. Rahul96

    Well I usually don’t read FF but this one seems interesting . Nice track !!

    1. Kiya

      Thanx rahul.. I hope u will like the next part to..

  8. Post soon

    1. Kiya

      Yes dr I will…

  9. Verna

    Wow dr.. Really wonderful episode.. can u pls send me link for intro.. I missed it dr..
    Can’t wait for my Om and Gauri’s part.. post next part soon dr..
    Also thank u for credits.. but its not needed in friendship dr 🙂 🙂
    Good luck dr

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Verna… Keep reading dr

  10. What happened to the obros and their ladies…….Do post next part soon…….

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  11. Awesome waiting 4 next

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    its awesome kiya

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