Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Malhar does truth serum test on Kalyani

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani why did she use coil when there is a machine to kill mosquitoes. Kalyani says sorry and tells that it happened due to CD. Malhar asks where is CD. Anupriya tries to take CD from Aparna, but she breaks it and then calls Malhar. She complains to him that she saw CD in Maayi’s hand and when she tried to take it, she broke it. Anupriya says CD was with Aparna and that she is lying. Aparna says Maayi doesn’t want you to know if Sampada is alive or not and asks him to bring Sampada to her. She blames Kalyani. Anupriya tells that she heard Aparna talking to Sampada on call. Aparna says Malhar knows that I want Sampada to return in this house. Malhar says I will find out by tomorrow, who knows Sampada’s address, Maayi, Aai or Kalyani.

Later Anupriya gets tensed and prays for Kalyani’s protection. Kalyani gives truth serum injection to Kalyani and she is in semi conscious state. Malhar asks when did you meet Sampada last? Kalyani says when she left Billu? Malhar asks who is Sampada? Kalyani says Sampada was her sister and has done bad with malhar ji. She faints. Malhar tests Aparna and she lies that she didn’t talk to Sampada and puts all blame on Kalyani. Constable says Aparna is innocent. Malhar goes. Aparna gets up and thinks why medicine didn’t affect her? Pallavi calls her and tells that she has changed the injection when nurse kept it near the windows. She asks her to tell where is Atharv and Sampada, and gives all the jewellery to her else….Aparna thinks I have to convince Sampada to apologize to Malhar and return home. Malhar asks Pawar to tap the phones and tells that they shall do truth serum test of Maayi. Kalyani gets up and hears Malhar talking to Pawar and telling that he has to accuse Anupriya to do her truth serum test. Kalyani thinks Malhar wants to arrest Anupriya and then do her truth serum test. Anupriya thinks why did the policemen haven’t come out of the room. Just then they come out with Malhar and leave. Anupriya gets Kalyani’s call and she asks her, what did Malhar do with her? Kalyani asks her to meet her at auto stand and says Malhar is planning against you. Malhar asks Constable to drop him to police station and then take Kalyani to meet Maayi. Pawar asks if he is doing right. Malhar says Anupriya is not doing right by hiding the truth and says if Sampada and Atharv are alive then he will not spare them.

Anupriya is going out and tells Aao saheb that she will meet the money lender once. Aao Saheb says it is not needed as he is ready to give us loan. She asks her to be at home. Anupriya collides with Aao Saheb and some of her college books fall from the bag. Aao Saheb asks whose books are this? Anupriya says Godaveri’s books. Godaveri comes there. Aao Saheb asks her not to keep books in others bags.

Kalyani meets Anupriya and tells that Malhar planned her arrest and has planned to do her truth serum test. She asks her to be alert and tells that they have nothing to do with Atharv and Sampada.

Precap: Constable tells that they have found local brand cigarette in Anupriya’s bag and wants to talk to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plzz bring the truth soon. Wants Malhar and kalyani’s union. And also wish Malhar and Anupriya’s relation bhi pehle jaise ho jaaye.

    1. Exactly dr he is not at all bad in beginning how he help maayi and kalyAni v should not forget he saved kalyAni so many times he send her coll even if u observe he didn’t say moksh need Brest feed milk if she taken wrong way but kalyAni always taking him in wrong way when she go to coll she would keep mangalsutra in bag know but she don’t wont to show her marriage it’s shows she don’t hv interest in malhar and her relationship if she know about marriage value def kalyAni find proof for her Sam and athrav eloping..Wat malhar fault in it now he is not digging inside in d matter of kalyAni if he dig he will get all answer but hope he find truth soon yesterday episode tat cd matter if tat gone means he can take another one know he can get call recoding in telephone exchange know but y he need to do hynotise I think soon he will find all truth hope truth revealed soon I M waiting madly how malhar react kalyAni after knowing truth I.m excited..Soon Sam and athrav will back I think they shooting upcoming ..Then about guddan acting not upto mark guddan type serial many comes tat hero look small compare to his DIL instead they can do like he is very ambitious to marriage with force he should marry later she should understand no one is their love him all behind his money tat dis etc but here 3 sas giving torcher tat dis it’s common but in raabta so unique concept it’s connected to one other how nicely they portrayed sehban portrayed emotion love romance attitude so well in cop role he is fabulous then reem bubbly loving then pillu his connection extraordinary yesterday his smile my god heavenly story is so unique and actors doing so well Aao saheb purna viram athrav villanish avatar,,Sam mad love. Alarna mass dialogue pallavi classy look anu simplicity all masth yar vr just loving and kalma pair is Magical..Trp says d story Status I just love dis kalma..In zee d best concept is tujse till date I never seen such story in my life.. Waiting madly for kalma Union ❤❤

    THANKS 🙂 But I know TU will become lazy like before again

  3. Malhar…. I just want to slap him.. Why can’t he open his eyes..?? How he became a policeman??? Poor Kalyani & Anupriya..
    Please update yesterday’s episode.. I don’t know Hindi well.. Bcz I’m from Sri Lanka.. When I read the written updates then only I can understand the dialogues.. I was eagerly waiting for yesterday’s episode.. Bcz I couldn’t understand Kalyani & Neha’s conversation

    1. Dr tat girl ask ur not fear of him bec he is police she say fear no fear, he is fear of me whatever I say he do when I get angry he used round behind me and says shona shona sorry like wise he love me so much and he more fear for… then malhar says fear for she send her friend and she told I.m just joking and she left I hv work in kitchen..When malhar asking pillu laughing so cute and she says one more dialogue tat he fear how much means tat dialogue I too didn’t understand…I know hindi little I.m from Bangalore Karnataka but I know to read hindi I understand half but can’t speak hindi more..Dr no worry in one episode malhar says know due to Sam betrayal I cant rectify anything I.mseeing everything in bad manner it’s takes time to rectify anta he don’t hv anyone to guide him no parents no loved ones how can he know his mistake ya… All blaming malhar but his heart injured so much so only he is not waking only soon truth will out wait for wat..Then do u like tat coll episode where malhar tie know tat was so nice know…

      1. Thank u dr.. I love Kalyani’s actions

  4. Rasiva

    Thanks for the update

  5. It’s getting silly and boring. How can a policeman be that stupid

  6. Can anyone explain what kalyani said to her friend while malhar is standing behind herin yesterday episode ..plz i don’t know hindi…that’s why..

  7. Malhar open your eyes & find out the truth.. Poor Kalyani & Anupriya.. Please update yesterday’s episode..

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    I doubt is Malhar is really ACP????????? the person who can’t figure difference b/w right or wrong, does he/she doesn’t deserve to be even consatable in police??????

  9. I pity Shehban Azim who has to play one if the most stupid heroes and that too such an idiot police officer. Without his knowledge a fool like Pallavi is able to change truth serum medicine that’s kept on a window ??? There negativity after negativity being piled up on innocent and there is not even any hint of closeness developing between leads even though there is still anger on male leads part . They could have shown doubt in his mind when he is alone where his heart says Kalyani is innocent while evidence says otherwise. That kind of conflict, some hint of attraction, is due now as the show is becoming very boring. Half the viewers will leave frustrated and the show will have to end abruptly. It has happened recently with other nice shows too that started well but took too long to develop positivity.

  10. Why didn’t he used the truth serum to know if Kalyani and Anupriya were really involved in sampanda and atharv run. Doesn’t that seems strange to him that despite being tormented and mistreated both ladies are pleading innocence. A this point even if they accept the accusation, things couldn’t be worse than they actually are so they is no point for kalyani or Anupriya to denying the accusation if they were really guilty.
    Seems like with sampada Acp’s humanity and common sense also deserted him

    1. Well said. The writers are ruining Malhaar’s character and making him look very dumb and stupid as a police officer and monstrous as a human. The physical torture of putting bricks on foot made the entire thing completely a whole new level of abusive. And now this utterly ridiculous truth serum plot. The continuous torture without any new development is killing the charm of this show that started so well.

  11. the series is disappointing. . the spirit of malhar is still misled. . a little fed up that Kaliyani and Mai are the victims. . They laugh at me well Arpana and the other who wishes the return of the brother and Sampada. . what they will do once malhar will know that they are envy. . in short, it goes around in circles and a little tired of seeing that malhar is totally bamboozled by his ex-beautiful mother. . short .. disappointed

  12. now they are malhar for a fool. . it becomes risky and problematic for the actor and the role. . as far as he is fooled by Sampada and Arpana to whom he does not see any fault whereas for kaliyani and May he does not see the innocence. . in short a little disappointed with the last episode. . I’m waiting to see the return of Sampada to see the reaction of malbar to kaliyani .. I dare to hope a little jealousy if Arthava tries his luck with kaliyani. I dare to hope for the loss of memory. . in short we are very disappointed by the current script. hope that they will wake up and spice up the story to its true value. . we all want the real jodi and malhar

  13. I don’t know y all blaming malhar and his character here his brain is not working in begging of d serial u all know he is very blind towards his wife if he is sharp tat day only he would find athrav and Sam relationship tat only he can’t find how he know maayi and kalyAni truth yar here maayi kalyAni malhar 3 is dumb especially dis maayi kal yar come on after y kalyAni should take torcher from his husband when he try to abuse u elope my wife she atleast didn’t try to prove d evidence once also they not at all bother yar so dis twist carrying forward then dis malhar y he need Sam when she come wat he will do he can’t give torcher or anything 10% to Sam bec they r divorced y he need them poor guy then if tat cd gone means another recording he may take know but he become blind with Sam i don’t know dis malhar wat he do with Sam after finding kalyAni innocence I.m madly waiting how malhar reaction after knowing kalyAni innocence…// Whatever v say dis twist needed to continue further but I think hereafter story go in interesting way finding Sam her return kalyAni innocence just waiting… Guys soon tujse completing 100 episode

  14. Where is January 5 and January 8’s written update. Tujhse hai raabta also airs every Saturday. Pls give updates fast

  15. Where is January 5 and January 8’s written update. Tujhse hai raabta also airs every Saturday. Pls give updates fast.

  16. Precap???????? What will happen??

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