Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarthak returns with revenge intentions

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The Episode starts with Aao Saheb telling that it is good with whatever happened with Malhar and they don’t have to do anything. Pallavi tells that all that Avni’s drama is viral on the internet. Pallavi says it seems Kalyani will lose her job now. She finds the sweets boxes kept there and tells that they shall have it in the happiness of Malhar and Kalyani’s destruction. She gives sweets to Aao Saheb. Kalyani reaches there and stops them. She says Malhar ji is in this condition after having these sweets. She finds glass pieces in the sweets and informs Pawar on call asking him to inform Doctor.

Sarthak is seen showing in his house hearing about the news of Avni’s drama at Kalyani’s house. Anupriya comes to know from Pawar that there was glass pieces in the sweets. Anupriya gets worried. Sarthak comes in his car and splashes muddy water on Anupriya and speeds up his car. She wipes her face with her pallu.

Kalyani asks Aao Saheb to keep the sweets box save as an evidence and tells that they will use it as a proof. She says she is going to hospital to see Malhar ji. Avni comes there and warns her not to come to her husband. She says I will not say this again, asking you to stay away from my husband. She asks her to understand once. Pallavi says from where did you buy these sweets as it had glass pieces in it. Avni says Kalyani must have added it and tells that she would have planned to hurt and threaten him, so that he leaves me. She says it was your plan, but he is battling with life and death. Kalyani asks her not to talk nonsense and says why will I give him such laddoo, and says I would have eat it too. Avni says you are not admitted in the hospital. She holds her neck and says you did this so that you take him to hospital and then he shows sympathy for you and get you back in his life. Aao Saheb and Pallavi asks her to leave Kalyani. Avni says you are so desperate to come in his embrace as you are Madhuri’s blood. Anupriya comes there and warns her, asking her not to dare her to speak bad about her daughter. She says Kalyani is my having sanskar and asks what did you know about her. She says Kalyani has given many sacrifices and has a big heart, as she has accepted his child. Kalyani says she will explain to her later and tells that we came to know that our son is alive and searching him together. Avni asks her to stop acting and says why you are worried for him, when you are not married to Malhar. Kalyani says he is my son and Malhar is his father and nobody can snatch this right from us.

Sarthak comes there in his car. Aao Saheb looks shocked. Kalyani gets happy and says Kaka…where was you since many days? She says Aai was alone without you and says whatever misunderstanding happened, how can you leave us for that. She is about to hug him, but he pushes her and walks towards Anupriya. He says I had splashed this muddy water on you. He turns and throws 2000 Rs. note on Anupriya for the laundry and asks her to keep the change. Kalyani asks how are you talking to me? Sarthak says he has no time to hear her nonsense, Avni is his client and he came here for her. He shows Court restraining orders and says it is clearly written that if you are seen near Malhar under 50 mts diameter then strict actions will be taken away from you. He tells that Moksh is malhar’s son and they will search him. Kalyani says how can you do this, and says you are my Kaka. Sarthak asks if anyone is here, who wants to support her and become her kaka. He says I have no interest to become your kaka. I came for Avni here. He says I have a nephew who can call me Kaka and his wife also, but not you. He says you are just Anupriya’s daughter, because of whom, my life is ruined and my child is snatched from me. He says because of you, my wife is not with me. A fb is shown, Anupriya blames Sarthak for protecting Malhar. Aao Saheb blames him to be Rane member and breaks his relation with her. Sarthak asks for a chance, but Aao Saheb takes her away from there. Kalyani says Malhar ji and I are searching Billu. She says we will search our Moksh together. Sarthak says there is another order from court, that it is written that if you come to Malhar while trying to search Billu then strict actions will be taken away from you. Aao Saheb says we have nothing to do with Malhar and Moksh and tells that they will slap the same papers on Malhar’s face. Sarthak tells Avni that he don’t want to see free Circus. They leave. Kalyani cries and says I am Billu’s Aai, you ask Malhar ji, he will say the same.

Aao Saheb tells Kalyani to see what they have done and asks her to swear that she will not have any relation with Rane family. She says she will talk to lawyer and gets order against Malhar ji. Kalyani calls on Malhar’s number and it is switched off. She cries hugging Anupriya. Kalyani asks how is Malhar? Kalyani says even Pawar Kaka is not picking the call and she doesn’t know what is happening there. Anupriya asks her to stop crying and says if you cry then I will cry too. She asks her to trust Bappa, says nothing will happen to Malhar. She says once Malhar gets fine then Sarthak conspiracy will be handled. Kalyani says she has convinced herself that her Malhar ji is not hers now. She says she is feeling bad seeing Sarthak Kaka behaving with her and says I can’t understand what has happened with him. She says he loved me always like my Papa and today he…She says I am feeling so sorry for you Aai and I can understand what you are feeling. She says these tears are your heart pain which is flowing from my eyes. She says I couldn’t make Kaka understand. Anupriya sees Malhar’s blood in Kalyani’s forehead and asks God what he is signing at, that they are meant for together.

Precap: Malhar tells Sarthak and Avni that Kalyani loves Moksh dearly from her heart. Sarthak refuses to let Moksh go to Kalyani and tells that he has no relation with anyone. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Moksh is her son and she will not let anyone snatch him from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Somehow sarthak always find a way to blame kalyani for anupriya and his relation failure. He used to say kalyani is his daughter but it was only to impress anypriya. If he can’t handle his jealousy over anupriya’s unconditional love for her child then he doesn’t deserve her.

  2. Ooh disappointed .. So disappointed with the role of kaka .. And ooh my god he blames kaliyani for everything .. And help this Avni to destroy kaliyani .. And see what he did with Anupriya .. My god .. All the misery that Anupriya suffers is the fault of aeo saeb .. She has completely crushed this woman by doing such injustice with her own family .. I dare to hope that the girl they had together is still wanting .. If so I wonder how a woman can do and give so much pain to another woman and feed to see her unhappy and alone in the world .. In short, disappointed that the series shows only negative for people who have always had a positive role .. Anyway .. No longer knows what to expect from tusjhe

  3. Amal

    Doesn’t Malhar need to file all these charges and restraining orders as he’s a adult? 🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Why does Anupriya let Aoa saheb interfere in her life, Aoa saheb once broke up her own daughters marriage but she has no right to interfere in Anupriyas marriage and Anupriya is at fault for allowing Aoa saheb to control her. This time there really should be no forgiveness for Aoa saheb she has manipulated people for far too long, lay blame on the wrong people instead of taking responsibility for her own actions

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