Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Atharv blackmails Kalyani to kidnap Mugdha

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pallavi asking Kalyani to lift the three matkas and touches all the elders’ feet without letting the pot fall. Atul asks what kind of rasam is this? Pallavi says if she can do this rasam then she will fulfill marriage responsibilities. Kalyani says she will not do such rasam and goes. Pallavi signs Atharv. Atharv goes to kalyani and puts pot on her head, blackmailing her to suffocate Anupriya covering her head with pot. He then breaks the matka and asks Kalyani to think about Anupriya. Malhar comes to the hospital. Pawar says he has shifted Mugdha to a secret room. Malhar asks Doctor about her condition. Doctor says she is stable and will soon gain consciousness. Malhar tries to talk to her and tells that he wants to ask her about Atharv Bapat and asks if she knows him. Kalyani comes back and tells that she is ready to do this matka rasam. Pallavi keeps pot on her head. Atul asks her to be careful. Atharv tries to make her fall, but Kalyani holds herself. She touches Aao Saheb’s feet. Aao Saheb blesses her. Kalyani touches Aparna and Atul’s feet. Atharv tries to make her fall, but she is still standing. Atul asks her to get the pots down. Malhar comes home and tears Atharv’s clothes. Atul asks what he is doing? Malhar says this is a rasam, old clothes are torn, and new clothes will be given. Atharv asks what is this misbehavior? Malhar says I will give you new clothes as I have torn your old clothes. He takes him to room and gives prisoner’s clothes. He asks him to get ready to wear it as Mugdha agreed to give statement. He says you have just this night and you will become old Atharv after her statement. He says if he leaves Anupriya then he might forgive him. He thinks he couldn’t talk to mugdha as she fainted, but he will convince her to give statement. Atharv is shocked.

Kalyani and Malhar meet back side of the house. Kalyani cries and says she is ruined. Malhar asks what happened? Kalyani says my hairs and tells that she did rasam as Atharv blackmailed her. Malhar asks what happened. Kalyani shows the chewing gum on her hair. Malhar asks if she stick the chewing gum on her head to make the pot stuck on her head. He asks how the other matkas haven’t fall. Kalyani tells that she kept chewing gum on them. Malhar says I will get chewing gum out from your hairs. Kalyani says my hairs are delicate and your hands are strong. She says bad combination. Malhar makes her sit. He brings oil and applies on her hairs. He takes out the chewing gum and says it is not freeing. Kalyani asks if I have to become bald like you. Malhar says I..Kalyani says I used to find many hairs on your bed while cleaning the room. She says it is ok if he is getting bald. Kalyani teases him. Malhar says chewing is taken off your hairs now, I was joking. Kalyani says but I was not joking. Malhar asks her not to tell anyone about Mugdha’s room.

Later kalyani comes to Mugdha’s room and takes her outside to Atharv’s car. Atharv appreciates her for helping him going against her ex husband Malhar. He says I would have married Mugdha for money even if she is full mad. Kalyani cries. Atharv asks his goon to take Mugdha in car. Malhar comes to the place. Pawar tells him that he got a message from his number. Malhar asks where is Mugdha and tells that only three persons know about her. Kalyani says I knew and handovers her to Atharv. Malhar asks why did you do this? A fb is shown, kalyani is happily dancing appreciating Malhar and singing song….praising Malhar. Atharv comes there and sing the song. Kalyani asks him to bring Aai and says if you hurt her then nobody will be good. Atharv asks her to tell about Atul’s shirt number and says he will give him prisoner’s clothes. Kalyani asks what did you do? Atharv shows the video in which Anupriya is locked in Atul’s cabin desk. He says what people will think that Atul kept his wife in his captivity, then he will be jailed. Kalyani is shocked. Fb ends. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani says when you was not in room, I had stolen the keys. I knew you will get angry and upset, but whatever I did is for Aai. Malhar gets angry, but holds her face and wipes her tears. Kalyani says sorry. Malhar asks her to come with him. He asks her to stop crying and says even I would have done the same. He says I won’t let you marry Atharv, you will not go anywhere leaving Moksh and me.

Kalyani is sitting on the swing and drinking coffee. She worries for Anupriya and says I will do something to end all your pain.

Precap: Kalyani and the ladies play sindoor rasam. Kalyani signs Malhar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    These writers eh!!!! Always letting dbad guys in on someting dat is suppose to b secret and have dem plot to gettheir way. Who does dis in real life certainly not a policeman. Now arthav has both anupriya and mugdha,just great. These serials are too unrealistic and im frankly fed up of arthav being able to outsmart kalyani and malhar for sooo damn long.

  2. For the first the I think Malhar has to take some of the blame, why tell Atharv in advance. He should know that Atharv will use Anu to get Kalyani to do anything

  3. @lucy hhiii.. you right.. This is what is disappointing in this track. It is that we are shown kalma who is defenseless and helpless. Whenever they have an arthava solution harm their plan. Too bad malhar advance his direct plan in front of arthava because it takes advantage of the weakness of kaliyani is Anupriya .. To see inflicting this physical violence in kaliyani is just unbearable. We can blame Malhar for his clumsiness for mentioning mughda for his testimony in court. Because he put the life of Anupriya kaliyani and mughda in peril as he leaked the information .. Now if he concocted a plan that allows to find Anupriya through moving mughda .. No worries .. We can understand .. But to see the promo it seems difficult to imagine as a scenario because Anupriya is present at the ceremony and frees herself .. Arthava takes a lot of fun to torture kaliyani. As well as all the women of the family desmusk .. I wonder what will be their punishment for torturing their niece and little girl .. I dare to imagine that this is just a plan of kalma to allow kaka to found Anupriya .. In short . Arthava is just scary .. This unstable mental behavior he plays it to perfection .. He is very and psychopathic good job …??????

    1. @why writers give the priority this evil man .sometime I doubt who is the leader of this show malhar or atharva . I think even anupriya will fail to stop this wedding. I saw how preeta failed to stop marriage of rishab and shyrlin. Even shyrlin wrost than atharva and you saw she succeed her plan [email protected]

      1. I wonder the same thing .. Arthava has the upper hand over kalma. Each of their plan is destroyed by arthava .. It is always a step ahead .. It gets a little boring .. I say the same thing .. Anupriya can not save kaliyani from marriage with arthava .. I wonder if the wedding happens .. What will the CVs for the next track … In short so disappointed that arthava and his diabolical look wins a little more every day against kalma @light

  4. I say the same thing if sherlyn kundali could get married and that even preeta and karan could not stop the marriage .. So why Anupriya could stop .. I have doubts .. Because if a large distribution like kundali was able to allow after 2 years and 500 episode the marriage so perverse sherlyn with rishab .. It surprises me that malhar and Anupriya manage to stop arthava and his maquiavellian plan

    1. I watched an Instagram video.. When Atharv going to put sindoor on Kalyani’s forehead Anupriya throws a knife & atharv’s hand got hurt.. He standup & goes from there..

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