Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Malhar proves himself as traitor to save Kalyani

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The Episode starts with Kalyani shouting Malhar ji as she falls on the glass pieces. She cries. Malhar feels her pain and cries looking at her. He says you think me wrong, tells that he loves his uniform very much, but he loves her more. He thinks my first love is just you….Kalyani. He recalls their romantic moments. Kalyani cries in the captive place and gets injuries. Malhar sits down on the road. Tere bin jee na pawunga plays….Kalyani thinks don’t take any wrong step for me, I don’t care about my life for you and Billu. She cries. Malhar sees Kalyani and his pic and imagines her coming there. He hugs her and cries badly. Song continues to play. He kisses on her hand and smiles while crying. He finds that it is just his imagination and looks everywhere. He shouts Kalyani…Kalyani shouts Malhar ji. Malhar thinks I can give my life for you, proving a traitor is a small thing. He says I am coming. Anupriya worries for Kalyani. Swara asks her not to worry and says she is with Dada. She says Doctor said that Moksh is fine and asks her to relax. She asks Anupriya why did they come to this orphanage. Anupriya tells that she along with Keshav spent their 12 years here. She tells that she wants to give her first salary to this orphanage. Orphanage caretaker comes there with a girl. Anupriya calls her. Sister greets her. Anupriya tells that she got a job. Sister blesses her.

Atharv takes the toy from the girl. Atharv says this is our toy. Anupriya asks him to give back the toy. Atharv says it was brought by Sarthak Kaka. Anupriya asks him to return the toy back to the girl. He asks what is your name? The girl says Riddhi Rane..Anupriya is shocked. She recalls Sarthak telling him about his dream to stay with his wife and daughter Riddhi. Anupriya asks who is she? Sarthak says if he have a daughter then he will name her Riddhi. Fb ends. Anupriya asks Swara to take Atharv and Moksh out. She asks Sister about the girl. Sister tells that sometimes don’t want kids after their birth. Anupriya asks about her parents’ name. Sister checks in the file and says mother is Mitali and father is Sarthak. Anupriya is shocked and taken aback. She looks at Riddhi. Atharv asks Anupriya to call Baba and tells that Moksh continues to cry.

Malhar comes to the Police station and looks at the freedom fighters pic. He recalls the kidnapper asking him to prove himself as traitor if he wants to rescue his wife. He kisses his cap and keeps on his chest. He cries and looks at the stars on his shoulder. Pawar comes and tells that he has kept checking on all check post and tells that Aahir will be caught today. He tells that he has to go on a duty for CM. Malhar wears the cap.

The goons come to Kalyani and take her from there. Kalyani says you can’t prove Malhar ji traitor. Malhar comes to the CM. CM says we met you in Nagpur 6 months back, tells that he can never forgive his wife. He tells that she had risked her own life to save others. Malhar is silent. CM asks what happened to you. Malhar aims gun at CM. CM is shocked. CM’s PA calls Commandos. Pawar takes gun from Malhar’s gun and asks what you are doing? CM asks his PA to get all stars and medals taken off from his uniform. He says he is a traitor. Commandos hold him. Malhar thinks he has to act to be traitor for Kalyani. He cries as the medals and stars are taken off from his uniform. CM asks commandos to beat him. Pawar looks at the gun and thinks it is empty then what sir is going to do. The commandos beat up Malhar and take him. Pawar gets shocked.

The goons bring Kalyani somewhere and checks the time. Kalyani asks them to leave her. The goon says if ACP don’t prove himself as traitor then we will kill this girl. Kalyani asks them to kill her and take revenge from Malhar, but don’t prove him traitor as he loves his uniform, job and nation very much. They ask her to be silent. Kalyani says I will fold my hand, don’t force him. The commandos take Malhar in the car. Malhar checks the time and thinks he has to reach to Mall’s parking lot in 10 mins. Kalyani asks them to kill her, but don’t do anything with Malhar. Malhar holds the commando driver and tries to stop the car. The goon says just 1 min is left. Kalyani says Malhar ji will not bend down infront of you. He asks other goon to crush her under the car wheels. Kalyani is blind folded and cries.

Precap: Malhar is tied and beaten up. Aahir asks him to look in the camera and says that he is with Naxalites against the nation. He says you don’t know how much dangerous we are. Someone is sitting on chair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. If Malhar really wanted the CM dead he would have pulled the trigger straightaway, not that long hesitation so why don’t people think

  2. I doubt the person is rachit may be he is mastermind

  3. I do not know .. But one thing bothers me … Why it is necessary every time to put the blackmail track and the criminal conspiracy track or the terrorism plot in the series .. Can not have a script other that it .. You will tell me that this time it is the entourage of kaliyani who is guilty .. And it will be malhar to discover and support kaliyani face this betrayal .. Rachit I do not feel it .. This guy is pretentious and this the serious fart …. By the way it is also mentioned in spoiler that madhuri will be back .. How why and the reason .. I do not know …. Again since when kaka was married and had a girl .. Why now. What impact on the relationship anusar .. Already that he was barely married .. And kaka fled to Delhi .. And now it is said that kaka is dad .. To ask if he even knows. In short. It’s a pity I think the series shows only the track of the family plot where terror track fans .. There are plenty of other intrigue .. But it is not exploited .. In short .. What to say is enough to wait and see who is behind the plot .. Even Ahir I do not like this guy. He makes an unbalanced mind .. And it annoys me that Pallavi’s sayings are not taken more seriously about the involvement of Aswari in every plan of Ahir .. And that it is she who sometimes pulls the string

  4. New promo.. Kaliyani kya choose.. Mere Ai Anupriya or madhuri… But Well a person will explain to me how and why or the fact that Madhuri may have let Atul rot in prison and come back so after a year ago .. Unless he will pretend amnesia for her .. But how did they do to let his death be done. To believe again that they will say that she woke up after .. But why let the funeral ritual happen .. In short .. Full of question without answer .. Wait and see .. And dear who do you think Behind this kidnapping plot .. I have my doubts about Madhuri or that she is helping by Rachit .. Just to break the wedding of Kalma and harm Anupriya and the relationship between the two .. Anyway

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