Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani’s gesture stops workers from complaining against her family

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The Episode starts with Kalyani stopping Malhar’s car. Malhar asks what do you want and asks if she don’t care about his respect or not. He says I know that you came to beg sympathy for your family and says if workers give statement against Aao Saheb and Viek then I will not leave them. Kalyani says I found a star in the room and says I know its importance in your life and that’s why I came running. She says she brought needle and thread and will stitch. Malhar gets down from the jeep. She asks him to give his mobile and says she wants to see the video how to stitch the star to his uniform, and says she knows just basic stitching. He plays the video. Kalyani sees flour on his uniform, says sorry and cleans with her dupatta. She looks at the video and stitches star to his uniform. Constables

in the jeep smiles. Kalyani stitches it and then appreciates herself, and thinks if I fail this year then I will become a tailor. Malhar says I will not leave you family if you think I will. He goes. Kalyani thinks Anupriya will be happy to know that she stitched the star. Pallavi asks Anupriya to sign on the papers. Anupriya says it is written that I am mortgaging the house. Pallavi emotionally blackmails her and says if you don’t sign then Aao Saheb and Vivek have to go to jail. She says once we get the money, we will pay them. Anupriya asks if Aao Saheb know about his. Pallavi says if you don’t believe me then leave this. Anupriya says ok, I will sign.

Kalyani makes the fan air flies the paper. She then jumps off the wall and asks Pallavi why you are mortgaging the house. Pallavi says who are you? Kalyani says I am owner’s wife. She says she don’t want strangers to damage her house. Pallavi asks her to give papers, but Kalyani doesn’t give her and makes her run in the house. Anupriya looks on tensed. Pallavi runs behind Kalyani and falls down again and again. She says I will tell Malhar that you came to our side. Kalyani says what is the proof and says but I have proof. She is about to click her pic, but Anupriya scolds her. Kalyani gets happy and says atleast you talked to me to scold me. She thinks I will not let you mortgage your side of house.

Malhar promises the woman worker that he will take action against Aao Saheb and will help her get the money. A man comes there and tells the woman that he is ready to marry her daughter. Malhar asks who is he? Woman says he refused to marry my daughter due to dowry. He says a good girl opened my eyes. Malhar asks who is that good girl? Kalyani comes and says I am that girl and tells that she talked to him nicely. She recalls going to that man’s house and blackmails him and his father, and blames them for taking dowry and then breaking the alliance. She takes the video and tells that she will make the video go viral. Man falls on her feet and says his Baba wanted dowry. Kalyani says Gowde Kaku reached Police complaint to file complaint against you. He asks her to come with him to police station. Fb ends. Man agrees to marry Gowde Kaku’s daughter.

Gowde Kaku thanks Kalyani. Kalyani says her Aai taught her to fight against injustice, gives her bridal dress and jewellery and asks her to keep it for her daughter. She asks her to take it as a gift from her family. Gowde Kaka tells that they will not file case against Vivek and Aao Saheb. Madhav says the same. Malhar says you can go and comes to Kalyani. He asks do you want to become great. Kalyani says I didn’t want my Aai to mortgage her side of house. Malhar looks on. Anupriya massages Pallavi’s back. Pallavi says kalyani took away the papers. Vivek says he has copy of the papers and asks Anupriya to sign else the workers can send them to jail. He asks Anupriya to sign. Anupriya tells Malhar that how she can let her Aai mortage the house, as she don’t have anything except that small side of house. Anupriya is about to sign, but just then they hear workers calling them.

Anupriya says what do they want now. Aao saheb and Rao Saheb come tehre. Gowde Kaku comes and tells Anupriya that her daughter’s sakurpura is happening because of her. Anupriya says because of me. Gowde Kaku tells that Kalyani convinced her daughter’s inlaws for marriage and gave her bridal clothes and jewellery to my daughter. Rao Saheb is happy. Kalyani comes home and asks what happened? She asks did I do something wrong. Gowde Kaku says you have opened our eyes, you all gave us love and we are about to file complaint against you all. Kalyani thanks them for not filing case against her family. Gowde Kaku says we all are ready to work and asks them to give money when they get. She tells Anupriya that Kalyani has her values even though she is not born to her. Anupriya says I have no daughter. She asks workers not to work for free and says I am mortgaging my side of house. Aao Saheb and Rao Saheb are shocked. Vivek and Pallavi smile.

Aparna tells Pallavi that Malhar have not accepted Kalyani as his wife and don’t talk to her nicely. Kalyani tries to get something in the kitchen by climbing on table and the things falls near the baby. Malhar comes and scolds Kalyani. Aao Saheb thinks to tell the world that he has become devil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really love kalyani in todays episode.specially kalyani ki funny scenes it was soo beautiful. Waiting for next episode

  2. Aao saheb u only make malhar devil by marrying sampanda but now ur other pothi will turn him to good person Poor malhar e loss everything he require time sampanda pls don’t separate kalma pair friends athrav will back…Story interesting

  3. I heard that atharva will be making his come back on show soon.plzz dont separate kalma

  4. I am fed up of Malhaar constantly ordering and yelling at Kalyani!!the story needs to progress.

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