Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani’s Struggle to Claim Her Mother’s Dead Body

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Ahilya reaches hospital and over phone asks Anupriya not to worry, Shekhar told he got only 2 stitches. Receptionist asks Kalyani to enter credit card password. Kalyani reminisces Maduri telling that all her passwords are Kalyani’s birth date, even Atul’s debit and credit card’s pins. She enters pin. Nurse asks if she knows injured boy on wheelchair, she should sign consent form for his MRI scan. Kalyani signs form and sits on chair thinking she has to bail out papa some how and can take her friend’s lawyer father’s help. Ahilya walks to receptionist says she is Atharva Bapat’s relative Ahilya Deshmukh. Receptionist asks is it thief boy. Ahilya shouts how dare she is to call her boy as thief. Receptionist says that girl calle dhim thief, pointing at Kalyani. Ahilya identifies her as liquor stealing girl, walks to her and asks if she is not ashamed to allege her boy as thief. Nurse asks her not to scold this girl as she lost her mother today. Ahilya feels sorry aand stops. Kalyani leaves hospital.

Kalyani reaches police station and requests inspector to let her meet her father for 5 minutes. Inspector does not agree and says her will produce her father in front of judge as he has killed her mother. Kalyani says they both loved each other, why don’t he catch Anupriya. Inspector shows file and says her mother has complained against her father in another police station already and asks to bring Anupriya then. Kalyani gets out of control and holding inspector’s collar asks how much money he took from Anupriya, she will get him money from her father’s debit card. Inspector asks constable to throw her away and not let her in. Another constable brings Atul. Atul requests constable not to drag her as she got tattoo just today. Kalyani asks who is Anupriya. Atul stands silently. Inspector walks to them and shouts to kick out Kalyani and take Atul in. He then takes Atul to torture room and asks how did he kill his wife, who is Anupriya. Atul says he wants to make a call to Anupriya.

Ahilya walks to morgue searching Kalyani and asks peon where is Kalyani, nurse told she came here. Peon says there are only dead bodies here. Cloth flies off Madhuri’s face. Ahilya is shocked to see Madhuri’s dead body. She goes out and informs Anupriya that Madhuri is dead.

Kalyani angrily writes Anupriya on wall and shouts she hates her, where is she. She returns to hospital. Nurse says if nobody comes from her family to claim Madhuri’s body, body will be handed over to police as unclaimed dead body. Kalyani shouts how dare she is, she will take her mother. Nurse says she cannot allow. Kalyani asks to let her speak to her superior. Nurse says at this time, she cannot. Kalyani threatens she will write against their hospital in social media and has huge following. Nurse says she cannot call her superior and leaves. Kalyani then takes charger from reception and walks to charging point where Atharya is speaking to his father. She removes his charger. He sees her and asks why she is troubling him and making his life. She says her mother is dead and hospital is not letting her take her mother’s body for last rights, her situation is much worse than him, should she steal her mother’s body. He says if he would if he was in her place.

Kalyani walks ino morgue and pulls Madhuri’s body on stretcher. Peon sees her and shouts. She runs, but peons surround her. Arrogant officer stops her. She warns to dare not touch her, does he know what it is to touch a girl, she will file police complaint. He orders peon to catch girl and take dead body to morgue. Kalyani pleads to leave her, she wants her mother’s dead body. Man aasks to bring girl to his cabin. Anupriya walks in and asks him to stop, Atul sent him. Kalyani runs and hugs her and says she came as a savior.

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