Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Malhar meets with a planned accident by Trilok

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The Episode starts with Malhar sending Suhana to have custard. Trilok asks who was found in his house. Malhar says Pooja, your maid and tells that you had fainted outside that room. He asks do you know about it? Kalyani asks Malhar not to question Trilok and tells that she brought him here so that she can take care of him, and asks him not to question him. Malhar says sorry. Trilok says its ok. A fb is shown, Kalyani tells Malhar that they shall act to fight with each other so that Trilok thinks they are distancing from each other. She says I will handle him and will make sure that he doesn’t drink before operation. He says you don’t know acting, but please handle. Malhar tells that this thing doesn’t suit to overacting queen. Kalyani says you don’t know ABCD of acting. She asks him to sparkle the utensils and wash it properly so that her face is shown on it. She says you have to bear me for Moksh. Malhar says I am bearing you for Moksh. Fb ends. Kalyani tells Trilok that Moksh’s operation will be after 3 days. Trilok gets surprised and tells that it is good as Moksh’s operation was pending since lockdown. He tells that he will take care of Suhana and asks them not to worry. He is about to leave. Malhar stops him and tells that you have to stay here. He says I got the info that Pooja has a gang and can attack you, so I informed Commissioner Saheb. He says if you refuse to stay here then I have to house arrest you. Trilok gets angry and then says you are worried for me even after hating me so much. Malhar says I have the work to take care of public, being public servant. Trilok thanks him and sits on the bed. Malhar asks if you are thinking someone. Trilok asks for coffee. Malhar goes. Trilok thinks you can’t win from me Malhar, I can’t forget that you have snatched Divya from me.

Pawar tells Malhar that Pooja said that she was hiding there and we found this medicine bottle with her. Malhar checks and finds it to be the sleeping pills. He says whom she is giving sleeping pills and asks him to get the finger prints checked. Sarthak comes and asks Malhar if he kept Trilok at home. Kalyani tells Anupriya that they have decided to keep Trilok at home for Moksh. She says we are together for Moksh and asks Anupriya not to fight with Sarthak. Anupriya asks did you both come together for Moksh? Kalyani recalls Malhar’s words and tells that we are together for Moksh. Anupriya says there is no love between you. Sarthak asks Malhar why he will stay with Kalyani, as Moksh is the only reason. Malhar recalls Kalyani’s words. Sarthak tells that he was thinking to get his name written for Mrs and Mr. Aurangabad contest. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Malhar will choose any girl there. Malhar asks why I will take part. Sarthak says the prize money is 2 lakhs which can be used for the operation. Malhar says I will manage for the operation. Sarthak says I have a plan.

Kalyani is provoking the girls not to participate with Malhar. Malhar comes there and tells that two girls came to the PS and tells that you have provoked them to fight. Kalyani says I will make everyone fight so that nobody think of participating with you. Malhar says I am participating so that he gets some more money for the operation. Kalyani says if you are participating in the contest, then you have to participate with Moksh’s Aai. Malhar says you are Moksh’s Aai, but not my wife. Kalyani gets emotional and says you said this. Malhar says you had said this first. Kalyani says I want to participate with you. He holds her cheeks and wipes her tears. He says can’t you say this to me? He says our raabta/connection will always be there, even if we don’t stay together. He wipes her tears and tells that he can’t see her crying, never. He asks her to smile. Kalyani smiles. Malhar hugs her.

Trilok is talking on phone and tells that if Malhar thinks that I will be quiet here then he is not wrong, but see what I do here. He senses someone is behind him and turns to see Anupriya. Anupriya asks him to have food and call her if he needs anything. She asks him not to worry about Suhana and says we are here for her. Trilok asks her not to worry about Moksh. Anupriya says she is not worried for Moksh as his parents are Kalyani and Malhar.

Malhar tells Kalyani they shall practice for participation. Kalyani tells that they shall practice dance moves as his skills are weak. She asks him to keep his hand around her waist. Malhar keeps hand on her waist. Kalyani says now we will dance. Malhar asks how? Kalyani asks if you know anything. They start dancing. Commissioner calls Malhar and calls him. Malhar says I am coming and leaves. Kalyani thinks she is doing too much and have to dance alone now. Trilok comes there and sees Kalyani dancing. He asks where is Malhar? Kalyani says he went out for some work. Just then she gets a call from a mysterious person informing her about Malhar’s accident. Kalyani gets shocked and asks are you sure? She asks if my Malhar ji is fine? She says am coming there and runs out of house. Trilok smiles and asks her to run. He says Malhar Rane have done a big mistake by bringing me here. Kalyani goes out and sees Malhar unconscious on the road. She shouts asking Malhar to get up and open his eyes. She checks his nerves and asks him to open his eyes. She calls hospital and asks to come there, says she will send location. She then calls Sarthak and asks him to come there, as Malhar met with an accident. She sends him location. She asks Malhar not to do this with her and tells that she will leave her childishness, will not talk nonsense and will tape her mouth, will not click any selfie from now onwards. She says I will not play badshah’s songs and will hear old songs with you. She says I will study only and will listen to all your sayings. She cries.

Precap: Kalyani tries to make Malhar gain consciousness and confesses her love for him, says I love you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sidrina

    What is this trilok vilok??… I stopped following the show after the entry of Malhar’s parents. That was the worst turning point of this show…That’s when the show lost its concept…Instead of showing Kalyani and Anupriya’s bond and problems they face in college. They have given so much attention to Malhar, his family and his child..so freaking annoying… I just hate this show now

  2. I just read that the series will make a jump .. But my god already that I have difficulty following since the deconfinement and with this entry of Trilok .. And now comes the jump and again a girl who puts herself between kalma. . In short, that the separation for kalma .. The charm of the series was the Raabta of kalma with Pillu .. What he will already be kaliyani at 18 years old malhat must approach thirty .. Now with the jump their difference of age will only increase .. The series lacks charm and understanding with this track of Trilok .. The girl who is kidnapped .. What relation with the animosity of Trilok for malhar. To understand nothing. I have a lot of trouble hanging on to the series since the resumption. And even more trouble because I only put the summary but I don’t have the French subtitle when the series is broadcast. .. .. Apart from a step forward in Anupriya and Kaka’s relationship .. But the lead couple is only separated. . Disappointed

  3. Really a disappointing track is ongoing…..An 18 year old girl struggling with her marriage ,trying to balance relationships and at last loses her right to education….

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