Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani saves Mukku’s life again

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The Episode starts with Malhar coming to Kalyani. Kalyani asks why did you come and says you would have taken off today. Malhar says I am worried about my son and asks how can a father stay quiet. Kalyani says you have responsibility towards Avni too. Avni comes there and asks Kalyani what she wants to do. Malhar asks what are you doing here? Avni asks if she doesn’t get tired of acting to be great and asks if cares for Malhar and wants to attracts him towards you showing crocodile tears. Anupriya comes and asks what is happening? Avni shouts asking her to stop. Malhar tells that she has no right to say anything to Kalyani or her mother. Sarthak comes and says Avni is trying to stop her from snatching you. Kalyani says I told thousand’s times that I don’t want to snatch him. Avni tells that few girl’s habit is to get attracted to married men and asks her to go and search other married men. Malhar gets angry and raises his hand. Kalyani stops him. Sarthak tries to say. Malhar asks him not to interfere and tells that Avni has to understand that Kalyani has special place in his life, she is my son’s mother. He says if she had not come then I wouldn’t have known that my son is alive. He says whatever might be Kalyani and my relation, but you are forgetting what is our relation and is about to tell the truth, but Avni stops him and leaves from there. Kalyani holds Malhar’s hand and takes him to room. Sarthak says nothing can happen. Kalyani asks Malhar what was there in that corners. Malhar says cupboard, my uniform etc. and asks what she wants to prove? Kalyani says she was in his life before and now she is not in his life. She says I am your past, and your present is Avni now and your baby. She asks him to stay away from her and tells that they are still connected because of Moksh, but they have nothing between them and there is no relation now. Malhar gets teary eyes. Kalyani turns her face and cries. Chalo Aaj Chalte Hai Hum…..

Aparna takes Mukku forcibly to school. Mukku refuses to go to school. Aparna says you have to go to school and says I will do house work. Mukku refuses and runs inside the kitchen area of the school. She asks the cook not to tell her Amma, but the lady signs Aparna. Aparna asks Mukku to go to school. Mukku refuses. The cook tells that if you don’t study then you will become cook like me. Mukku says she will become cook and sits to cut the tomatoes. Kalyani comes to the same school and asks the Principal about Moksh by showing his pic. Principal says he is not here. The cook lights the stove and asks Mukku to cut all the tomatoes until she returns. Mukku thinks good aunty is having red cheeks like tomato and sweet like carrot. The Principal asks Kalyani to take a round in her school and says our school needs renovation and we can get grant for it. Aparna sees Kalyani there and thinks she will get chance to separate Mukku from me. She thinks she won’t let this happen and goes to the kitchen. Mukku is cutting the tomatoes. Aparna locks the door and thinks Kalyani will not open this room. Kalyani hears some sound and tells that she felt. Principal says kids might be making sound. Mukku sees an insect and moves back. She collides with tin cans and falls down. The tin cans falls around her. Kalyani comes inside to see the school and finds the locked room. She asks what is it? Principal says kitchen. Kalyani opens the door and finds the oil cans fallen down and Mukku is stuck around the cans unconscious. She gets worried for Mukku and scolds Principal. She sets off the fire. She tells the Principal that if anything had happened to her then who would have taken responsibility. She is drenched with oil. Kalyani sees mark on Mukku’s stomach. Aparna comes inside and acts to be worried for her. Kalyani asks her about the marks. Aparna tells that 2-3 years back, glass pieces was pierced in her stomach. Kalyani thinks Mukku is a girl and thinks she is missing him so much that such doubts are raising in her mind.

Precap: Anupriya tells Mukku to keep the tika on her forehead and says her wish will be fulfilled. Mukku signs Kalyani to come near her and places tika on Kalyani’s forehead from her head. She tells her that Moksh will be found now. Kalyani gets touched.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Enough now . Atleast you should show mother-daughter bond between Anupriya and Kalyani only as it is unique . But no youhave to apply that to mukku also. And anusar are in a more pivotal role than that studpid Avni . Can’t they deserve a story of their own . They have been totally ignored . And why are they dragging mukku story so much . I know that she is cute but it doesn’t means that the whole episode will be based juust on her there are kalma and anusar as well. Don’t spoil character of Kaka and Malhar . We know that kaka had been in trauma and Malhar has been forced to obliged some promises but please don’t turn their character such insensitive . Sorry I will not be able to watch this show until it will become suitable to watch again

    1. Exactly, anupriya and sarthak arc is completely missing. 80% of screen time is dedicated to mukku. There are so many things to explore like kalyani and anupriya love life and career, anusar daughter, malhar’s turmoil, swara’s messy life, godaveri’s forced wedding, pallavi’s broken marriage…yet they are only showing mukku whole episode. The show is not about one person or one bonding but combination of all characters and relations between them.

  2. The series has lost its meaning .. They say Raabta as meaning of relationship bond .. So someone tell me why malhar didn’t have this hope that pillu is alive or that Mukku can be Mosk .. If a father does not know how to recognize his child .. How kalyani who did not give birth to him can have this hope of being alive and is looking for him everywhere .. And why encourage and show this fusion between her and Mukku .. Anyway .. C ‘ is boring that malhar does not tell the truth to kaliyani on avni .. we drag this trail too much .. the same for mukku and arpana .. who is it? She is the daughter of anusar or mosk .. Because a little fed up with the track never closes .. And also disappointed with the relationship between anusar .. Anupriya is disappointing in her current role .. Disappointed I am .. Arpana son role is appalling .. How a grandmother can use her grandchild under her conditions and mistreat him like this .. Anyway .. Disappointed with the series because a story happens but is not necessarily finalized .. We stay on the end .. We knew the truth about Godavrie but not immediately .. After comes the role of Vikram and Avni who go crazy against kaliyani and the same not because kaka intervened .. Even Avni knowing the truth about the marriage why him allow to behave like this towards kaliyani and make a person dirty like that .. Anyway .. Too disappointed

  3. Kaka knows the truth about Malhar and Avni so it’s best Avni and Kaka keep their mouths shut and I’ve just about had enough with Kalyani as their forcing this whole Raabta thing down the viewers throats and ignoring the fact Malhar has the most rights over Moksh but wants to show only Kalyani to truly love moksh and never mind the biological father

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