Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Malhar fight with Sampada for Moksh

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sampada talking to baby and says I am your Aai. She asks him not to cry and says I came to take you from here. Kalyani asks Sampada to give baby to her and says if he cries then he will have a short of breath. Sampada says let him cry, when I left him, he must have cried for 2 days and then kept quiet. He will again cry for 2 days and be fine. She says he shall understand the difference between Aai and Aaya Bai. Anupriya asks what did you say? She says Aaya Bai..and says you don’t become his mum by giving him birth, and says a mother don’t leave her son after birth. Malhar brings oil and puts on Sampada’s things. He burns her things kept in the box. He starts recites the mantras and takes round around the box. Aparna asks why is he reading last rites mantras. Sampada asks what are you doing? Malhar says your last rites were pending so it is done. He says this was your last rites, from today Moksh’s birth mother is dead and have no right on her. Sampada says I will take my baby from here. Kalyani pleads infront of Sampada to give Moksh to him and asks how can she be stone hearted. Sampada says I am his mother and will not give my baby. Anupriya asks her to see baby gets silent with whose touch. She takes baby from Sampada and handovers him to Kalyani. Moksh becomes quiet in Kalyani’s lap. Sampada says Moksh is just habituated to Kalyani, but she is not his mother.

Anupriya says Moksh regards Kalyani as his mother. Aparna thinks why Sampada is making Malhar angry and says you can’t snatch Moksh forcibly. Sampada asks her not to interfere and pushes her on ground. She asks Kalyani to give her son. Malhar comes infront of Sampada protecting Moksh and says it seems pyre fire was not enough for you. He says do you know how it feels to be burnt in the fire and says I have been burning daily in this fire. He asks her to experience the same feeling and get burnt. Sampada says she is not scared and will take her son from here. Anupriya asks her to answer to her three questions. She asks what is the thing without which Moksh don’t get sleep. Sampada says milk. Anupriya says no and says Moksh doesn’t sleep without Kalyani’s Aanchal. She asks her to tell when Moksh cries? Sampada says when he gets hungry. Anupriya says no and says when he goes away from Kalyani and says just now you have seen. She asks what is the lohri which brings smile on his face. Sampada says how do I know? Anupriya says Kalyani’s song tujhse hai raabta. Sampada says I need my son.

Malhar warns her and says I won’t let any woman come near my son whose character is stained. He says you have to get burnt in this fire before touching my son. Sampada says I am not scared and says I will go to court. I can do better upbringing than you and says Atharv has so much money, and he can keep police officers like you as guards. She says she will tell in court how badly he behaves with Kalyani. Kalyani comes near her and asks when you left the house, who gave you rights to interfere in our house matters. She says whatever you think, I know that Malhar married me as his one day old baby needs Aai. She asks where were you, when Moksh was hanging between life and death. She asks where were you, when Moksh needed Mother’s milk. Malhar looks at Kalyani and cries. Kalyani says Malhar’s hatred reason is you and reminds her of the fake letter which she left before going and says what you will tell court that you are staying life with such a man who didn’t marry you. She asks which court will handover baby to such a woman whose character is questioned. Sampada says this matter is between Malhar and me and says I will take my son. She tries to snatch baby from Kalyani. Malhar asks her to leave baby.

Aao Saheb comes there with her hairs open. She says I appreciate your courage. She says my revenge didn’t started yet. She says whatever they didn’t do, I will do. She holds Sampada by her hairs and takes her out of house. Sampada says I came to get my son. Aao Saheb smears Sampada’s face in cow dung and says you had stained our face, now I have stained your face, my revenge is done. She ties her hairs.

Sampada asks why can’t I live my hand by my wish and says I pleaded infront of you to get me married to Atharv, but you got me married to Malhar. Malhar says so you write your own destiny and says if you had told me, then I would have get you married to Atharv. He asks why did she play with his feeling and acted to love him, and asks her to answer. Sampada says I will not answer, I have returned to take my son and will go with him. She tells that she will call Police. Kalyani says Malhar is Police and says they will not give baby to her. Sampada says Police will handover baby to me until court decision comes and says Malhar knows this. Kalyani asks Malhar to tell Sampada is lying. Sampada asks her to check on net and says baby stays with mother for 3 days. Kalyani cries and says this can’t happen, nobody can take my son from me. Sampada says if I make a call to the high Police authorities, I will get my baby. Kalyani cries and says I will not let you take my son. She runs inside. Sampada tries to follow her. Malhar stops Sampada. Kalyani runs to room and locks it. She says I won’t let you separate from me.

Sampada asks Malhar to ask Kalyani to give her baby else she has to use her power/contacts. Malhar asks her to use her contacts and says you want you see my reach. He calls Pawar and asks him to open all cases against Sampada and Atharv, whatever was closed after their death and says strict action will be taken. He ends the call and asks Sampada to use her money and save themselves. He says you doesn’t know that law will never give baby to a criminal and says if you don’t go from here then my constables will handcuff you and drag you from here. Sampada says I will not keep quiet and will take my son. Malhar says lets see. Aao Saheb says if dirt comes inside then we shall throw it out. Aao Saheb and Anupriya take the broom and starts sweeping the floor. Sampada coughs as dust fall on her. Pallavi also takes broom and sweeps the floor.

Sampada tells Atharv that she needs her son. Servant tells Kalyani that Malhar had desi drink like her husband. Malhar calls Kalyani. Kalyani gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sampada is one bold b….. someone please run her over with truck or something….atharv don’t want children why take a baby in that environment she’s such a selfish soul

  2. Episode was good.pehli baar Aao saheb ne kuch accha kaam kiya. Hates sampada. Anupriya’s questions to sam was very nice …..kalyani aur pillu ki raabta kamal ki hai. This is the best show .

  3. Precap interesting

  4. Super episode… Sampada how much she speaks so irritating… ??Don’t want moksh to be with sampada and atharv ?…kalyani she has her heart for moksh ??…the one and only mother of moksh is kalyani… There is no need for blood relations between mother and child.. Sampada just need moksh to torture kalyani and malhar ???…today epi is kalyani, anupriya ? ? aao sahab ??..malhar is emotional.. Precap kalyani babe ????can’t man I didn’t expect this ??I laughed hell out

  5. Is sampada dumb, if she goes to court what they have done to mugdha will come to light. She is not even married to atharv and he will have money only until mugdha come back…so much show off over money that is not even theirs. What is her status anyway, she is nothing else than girlfriend of a married man and her dear atharv is only a low life cheater who’s only archivement is to live over his wife money. I can’t wait for the day atharv ditch her and she tries crawling back to her family. At that time malhar should say she is not even worthy of his hate while closing the dors . His heart and emotions are only for the one who respected and stayed by his side despite everything.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Damn dis sampada is one piece of wrk isnt she? Wen she was leaving kalyani ask her to stay for moskh sake but she said she couldnt live without arthav and kalyani wont understand. Now shes saying she wants her child a child dat couldve died because of her abandonement. And wat stupidness is it dat courts will take a child from d only home its known and give it to someone who abandone it for 3 days? Is a childs life a joke? She cant have any more children so she wants moskh and in effect cause malhar and kalyani pain. Y? Malhar wouldve gotten her married to arthav if she had only told him d truth and kalyani only tried to protect and save her wen she believed dat arthav had taken her forcefully. Not one of dem has ever been mean or injust to? Her but she wants to inflict pain on dem. Seeing malhar with kalyani hurt her pride cause she thought1) kalyani would b thrown out of d house and 2) malhar would b pinning for her and thus she can hurt him for watever reason. Luv how shes treating aparna though. Aparna has bern plotting and hating kalyani for a daughter who doesnt even care about her. Kamar certainly is a b*t*h and its sampada. She wants to go to court as arthav mistress cause dats wat she is and fight for custody of a child hmmm. Wat will b her answer to dat afterall arthav married calling sampada his sister so unless dey willing to say it was a ploy to get mugdah money I dont c how dey goin about it. So in essence sampada is a woman who left her husband/ child father took all his money and is now living with a married man. Any storyline dat these writers come up with making it ok for sampada to get moskh will b unrealistic and unlawful. Courts r supposed to wrk in d best interest of d child and takong him from his home to give to d person who abandon him will not be in his best interest.

  7. I think the writers realized that audience is getting fed up of Malhaar’s misunderstanding about Kalyani and found this way to make him see the truth. Hateful as Sampada is, the benefit of this is that now she is completely gone from Malhaar’s heart and that empty space will slowly get filled with respect, gratitude, affection for Kalyani. It will of course start with guilt for what he did to her and that will be heartwarming to watch. I think we are for some tinder moments between them. Malhaar being the older and mo4e mature of the two who understands what love is should realiyfirst and Kalyani just stepping out of being a kid should take some time realizing it. Written properly it could be very romantic and intense to watch. Atharva has turned into some psycho underworld type of guy. What have they done to his character. Sampada’s dressing and makeup yuck. What rich person dresses like this , pathetic. Episode was long to watch because of outrageous shamelessness of Sampada but also satisfying because entire family ganged up against her to make her see her place and throw her out. I was happy Sampada again insulted her own mother. Aparna deserves this for supporting her evil daughter and troubling and thinking bad of Kalyan I who saved her grandson when he was one day old and abandoned by his birth giver cos can’t call Sampada a mom. She’s just a birth giver.

  8. What’s the meaning of desi drink??? I couldn’t understand… Emotional episode.. Poor Malhar.. Sampadaaaaa.. Just hate her

    1. the local toddy

  9. I think malhar is acting?

  10. Someone needs to tell the producers that we don’t need to hear this MUCH of Sampada speaking, her voice is irritating and grating. She is an evil witch like her mother and grandmother. I think Kalyani will find Mughda, make her well and bring her back then Atharv will either become a pet husband or end up in jail. Atharv has no interest in being a step father, he is an abusive bustard, what he did to Kalyani alone is grounds for a court not to allow a mentally imbalanced and violent individual like Atharv near a child, can you imagine what would happen to poor Moksh if he kept crying with them, I am sure Atharv would hurt the child. Not related, but, why is Kalyani not trying to get her father out of jail? He’s innocent and he’s been in jail for months… Anupriya saying she is still wounded by what Atul did is sad… I hope her wounds also heal.

    1. He asked kalyani to make the family love her and heal their wound while he stays in jail to pay for the pain inflicted to anupriya and deshmukh family.

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