Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani gets job of baby sitter of Moksh

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the Nanny/Aaya telling the Manager that she can’t handle the baby, as he cries and don’t drink milk. Manager says he is the rich house baby and asks her to handle. Kalyani comes there and says she is Kashi Bai. She says you gave adv in the newspaper. She takes Moksh and he keeps quiet and smiles. Kalyani says he came quiet in my lap. Manager says your job is fix. Kalyani thanks him.

Malhar comes there and says he is ACP Malhar Rane and the father of Moksh. Manager asks him not to worry and says they are taking good care of Moksh. He says Moksh is happy in the lap of this aaya. Malhar asks can I ask her something.

Sarthak comes to Anupriya and gives her notes. Anupriya thanks him. Sarthak says I am thinking to do PhD. Atul calls her. Anupriya asks Sarthak to hide seeing Atul. Sarthak falls in the well. Atul comes there and asks what fell inside. Anupriya says rope. He asks her to come and massage Aao Saheb’s feet. She says ok. Once he goes, she asks Sarthak to come out of well. Sarthak comes out holding the rope. Anupriya asks are you fine? Sarthak says I stopped my breath for few seconds. He talks about childhood incident. He says I will go now else I have to jump again.

Malhar sees Kalyani and thinks everything is in your hand Ganapati bappa. He asks her not to be afraid seeing his uniform and says I will ask you 2-3 questions. He asks about her name. She says Kashi bai todpode. He asks about her residence. She gives some address. He asks her to make the baby sleep and asks who is in your house. Kalyani says she is having husband who drinks wine and her children also drink and says milk. Malhar looks at her feet and realizes she is Kalyani. He thinks I should have understood firstly that only Kalyani can do such wonder. He asks her to sit. He tells her that she handles baby more nicely than Kalyani. Kalyani thinks why he is comparing me with any woman. Malhar flirts with her and sits beside her. Kalyani says if your wife comes to know then? Malhar says my wife will not know and asks her to come with me to drink tea. She gets angry and says you want to drink coffee. She beats him and holds his neck. Malhar says I will not tease any girl. It is her imagination. Malhar thinks Kalyani will explode her anger in anytime. Kalyani says she doesn’t like coffee. Malhar thinks he don’t want to pull her fake hairs here. Kalyani thinks he is romantic outside, but angry man at home. He thinks he won’t let her bunk her college anymore and asks Manager to throw her off from the job, as she knows nothing about the baby care. Kalyani is shocked and thinks he is a flirt and asked Manager to fire her as she refused to go with him. Manager asks Kalyani to go somewhere and search the job. Kalyani asks him to keep her secretly and requests her. She begs infront of him. Manager agrees and asks him to hide when Malhar comes.

Atharv tells Sampada that he thought that Malhar will not trouble him, but he is troubling him to know about Mugdha. He says we will go out of country. Sampada says they can’t go as it is against court orders and falls with him on the bed. She comes out and tells Aparna that she handles Atharv and made him quiet. She says woman shall know how to fulfill their wish. Aparna says you was good at handling Malhar and Atharv. Kalyani hears them and thinks she shall fulfill Malhar’s wishes.

Malhar comes home. Kalyani tells him that she attended all the classes today. Malhar asks her not to worry about moksh. Kalyani says she is concentrating on studies. Malhar says I went there today and met two aaya, but one was vulgar. Kalyani says as she didn’t agree to go for coffee with him. Malhar asks what did you say? Kalyani says nothing. She asks him to take the towel and go to bath. Malhar asks if you are my mother? He goes asking her to study. Kalyani thinks Malhar will become fine after tonight.

Precap: Kalyani decorates the room and bed for Malhar. She says she is here and asks him not to worry. Malhar gets upset with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lol aparna feeling proud over her daughter competency to satisfy & manipulate men. That women has no worries her daughter is having intimate relation with a shady guy with whom she is not even married. She wants to praise her daughter’s abilities go ahead but don’t need to bring malhar in all this. Malhar heart & emotions belong to only kalyani. Sampada was just a path that would take him to kalyani and would make him realise she is the one for him.

  2. Loving Malhar these two days, yesterday he had that fire in him and scared Atharv and today the lighter, funny Malhar. Can’t believe Kalyani could think that Malhar would flirt with someone else, her get up is so unconvincing I’m glad the writers didn’t make Malhar fall for it

  3. Disappointed .. By the precap and what will happen tomorrow

  4. Show becoming these days as comedic but it’s good to reduce chain of negativity. Actually i agree malhar to not close kalyani bcs still she is young she need to finish her studying. I can say malhar deserve best husband.

    1. Today’s episode of KALMA was the most fabulous…..
      KalMa’s acting made me see this episode for 5 times……
      I think that Aparna and her characterless daughter Sampada are trying to convince Kalyani into a wrong path…..the same thing happend when Sampada got Pillu’s custody and wanted to prove that Malhar&Kalyani r still in a relationship(that episode where malhar was driving and kalyanj took her cycle to save malhar when she heard Aparna and Sampada discussing that Aao Saheb had failed Malhar’s break to kill him…..and Kalyaji wnet to save him on cycle and tripped on him!!!!)
      I think Atharv, Sampda nd Aparna r trying to distract KALMA so that Mugdha can be kiddnapped and the VILLANS stay safe…..
      I’m hopibg that tmmrw either it’s KALMA’s plan or Malhar is going 2 make Kalyani study for her xams j. that scenario…i mean in the Wedding’s 1st jight scenario…..
      The story is turning sweet and the relationship of KALMA and ANUSAR is turnjng strong and deeper….both the couples r falling for their partner bt r unable 2 confess it…..
      Seriously…in this situation where Mugha is beimg found by Malhar…we can’t think of confession…..
      But let’s hope that tmmrw’s episode becomes a goody..and hope kot Malhar make Kalyani study

  5. Superb episode… Love KalMa…?? I think Malhar push both Sam & Atharv to get the costudy of pillu.. Somehow he will manage to handle them.. Will wait & see.. Precap…. Poor Malhar??

  6. Leisa s morris

    Can dey use dis daycare ting against sampada in court. Afterall she just took full custody of her child and without wrking anywhere shes shipped him off to daycare so she can do wat screw arthav? Stueps and her mother is d worst encouraging her daughter to b in such a relationship but then again sampada did say she was married to arthav but then d court say she is married to malhar still. So in essence shes in a married woman having relations with a man under d same roof as her husband. Now im a lil confuse bout dis cause malhar married kayani so is dis marriage with kalyani legal or is he still married to sampada or is he married to both. Can someone clear dis up for me pls.

  7. Regarding the episode tonight .. I just want to say congratulations to Sampada .. Because it shows such a poor opinion of the woman. Which to calm the man .. The only way is to share an intimate moment. And see that this is applauded by Arpana is just amazing who she did not know how to keep her husband but who dares to criticize Anupriya .. In short .. To believe that all the problem is settled on the bed .. In short .. It is not necessary not listen kaliyani .. Sampada is not the best and most glorious place in his action .. When you see that they have easily trapped kalma .. Why not show that Sampada barely separated from malhar shares the same bed and room that arthava .. In short .. I think the series shows us a little too easily that arthava is restless and anxious .. And that malhar is clever .. In short I do not want to be negative but when malhar acts well and right and met arthava in difficulties. He always finds a solution to foiled the kalma plan. Brief about kalayani who wants to fulfill his duty as a wife. First they would have to admit their feelings to each other .. Because when we are in love the first night should be special and I think for kalma. More for malhar than this night was to be magical for kalayani .. Because she would know that he loves her and that their relationship will be much stronger .. In short. Except that Malhar asks him to study. Except that he should say that he loves her and she too .. Because at this stage neither of them do the first step … In short .. Waiting .. That’s why I said disappointed with the precap and fear for the future because malhar is angry.

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