Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anupriya and Keshav are insulted

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode start with Dhol, Nagada, Music ??playing and Anupriya say this is same temple? where Aao saheb will do Pooja.. Everyone walk outside.. Atharav and Sampada greet?? Aao saheb..
Villagers say that they were not ready for Aao saheb to do pooja, but villager head took decision, otherwise you are not same as used to be: but just for rain⛈… Villager head say to be quite and ask aao saheb to lead.. Sampada interfer showing slippers? and ask people to check..
Anupriya and Keshav try to run, but people hold and tie them with blackening? their face.. Sampada say the person who was inside was from our family that is Anupriya..

Kalayani think? she should have understood that this is done by Atharav. Someone come and inform about Temple? drama.. She think anupriya went to

pune, how can she be here?? And goes..??‍♀

Villagers hold stick and push keshav and anupriya.. Aao saheb try to talk but village head stop her.. Atharav insult anupriya and ask about relation with keshav, but sampada ask him to be sensible and insult more.. Baba stop sampda and try to ask but villagers don’t allow to talk.. Atharav provoke villagers more by saying about god and rain⛈ and emotional words.. Villagers say we should kill? them..

Kalayani walk??‍♀ and see people talk bad about anupriya and keshav. Kalayani try to defend her but villagers push her away.. She think to call☎ malhar but forgot her phone in house.. Kalayani fall and is hurt?..

Pallavi, Sampada and Atharva smile??? broadly.. Rest feel bad?.. Villager decide to kill? anupriya and keshav.. Atharav take stick and beat keshav and ask about relationship? Sampada say anupriya tears? clarify about their relationship?.. Atharav again talk emotional about hurt god, impure temple, no rain.. Villagers decide to kill? both.. Aao saheb stop them and say about relationship? of sampada and atharav. They both say nothing but again repeat their words.. Aao saheb ask anupriya to tell truth and stop villagers saying, but she stay quite? and cry??… Sampada’s mom (sorry forgot her name) taunt and blame anupriya for spending night to other male?…

Villagers shout one and only thing that is death? sentence. Aao saheb request ??village head to stop, but he deny he can’t do anything now… Sampada and Atharav smile ??at each other.. Villagers beat both of them. Aao saheb request Vivek to stop, but Pallavi stop from doing this.. Vivek even support Pallavi and taunt Anupriya and say she ruined our name and prayers are in vain now.. Sampada and Atharav smile?? at each other. .. Aao saheb say you all can’t law in hands, but villagers say now law will be ours..

Kalayani is walking??‍♀ and almost get hitted by car?..

One of villager say kill? them, all repeat without sound.. Another say we should kill them to impress god.. 3rd say we should hang them till death.. 4th say hit them with stone first and all start doing.. (villagers can be made blind so easily, they are Kaan ke Kacche????)

Aao saheb and baba plead?? someone save anupriya.. Vivek stop both… Sampada and Atharav smile??? at each other.. But villagers throw stones.. Kalayani reache temple? and is shocked..

Precap: Anupriya and Keshav are hanged.. Some people throw oil and throw match stick… Malhar come and shoot at rope..

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  1. Tanisha Singh

    Thanks 4ur fast updates

  2. Hello hello … Then again a very very ugly episode .. Where the evil is again very present .. And it will not stop .. Car arthava and Sampada take their foot each time with their evil plan. Really very disappointing .. Even nowadays thought of the death penalty for having been locked in a secluded place with a man .. And the benefit of the doubt … ??? Immediately we say liaison .. lover … .. Because a woman has remained of this in a temple we imagine the worst .. In a pinch if it was in a hotel I would have understood .. But there in a temple .. Very weird mentality that we show on TV for our society today .. For a violate act and condemned so yes but not there in this context. But there Cv are strong with this mentality very very convervateur.Bref .. Because one condemns without knowing the true truth.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      99% this happens with women, and specially in those places where people stay with low mentality that men and women aren’t equal and can’t be friends or working partners….

  3. What a nonsense episode.. I thought Anu will speak today only.. But she is a stupid.. Just a crying lady.. Shiittttt….???? Sampada’s mom Aparna.. How can she point at anu….???? As her daughter living with a stranger.. Unexpected episode.. I hardly spent this weekend without THR.. But now I feel very bad about today’s epi…???.. Thank you Shraddha for update

    1. She had a rag in her mouth thus unable to speak

      1. Ohhh that’s why.. I couldn’t watch the episode..

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      And thanks for her name..

  4. Honour killings and Violence on Women were the shocking elements of this episode. The society was just shown a mirror.

  5. Why can’t there be at least one peaceful episode. It is always the same thing atharv sampada laying trap, anupriya falling for it and crying, kalyani fighting for anupriya and getting hurt, villagers brainlessly following atharv’s sayings.
    Give us a break and show a malhar-kalyani-pillu moment

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      There will be only 15 min episode on kalayani, malhar and pillu, anupriya and shekar in some near future and again planning plotting will start… And show will end….

      1. I don’t think kalyani and malhar story will be more than them standing for each other infront of atharv and sampada. If we are lucky we might get some sweet moments between shekhar and anupriya but as you said it will be very short.

  6. We go round in circles .. Nothing new only that Sampada and arthava take pleasure but also Pallavi arpana and vivek who is sorry to say but is useless as a husband son and father .. Arpana is whose daughter ??? In the episode where kaliyani is doing arthava aarti .. Anupriya tells arpana how she can let Sampada abuse her grandmother and say that aeo saeb collected her daughter and granddaughter when her husband left them .. is the translation I got. In short .. Do not know what to say because again we will attack my life kaliyani and again Sampada and arthava will play dirty trick in Anupriya ..

    1. Leisa s morris

      Aparna is aao saheb daughter,sampadas mother. Her husband family threw her out d house after her husbands sister maduri stole atul from anu and aao saheb refuse to accept her as atul wife and disown him.

    2. So Atul Arpana and Vivek are the children Aoe Saeb .. So Maduri was the sister-in-law with alliance of Arpana … OK I understand better .. Arpana came back live with her parents .. Okok thank you for information

      1. Leisa s morris

        Np..happy to oblige

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    I was having thought that shekar will save anupriya, but precap made clear of being malhar presence

    1. Mee too.. That’s the problem is that it’s 15 minutes that a lot of fans want are not really fulfilling .. Because every time it is kaliyani or malhar wasted the moment .. Let kaliyani to say a stupidity or malhar rumbling .. In short .. The series never puts the holidays forward .. Let it be new year Christmas or Holi .. Nothing happens .. I hope that Holi is done but no information or Segment about it .. Thing I find pity .. In short the only party at was Independence Day. It’s hard to want to bring kalma into this context … One problem just ends another happens .. Never rest never happiness never peace .. They are often in trouble .. Anyway

  8. Disgusting episode, made me so angry. How can people become judge, jury, executioner. What one persons accusation is enough to condemn 2 people to hang. It shows Indians in a very bad light. The villagers are as bad, how would they feel if they were not given a chance to defend themselves and were condemned just by heresay. How is that impressing God, God is merciful to take God’s name to hurt someone unnecessarily and without given them a chance to defend themselves is blasphemous
    Horrible horrible episode.

  9. Anupriya brought it upon herself, this is her punishment for being dumb. BTW, the audience don’t care about Keshav, get rid of him

  10. What the heck is going on with this show??? For someone who is born and brought up with Western Culture this is first class shit I can’t believe that this sort of stupid behavior and mentality still exists in the twenty first century.
    Well I am disgusted with this episode

  11. This will end up to Wednesday
    Then we might get light moments

  12. Anupriya got this condition ok but the same villagers y they are not hanging sampada and atharav

  13. Leisa s morris

    Although anuprya brought dis upon herself by her silence noone has d right to blacken anyones face, decide their faith and carry out punishment. These villages here has a wry sense of indignation,on one hand dey readily accept a woman who without proving she is married.to aryhav but living with him, a woman who abandoned her husband and child and who along with arthav has been shown to fabricate lies and misinformation to belittle their family members yet continuously be contemptious towards malhar and his family on heresay by these two. A family dat has been in dat village for yrs and who had never been embrawled in any controversy who has shown heroics and saved lifes yet all d villagers do is turn on them . Vivek,pallavi and aparna should be made a lesson out of. And y d hell is arthav and sampada allowed to get away with such astrocities,imagine encouraging murder. Time for some justice to b served and some retributions where d hell is arthavs legally wedded wife. Malhar should lock up everyone involve including artav and sampada

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed with you….

    2. Well said! Completely agree with you. The villagers have shown hypocrisy! On one hand not questioning Sampada and Atharv’s claims even though she herself is beating the drumroll and proclaiming her actions to the whole village quite openly and on the other hand meting such severe punishment to a woman who was locked inside a temple and whose crime hasn’t even been proven yet!

  14. Btw who is Keshav to anu? Was he her lover ?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      This is the mystry, which will open now, atleast I don’t know

    2. I think he will turn out to be her brother.

    3. I think he will turn out to be Anupriya’s brother

  15. The makers should start revolving the show around better ideologies and plots. This outdated nonsense will eventually cause a loss of fan following. The serial went from being a light hearted mother & step-daughter’s story to some serious BS! The only thing that was keeping me hooked was the camaraderie that Anupriya and Kalyani share as well as bittersweet new love blossoming between Malhar and Kalyani! But yesterday’s episode was highly disappointing, purely because of the way the makers handled the situation. The whole scene could have been showcased differently.

  16. And our patience will be put to the test again .. Because again malhar will feel betrayed in the upcoming episode by Anupriya and Kaliyani. Go strike keshav and Anupriya will plead to malhar … Now I did not understand if it was his brother or his lover .. Me too what I liked in the series is this complicity which blossoms between kaliyani and Anupriya .. Because of our day this agreement does not is not always accepted in some family .. I confess that at the beginning of the series I had a hard time supporting kaliyani and her behavior towards Anupriya .. But over time she made me fall in love with them. Now it’s a lot for kalma that I get up because their relationship is weakened instead of being welded .. Their relationship is childish .. Difficult to follow as malhar gives the impression that he manages a little girl … This that I mean is not easy .. But this connection between spouses is not yet established for me .. Because they do not trust each other .. Everyone acts in his own way and then team up when the situation eludes them. ..

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