Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sampada decides to keep Moksh in daycare

Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani calling the goon there whom she made as her brother in jail. He asks and asks if Malhar ji is troubling you. Malhar asks what do you mean and asks what he wants to do? Kalyani tells the goon or her rakhi brother that their Aai as she tied him rakhi. She says somebody is troubling their Aai a lot and not letting her study. Pallavi and Aparna get afraid. Kalyani tells goon that whenever Aai is studying, he shall stay at home and make sure that nobody disturbs her. The goon tells Anupriya that he will make sure nobody stops her from studying and says your son is with you. Malhar asks Kalyani to come with him. He takes her to kitchen and says you have brought a criminal to our house. Kalyani says my brother has mend his ways now and asks Malhar not to call him criminal.

She says I thought you will appreciate me. Malhar asks what to do? Kalyani says this is needed as we can’t be around Aai all time. Malhar says so you will bring gunda and says mad girl.

Malhar tells Kalyani that goon had 25 bananas and 11 eggs. Kalyani asks him not to be miser. Malhar says I told you that I will make sure Aai writes her exam. Kalyani says you had promised me earlier that you will not lose Billu, but lost him. Malhar asks her if she thinks he is not doing anything and asks her to come out. Goon asks where are you taking my sister? Malhar asks him to move and throws the pamphlets on Aao Saheb side of house. Pallavi and others pick the pamphlet. Pallavi asks who is she? Malhar says she is Mugdha Bapat and tells that the govt has decided to give 50 lakhs prize money to the person searching her. He says Mugdha is Eknath Industries owner who is missing now. Atul asks what is all this? Malhar says I got this distributed in the city and says you will be exposed too. He says 50 lakh is so much and anybody will get ready to do anything, who knows better than you. He says not only Police, but everyone will search her, hide her wherever you want. He then tells Sampada to get ready to give Moksh back to him. He says once Mugdha is found, then you both will be behind the jail. Kalyani smiles. Malhar says I also care for Moksh, he is my son too and I want to make you under this.

Kalyani is talking to her friend and tells that she read in newspaper about the water scarcity. She says farmers will have to go to neighboring villages to get water. She hears Moksh crying and asks Sampada to give Billu to her for 2 mins. Sampada says you are saying please. Kalyani says I will say please to you daily. She asks her to give Billu. Sampada acts to give her, but don’t give her. She tells Moksh that she will beat him. Kalyani gets upset and calls goon. She tells him that Billu is his nephew whose pic she had shown in police station. She asks him to bring Billu to him. Goon takes Moksh and gives to Kalyani. Sampada is angry. Moksh keeps quiet inn Kalyani’s lap. Kalyani says my baby keeps quiet in my lap and asks him to dance on a song. Sampada stands upset. Goon says you don’t need to return Billu to her, he is happy with you, keep him with yourself, I will see who snatch him from you. Sampada threatens to call Police and court authorities. Malhar comes and stops the song playing in Kalyani’s mobile.

Sampada asks Malhar if he saw his wife snatching her son from her and says she will call Judge. Kalyani says I requested you at first and says if you had agreed then what you had lost. Malhar takes Moksh from Kalyani and gives to Sampada. Goon says but dada. Malhar stops him. He asks him not to interfere in his house matters. Kalyani says Malhar ji. Malhar asks do you want to go with your brother and asks him to go, and not to come back. Kalyani says what wrong did I do, I had requested her to give Moksh to me for 2 mins. Malhar says Moksh will be with him soon. Sampada says this is enough, I can’t be with my son all the time and Kalyani will take advantage of the situation. She says she will keep Moksh in daycare. Malhar and Kalyani are shocked.

Kalyani asks Sampada how she thinks of keeping Billu in day care. Anupriya says he is not even 1 year. Kalyani tells about Moksh’s different moods and habits and says I understand all as he is my Billu and I know him. Sampada says this is enough, he is my son and you don’t need to teach me. Malhar looks at Sampada.

Precap: Kalyani comes to the day care and see a lady shouting at him. She scolds her, but the watchman throws her out. Kalyani comes there again indisguise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally malhar in action, doing something else than crying. Just loved how he taunted atharv, he & desmukh always insulted malhar now let’s see their face when they realise atharv is penniless in reality. He is the creep who married one women but is living with another and was getting married a 3rd one by force. Can’t wait for mugdha to claim all the money he wasted, take over the house and make deshmukhs her servants.

    1. @bani you are right . After many track malhar return his old way. But I feel sad for kalyani already moksh away from her and now sampada take pillu daycare what kind of mother she is

      1. @light I can’t believe the judge didn’t give visitation rights to malhar & kalyani. Malhar was with moksh since birth and just because he married the girl he loves suddenly he has no rights over his son. Malhar should at least have part custody. In my country if a mother abandon a newborn baby without ensuring the child’s safety the mother can be prosecuted for child abandonment here in india the mother is given the kid’s full custody 🤦‍♀️

      2. it would be nice seeing Kalyani as a Nani…i mean in disguise and hope so that Malhar and Anupriya in this matter, helping her…..
        Today’s Bhai episode was too good and i’m hoping for a new drama tomorrow…..
        Exited as u all r !!
        What do you all think guys will Malhar help Kalyani to be in disguise???
        Reply me

      3. @Gnyx malhar might be against the idea because it has high chance to flop and be used against them. Sampada can ask for restricting order or even leave to another city/country with moksh. Better she use this energy to find mugdha while collecting proof of sampada’s incompetency as mother. Today had she filmed sampada shouting on moksh and threatening to slap him. That would have be enough to make the judge re-think about his decision.

    2. seriously yrrrr…..
      hoping Mugdha to enter and finish all the chapters about Atharv and Sampada and put ghem behind the bars forever…..
      And KalMa gettinh Pillu’s custody back….
      plzzz Mugdha come as fast as possible, we’re waiting….

  2. Leisa s morris

    Wait a minute wat wrk is sampada doin dat she cant take care of her son? She prances around whole day doin nada but putting moskh in daycare cause she cant handle him. She went to d court and presented herself as d best person to take care of moskh and now shes shipping him off to b someone elses problem. As for atul d fool and dem cant wait for mugdha to come and show dem who dey were siding with,a man who married a woman for her money and lock.her up in a psyche ward, and a woman who abandoned her husband and son for said man only to have him marry another to take her money and come live a life of luxury and use said money to take d child she abandoned away from his father. And doh talk bout aao saheb dat witch is breaking her own house in d name of some baseless revenge against a man whose mother dey killed ,whose wive ran away with a satist but a man who helped dem all wen sampada and arthav was misbehaving with them

  3. I think Malhar was given one day a week, you’d think Aparna would be helping Sampada so there’s no reason for childcare but it’s Sampada way of punishing them especially as today I did feel Kalyani didn’t help matters by getting the goon to get Moksh forcefully, that was very naive on her part especially as that could go against them.
    Also they should use Sampada putting Moksh in daycare as a reason to ask for joint custody to show she can’t cope. When she tried to hire a nanny before that backfired on her

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