Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Moksh tries to stop Malhar and Avni’s marriage


Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani trying to stop Mukku and asks her to give the haldi. Mukku refuses. Kalyani tries to snatch the haldi bowl and the haldi falls on Kalyani’s face. Kalyani gets shocked. Moksh gets happy and says Aai fi got the haldi. She says now Police and Aai fi will marry, says it happens in films, whoever gets haldi applied on their face, the same girl marriage happens with the groom. She asks Avni to cry and says now you can’t marry Police. Avni asks Sarthak if he heard what she said? Sarthak gets angry and says such girl can be my daughter. H says you will be locked in the room. Moksh says I can’t get Police and bad aunty’s marriage done. He takes Moksh to room. Moksh says leave my hand. Sarthak says you will be locked until the marriage is done. Kalyani comes there and asks Sarthak to open the door, says Mukku is a little girl. Moksh asks Kalyani to open the door. Sarthak says he will take Mukku from there after the marriage. He asks Anupriya not to favor Kalyani. Anupriya goes. Sarthak says if Mukku comes out before the marriage is done then I will take her from here right itself. He goes. Kalyani asks Mukku to let Malhar ji marry Avni and tells that their love for him will never end, even after Malhar’s marriage with Avni. She says Malhar ji has to marry Avni, sits down and cries. Moksh asks are you fine? Kalyani says I am fine. Moksh says if you are fine, then sing a song for me. Kalyani sings kehte hai khuda …tujhse hai raabta….Moksh gets teary eyed too and sleeps sitting there, like he used to sleep in childhood. Kalyani cries sitting ouside. Anupriya tells Sarthak that she will not let him behave this way with the little girl. Sarthak says what do you think that I like to be angry on her, for whom we have done so many mannats. He says I know that when I shout or get angry on her, then you used to feel pain, but I get more pained to do that. He says it is their responsibility to bring her to the right path. Kalyani comes there and tells Anupriya that Kaka is right, Mukku shall be inside until the marriage is done.

Durga Prasad barks and wakes up Moksh. Moksh wakes up and thinks how did he sleep? He asks Durga Prasad to take him out. Anupriya asks Kalyani to go from here and tells that she will feel pain to see Malhar married. Kalyani says she has so much love and respect for Malhar ji that she will bear this thinking it as a token of true love. Sarthak comes and asks where is Malhar? Malhar comes there. Sarthak asks him to come, says it is mahurat time. Kalyani says your clothes are ironed and kept in your room, get ready. Malhar gets upset and goes from there. Durga Prasad tries to open the bolt.

Malhar is about to throw the medicine bottle. Kalyani stops him and says it is your medicine. Malhar says I shall be habitual to bear anger and pain now and asks her to throw the medicines out. Kalyani opens the cupboard and takes out his clothes. The envelope falls down, DNA report. Kalyani takes it from him and asks him to get ready for marriage. Malhar goes angrily. Kalyani keeps the envelope back, but it falls down on the ground along with the clothes. Sarthak tells someone on call that he is not coming to office for 3-4 days. He sees Durga Prasad outside the room and asks if it is taking care of Mukku, and asks it to take care of her and leaves. Durga Prasad tries to unlock the door and pull the bolt.

Malhar sits for marriage and sees Kalyani there. He says it is good that she came, now shower flower petals on them and blesses them. Kalyani looks sad. Anupriya brings Avni and makes her sit with Malhar. Mukku asks Durga Prasad to help him come out as Police is marrying bad aunty there. Pandit ji asks someone to do the ghatbandhan. Sarthak asks Kalyani to do the honors. Anupriya says why Kalyani will do? I will tie the ghatbandhan. Kalyani says I will do. She takes the ghatbandhan cloth. Koi faryaad song plays….Kalyani ties the ghatbandhan.. Durga Prasad manages to slide the bolt and opens the door. Moksh comes out of the room. Kalyani cries and goes to side, wipes her tears. Pandit ji asks Malhar and Avni to stand up for rounds. Moksh comes there and asks them to stop, says Police and bad aunty can’t marry.

Precap: Sarthak asks Moksh/Mukku why he/she don’t want Malhar and Avni’s marriage to be done. Avni says Kalyani is teaching her all the wrong things and says this is not a girl, but Kalyani’s mistake. Moksh asks why you are blaming my Aai fi. She falls on Avni. Sarthak tries to take Moksh. Moksh accidentally pushes Avni and the cotton comes out of Avni’s baby bump. Everyone is shocked to see her fake pregnancy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. How is it even possible to fake pregnancy this far away from delivery lol. Makers must be feed up and in hurry to end her character. This show has no logic, anything can happen.

    1. But especially that doctor has examined her? Since he did not notice the fake pregnancy!!!!

    2. Bhuvaneshwari

      She would’ve given money to the doctor. Simple serial logic 😂😂🤣

    3. Haha true, i was expecting anything else than fake pregnancy.

  2. Leisa s morris

    I was expecting moskh to admit he who was and why kalyani was allowing the marriage but never in a million yrs would I ever have think this after all these doctor’s visit and stuff. But its possible as ive heard stories of women who faked pregnancy right down to the end and with malhar never having relations with her he wouldve never seen her naked belly unless he went to the doctor with her,unless she paid the doctor to use someone elsws sonogram whenever she visits to fool malhar which ive also seen done in other movies. Although the fact that she carried this for so long without malhar knowing is kinda weird. When a baby moves a mother gets excited and wants the father to feel especially one your trying to convince to love you and marry you but I guess that never happened with them.

  3. Maybe she had a miscarriage and didn’t disclose it to anyone as that would ruin her plan of marrying Malhar

    1. Leisa s morris

      More plausable. Yes I believe this more than I believe she was never pregnant.

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