Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ketki fails Kalyani’s plan to expose her

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani to let his anger come out on things else his hand will raise on her. He says I was praying for all night to your recovery and you was acting. Kalyani says I didn’t do intentionally. Malhar says did you know what will happen to me if something happens to you. He says you tried to stop Kaka and Ketki’s marriage. Did you ask once what Anupriya wants before trying to stop their marriage. He says marriage is after 2 days and I will stop it. He leaves. Kalyani runs out of the house and asks him to hear her, but he leaves. Sampada comes and asks what happened? Kalyani tells everything. Sampada asks her to tell truth to Malhar. Kalyani says he will not believe without proofs. Sampada says she is worried for Maayi as she is in Ketki’s room since much

time. They go there and see Sarthak holding Anupriya. Ketki also comes there and asks what is happening.

Anupriya tells that she was waiting for Kalyani and didn’t know that Sarthak will come here. Ketki thinks everyone saw and asks Sarthak. Sarthak goes. Ketki cries and says he is silent so to safe her respect. Aao Saheb scolds Ketki. Ketki asks then why did she come? Anupriya says she came to spy on her and tells that she has captured her video in which she said that she knows about Atul’s whereabouts. Ketki asks her to show. Anupriya says it is not working as water fell on it. Ketki insults Anupriya. Kalyani slaps her and pushes her down on the bed. Ketki asks her to leave her. Kalyani says you did a big mistake by humiliating my Aai and says I will not leave you. She takes the vase and tries to break her head, but Sampada and others hold her. She says only Ketki knows about Atul. Aao Saheb asks her to tell where is Atul?

They take Kalyani from there. Anupriya takes Kalyani to room and asks her to calm down. She says you will take revenge from Malhar, but did you ever think what will happen if Malhar comes to know all this. Kalyani says Malhar and my relation is already ruined, he came to know that I was acting to be unconscious. Anupriya asks how? Kalyani says because of Ketki and tells that she is the villain in her life. She says since she came in my life, she ruined my life. Anupriya says if you lose strength then what will happen with me and asks her to have strength. She tells that she has recorded in the mobile in which Ketki is confessing that that she knows about Atul. Kalyani says we have to show this video to Malhar.

The man spying outside the house came to police station and gets his complaint filed. Pawar comes and asks if Kalyani Maam gained consciousness. Malhar tells him that Kalyani was in her consciousness and was acting to stop Sarthak and Ketki’s marriage. He then says sorry for taking out his anger on him. The man hears them. Malhar asks Pawar to call him and goes home. Kalyani beats the plate in her house. Malhar asks what is this new drama? Kalyani says I accept that I am habitual to do drama and says I hurt you, but only my heart knows how it felt seeing you in pain. He says I want to bring someone’s truth infront of you. she beats the call and calls everyone. Malhar asks whose truth? Kalyani walks towards Ketki and keeps the plate. She takes phone from Anupriya’s hand and says I did half drama, but the real one will start now.

Kalyani shows the video to Malhar in which she is telling that she needs to talk to him about Kalyani’s baba. Kalyani says I did this drama to expose her and says she has planned bomb blast with Vaman kaka and even blackmailed Kaka. She says she might have blackmailed Kaka by telling that she will harm my Papa or me and that’s why Kaka agreed for marriage. Malhar gets angry and goes to Ketki, says I am sorry. I didn’t know that my wife will accuse you. Kalyani says Malhar ji what are you saying. Malhar says it is enough, she is my childhood friend and studied with me in college, says she is talking to me in the video. Ketki recalls calling someone else, but then calling Malhar. She recalls telling him that she found a hearing aid and suspect that it is of Vaman and may be they can get clue about Kalyani’s father. Malhar scolds Kalyani and Anupriya. Ketki says if you have left me that day at my house then this wouldn’t have happened. He asks about the hearing aid. Ketki says it was in my room, but got missing. Ketki asks Kalyani to give her device. Kalyani says if I had it then would have exposed you. Malhar scolds Kalyani. Ketki says we can’t search Kalyani’s baba. Malhar says lets go and search it. Ketki thinks I have handover it to Sampada already.

Precap: Sampada comes and gives hearing aid to Malhar. Ketki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously who is kalyani to talk if sarthak wants to marry ketki?! Then who was malhar to stop kalyani’s marriage with atharv when kalyani & atul accepted the proposal? Who was he to marry kalyani against her wish when she was unconscious? Malhar is being such an hypocrite. For his birthday someone should gift him a brain

  2. I feel Malhar is pretending he is with Ketki. If he is really believing Ketki than he is the biggest fool to trust his friend more than his wife who always supported him.

  3. Dear writers,

    Fans are hating Malhar character…. Please don’t demoralize his character any further…
    And conclude Ketki character ASAP..

    Poor Sehban Azim thinks that Kalyani should be ACP not Malhar…

    You guys made Malhar to stoop low – who trusts everyone except for his wife…

    You guys made a marriage a joke between Malhar and Kalyani. Malhar knows Kalyani does nautanki because she wants to make things right…. How can he forget?

    Malhar – where in the freaking world you mortgaged your brain to believe that Sarthak and Ketki are in love.????? That means you don’t even know your Kaka’s character…

    How can you writers write that Sarthak and Ketki are about getting married???

    Last, but not least – Kalyani please punish Malhar as much as possible.. he doesn’t deserve you

    1. people it is jus a serial and ovysly more than wife he will trust his friend coz every relationship starts with frndship

  4. Hi everyone. I do not know too .. But I think the separation will come for kalma .. To see kaliyani’s speech when she says that her relationship with malhar is ruined .. This trail of terrorism and Ketki gets a bit long .. Frankly I bored .. Quabd I see malhar who trusts Ketki more than his wife .. He is that kind of husband and life partner .. Disappointed his role .. To believe that resumes do not want that Jodi wins Oscar. The role Malhar does not currently correspond to any criterion of the selection that it is the role of husband-son .. The only that would be jodi. But even the best family no .. As the relationship breaks apart. Malhar does not understand the relationship .. Whether he is a husband-in-law or even son .. He does not know and does not understand kaka and ni kaliyani .. He accuses and then when the truth knows he is forgiven but repeats his mistake .. But at no time he calls himself into question! I am very disappointed with his behavior .. He does not deserve kaliyani. Their love story does not even start and will not start now .. I have this impression that kaliyani and malhar are going to separate … I think malhar does not deserve kaliyani. But after all that is happening now .. He does not understand his wife .. Kaka who is not married to Anupriya but whom he loves .. He understands and supports Anupriya .. But malhar who loves kaliyani .. Does not not trust and doubt each time .. The series pert of its charm with Ketki .. I tell myself that if Reem (who must made a Hollywood movie) leaves the series .. Maybe the reason for all this drama and separation between they .. In short it would be a pity. In short disappointed .. Because Ketki wins every time and digs the gap a little more .. Kaliyani should not forgive malhar so fast …. I do not see any love between them … I do not understand their love. Brief

  5. What’s going on here????? ???????

  6. Hello lilou I didn’t now days I returned now all the show ruined and this new girl destroyed everything. I read your comment that you said reem will shoot movie at Hollywood but I know that Hollywood locate losangelos will she go America.

  7. Also ketki is member include deshmukh family I mean she is ketki deshmukh who born her lilou by light

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