Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy moment for Malhar and Kalyani to get Moksh’s custody

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The Episode starts with Malhar coming to the hotel with band baja and dances in Atharv’s style. He asks Pawar to arrest him and says we will drag and take him. Atharv snatches gun from Pawar and aims at Malhar. He runs out and hides behind the jeep. He sees tempo coming and climbs to it. Malhar asks him to stop else he will shoot him. Atharv falls down and gets head injury. Malhar brings him to hospital. Doctor says there is no internal bleeding. Malhar calls Mugdha and asks her to give her statement in court tomorrow. Mugdha says I will support you fully and will get him punished. He says I will talk to your lawyer and hopes we don’t have to see his face again. Commissioner asks Malhar to tell Kalyani that he will be promoted. Malhar asks really and gets happy. Pawar comes and says he has

come. Malhar asks him to be there and keep eye on Atharv. He goes home.

Kalyani is talking to Moksh while he is with Anupriya. She asks him to start eating food soon. Sampada comes and takes Moksh from her hand. Kalyani says Sampada. Sampada says he is still my son. Vaman comes and slaps her. He asks her to stop it and says he did a mistake by leaving her and Aparna. He tells that he has no right to tell her, and helped her due to guilt. He says Moksh’s happiness is with Malhar and Kalyani and asks her to stop all this. Sampada says I did a mistake by trusting you and says I am Moksh’s mother legally. Malhar says you was his mother. He brings the judge who gave Moksh’s custody to her. He tells that Aai and baba has given statement against you for trying to send Moksh from here. Judge apologizes to Malhar and Kalyani and tells that he is taking back the custody from Sampada and tells that she can never claim for custody again. Malhar holds Kalyani’s hand and they walk towards Moksh. He recalls his promise to Moksh. He says I have said that one day the day will come. He takes Moksh from her. Judge says if you want then you can file case against Sampada. Malhar recalls Vaman requesting Malhar not to send Sampada to jail, as she is his daughter. Malhar agrees to his request. Fb ends. He tells Judge that he is leaving Sampada respecting Aai and baba. Kalyani says you will be punished and you will yearn all life and you will think of your mistake. She says you have given him birth, but has no right on him now. She says you claim to love Atharv, who left you and will get rotten in jail. She says this will be your punishment. Sampada says no and cries.

Aao Saheb scolds Vaman for coming after many years and asks what do you think that I will give my daughter to you. Vaman says he did a mistake by leaving them and suffered a lot. He says I will take care of her till my last breath. Aao Saheb says I will not give my daughter to you. Anupriya comes infront and tells Aao Saheb that time Vaman didn’t have the courage to go against his father and tells today he requested Malhar and asked him not to keep her in jail. Atul asks did anyone ask your opinion? Anupriya says did anyone ask you? She tells that they are still in the relation because of you and says years ago, Aparna and Vaman’s relation broke because of your son and says when you can forgive him then why can’t Vaman. Pallavi says how can you answer Aao Saheb. Anupriya says my daughter taught me to support truth. Pallavi asks Aparna if she wants to go and counts Aao Saheb’s favors on her. Anupriya says today you are worried for Aao Saheb, whom you have never taken care of. Aao Saheb asks her to either go with her husband who never supported her or stay with her who has always helped her. Aparna leaves her suitcase and cries. Aao Saheb asks Vaman to go and says now you got your reply. Aparna cries. Pallavi cries.

Malhar asks kalyani what is she doing? Kalyani says done and writes something. She says this is the same paper which I left incomplete and completed today. She says I have written this paper to prove you that I studied that day and would have passed if written the exam. Malhar says let me check. Kalyani says you want to check. Malhar says yes. Kalyani says I think that you will get emotional and teary eyes. Malhar says I shall know if you have written right answers or not. Kalyani asks him to take text book or take answer paper to Principal. She says even now you are checking and says God has given all intelligence to you.

Kalyani thinks Malhar can never get happy and asks herself why did she try. He comes out and writes 200 marks out of 100. She says 200. He says 100 for the paper and 100 for not leaving stone heart man like him.

Precap: Atharv escapes from police custody. Mugdha tells Malhar that Atharv is in her house and she can’t give statement against him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow Wow! After precap I knew it that mughadha won’t support malhar. Bcs she is made . The episode was good but after precap I didn’t like .

  2. I was going to make this comment even before the precap, whenever in a programme they say give statement tomorrow you know something is going to go wrong, as far as I’m concerned they now don’t need Mughdas testimony as Atharv shot at the police which is a major crime in itself and punishable and I was surprised to see Sampada at home because I’d thought she’d been arrested, I understand them withdrawing the case but surely she should have been in jail until then for child abduction. It would have been nice to see kaka there when they got custody as he was instrumental in helping. Aoa saheb is the biggest hypocrite ever, forcing Atul and Anupriya to stay together when they don’t like each other let alone love each other and Aparna wants to be with her husband and vice versa and she emotionally blackmailed Aparna.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Actually sampada had legal custody given by d court so it wouldn’t b abducting

      1. It was proved she was trying to leave with Moksh illegally. Malhar should have been made aware as he had visitation rights so if it was legal for Sampada to do so she wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to get him out of the country she was breaking a court order by trying to leave permanently with hm

      2. Also she was getting others to take him out of the country and was going to meet them in Dubai, Moksh papers would have been fraudulent. If parents are separated it’s still illegal to take children out of the country without permission from the other parent as that is how separated parents can run away with the child, it’s still considered abduction. Now Sampada has lost all rights that will not apply to Malhar as gphe has full custody now

  3. Now sampada will try to snatch malhar from kalyani or she’ll try to separate malhar and kalyani bcoz she can’t go back to atharv after mughda entry

  4. Everything was good except aao saheb and her minions. I have never seen as much useless parents as atul. That man realised he was forcefully marrying his only child to a already married man but still has no guilt over his actions. If he can’t appreciate malhar at least apologise to kalyani for blackmailing her to marry a criminal. Even aparna & vaman took the right decision for their daughter but that atul still can’t do anything right for kalyani.
    Atharv better go to jail even if for very short time. He crossed all levels of humanity during anupriya’s kidnapping.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Said saheb is really something because of her son her daughter’s marriage broke yet when he came back she forced anuprya to still consider him husband even making her slp in d same room. Now her daughter is getting a chance at happiness and respect back in society she holding vaman accountable for almost d same crime as her son except vaman didn’t leave his wife for another but because of his father. Double standards much? As for anuprya I love her response to Atul now she should show him d same as vaman got. If vamans return into aparnas life is not GD then so to is Atul in auupriyas. Y Atul is forgiven yet vaman isn’t?. Said saheb does not care for her daughter’s happiness at all hope aparnas sees dat soon.

  6. Nice episode

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Toooo much drama still going on… 😐😐😐😐
    2. Best part was when Anupriya shouted at Atul👏👏👏👏… Hope sarthak and Anupriya unite soon..
    3. Last scene was cute..😊😊😊😊😊
    4. Precap is again going to save atharv and sampada due to Mughda which can be gussesd as show telecast on zee and zee writers start good shows and gradually spoil them😡😠😡😠😡😠

  8. How I see her coming this mughda .. I knew I knew she would not make this statement against arthava. I knew she would betray malhar .. In short disappointed because arthava will again played the syndrome of loss of memory or played the infant person .. In short .. Happy moment when pillu returns to his parents .. I do not know what ‘It will be .. As long as Kalma stays together and faces the problems it is essential for me .. And hope to see anusar soon together ..happy of being able to watch the episode ..

  9. Leisa s morris

    I’m just glad mugdha is in arthavs life now to show sampada her worth and how she left someone who would’ve never abandon her and treated her like a queen for dat useless arthavs. Malhar is very smart he knows sampada now and he knows kalyani better so even if sampada tries anything I don’t believe malhar would fall in her trap. Although I know she can make it seem day malhar and her r back together I hope kalyani has faith in her husband

  10. SHANKI

    I’m sure Sampada will try to crack on Malhar.. she will drug him to have s*x in bed..Kalyani will have trust issues.. these writers always get to this at some point.. I m fed up now plss show Sarupriya…
    Moksh is a cute baby but now I don’t care if he stays or not.. Kalma needs to think about their love.. Moksh will come back to them anyways.. either show Kalma or Sarupriya..

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