Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani Snatches Anupriya’s Bangles And Sells Them

Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sampada gets ready for choroti/3 month’s post pregnancy function. Anupriya/Anu says she is looking very beautiful. Aao saheb explains meaning of choroti ritual. Aparna starts ritual. Sampada says she wants Anu also perform her ritual. Anuradha fumes in jealousy. Anu asks how can she. Aao saheb says Sampada is giving mother’s place to Anu, if she had such a cultured daughter, she would have been very happy. Aparna feels more jealous. Guests walk in for function. Aao saheb invites them for Ganeshj’s idol establishment function tomorrow. Kalyani walks in and invites guests for her mother’s post death 13th day ceremony/terveen. Ladies are shocked hearing that and ask Aao saheb who is this girl, it is abshagun/inauspicious to perform terveen ritual, who is this

girl’s mother. Aao saheb says this girl is a guest here and tells Kalyani she cannot perform terveen during ganesh utsav. Kalyani says he will perform terveen function at any cost even without their help.

Kalyani notes down terveen items. Kalyani walks in and tries to help. Kalyani yells to get out. Kalyani says she cannot perform terveen in this home. Kalyani stands up. Anu is shocked. Kalyani misunderstands Anu’s bangles with Kalyani’s and asks how did she get them. Anu says it is her bangles. Kalyani says her father must have gifted them to her after stealing them from Madhuri. Madhuri says these are more than 100-year-old family bangles. Kalyani pleads to give and then forcefully snatches them and pushes Anu away and locks door. Anu stands crying and pleading to return her bangles. Kalyani thinks she does not have enough money for terveen and thinks what to do. She sees time spent with Madhuri via torch shadow through bangles, drops bangles in shock and picks them back..

Next morning, Aao saheb calls jeweler to buy jewelery for Sampada. Anu on the other side asks Atharva to find Kalyani asks she is not seen since a long time and not picking call. He walks out of house. Aparna while checking jewelry finds Anu’s bangles and shows them to Aao saheb. Aao saheb asks Anu why did she sell bangles. Anu stands tensed. Atharva walks in and says Kalyani sold these bangles. Aao saheb orders servant to call Kalyani. Kalyani walks in. Aao saheb shows bangles and asks why did she steal them from Anu and sell them. Jeweler says she is the girl who sold him these bangles.

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  1. This kalyani is rotten to the core, ignorant ingrate! Can hardly stand to watch this serial further, this character is so disgusting I can’t even sympathize with her. Anu is so pathetic and weak also, why is she allowing this foul girl to disrespect her so much!

  2. Kalyanm is really irritating….

  3. Kalyani does need a tight slap to teach her right manners…Looks like her parents haven’t taught her how to respect elders….And the way she calls her mother by name…..I don’t know which country’s tradition is this……And the girl is setting a bad example by doing things not suitable for her age…..lying ,pretending ,putting her guardian in tight spot ,snatching her bangles and selling them…my god.i certainly don’t wish to have a daughter like her…..Regarding Anu Priya ,I have to say this …why does she always look so guilty …why can’t she clear her name in this murky drama if she is not at fault..By the way can anyone tell me how she is related to Aao Saheb and what s her position in that house….Everyone except Aao Saheb calls her as mayee…Whose mother is Anu Priya….Looks like the whole family knows Kalyani’s father Atul and they seem to not like him…..A big mystery surrounding the death of Madhuri……

    1. Hello lakshmi I have a question who is the male lead in this show? Malhar ya Atharbh. Who is pair opposite of kaliyani?

  4. Though i don’t watch this show, I’ve seen the promo and here’s my reaction. I feel like slapping this girl Kalyani and ask her _yahi sikhaya hai teri maa ne_ . I’m sorry guys but if a child turns out totally ill-mannered and brat it’s the parents fault in upbringing. Also i feel that if this girl can steal and behave badly , she can murder someone too. I know it’s just a serial but it can leave bad impact on teenager and children. Specially that girl Kalyani. God forbid if my kid turn out like this.

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