Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarthak tries to take Anupriya to college

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atul stopping Anupriya from going with Sarthak and says I will also come with you. He says my wife will not go to Police station alone and tells Sarthak that he can’t stop her husband. Kalyani tells Malhar that if Aai don’t write the exam then I will also not write exam and says what is Aao Saheb’s problem with Aai writing exam. Malhar says Aai will write the exam and calls Rao. He reminds him of the case no. 456 and asks him to do exactly. Kalyani asks what is that case. Sarthak, Anupriya and Atul come to the Police station. Rao asks Sarthak if they come to registered the statement and asks them to go. He stops Atul from going with them. Atul says I am her husband. Rao says we know how is your relation with Atharv, if you force her to give wrong statement then. He stops him. Kalyani asks Malhar about the case no 456. Malhar asks why she wants to know and says Aai will come to write exam. Kalyani says she has an idea to open this handcuff and says she always has Plan B ready. Malhar asks her to tell what is Plan B. Kalyani says did you tell me about the case no. 456. Malhar insists her to tell. Kalyani says I have no problem if I don’t write the exam and says it is your loss.

She goes to Principal’s office and makes a sad face revealing the handcuff. Principal says you can write the exam with your husband and says bechare..and asks her to get him treated by a good doctor. Malhar is surprised. Principal goes. Malhar writes the letter and asks if I have dementia, memory loss as I fell in the bathroom and asks who is this Doctor MMR. Kalyani asks if he didn’t realize his son’s name and says it is Moksh Malhar Rane… She says you are very ungrateful and says I will write this exam because of this letter as you want. Malhar says dementia happens in old age and asks if she knows. Kalyani says you are elder than me in age. Malhar asks why she wants to express always that he is much elder than her. He says you would have told that I had beaten up some goons and hurt myself. She says she did what she think as right and asks him not to forget that she will not write the exam until Aai comes. Principal comes back to cabin. Kalyani tells Malhar that today is her exam and Principal permitted her to write exam with him.

Anupriya is scared and tells Sarthak that she will not write the exam fearing of Atharv. Sarthak shouts at her and says you will write the exam. Rao goes to see Atul. Sarthak apologizes to Anupriya. Rao tells Atul that he will send tea for him. Atul thinks it is Malhar’s trick to send Anupriya to college.

A guy Dheeraj in the college takes Malhar’s pic. Malhar thinks he has taken Kalyani’s pic and scolds him. Dheeraj says I clicked his pic as Principal said that he has a memory loss disease and he thought to circulate his pic on social media so that if he forgets the way then someone will drop him. Kalyani thanks him for his thoughtful help. Just then ironsmith comes there and tells that he is sent by Pawar. He says he will break the hand cuff. Malhar and Kalyani take him to college room. Kalyani asks if he is experienced in breaking the hand cuff. He says yes. Kalyani says if my hand is broken then how I will take selfies and do my work. Malhar asks her not to disturb him. He sees his hand shaking and is about to hit hammer on Kalyani’s hand, but Malhar moves her hand and gets hit by the hammer on his hand. He writhes in pain. Kalyani shouts calling her friends to bring ice cubes. She gets worried and says your hand is turning blue. She scolds the man for hitting hammer on Malhar’s hand. She threatens to break his teeth. Malhar stops her and scolds the ironsmith telling him that her hand would have hit. Kalyani gets touched. Malhar asks ironsmith to make its key and says your exam bell rang.

Kalyani says if you have promised that Aai will come surely. Malhar looks on. She asks him to come. He asks her to take her bag. Anupriya gets ready in Salwar Kameez and says even now I am scared. He asks her to have courage and says we will see whatever happens. He says he will stay in Police station as Atul shall think she is also here. He says Constable will take you and will drop you to college. He covers her head with dupatta and asks her to hide her face when going out. He says I can see your bright future infront of my eyes, you will write exam and pass too. He says all the best. Constable is taking Anupriya as she is taking the prisoner. Atul asks them to stop. Someone comes to give tea. Atul refuses to take and comes near Anupriya. Anupriya gets tensed.

Malhar and Kalyani come to the auditorium and sit there. Kalyani feels bad seeing his hand. Malhar asks her to stop thinking about her hand. Principal comes and says there is no history test today, but you all defaulter students have to take part in debate competition. He says you have to debate in pairs and asks them to get the passing marks atleast. He asks them to make their jodis and asks Kalyani where is Anupriya? Kalyani says she must be coming. Principal gives her some more time. Everyone takes their debate chit. Kalyani checks the topic and looks on. Malhar reads it and says no relation is better than blood relation. Malhar asks her to give example of Anupriya and herself and speak against the topic. Many jodis come and debate on the given topic. Principal asks Kalyani to come and tells about the topic. Kalyani says Aai didn’t come till now. Principal asks her to start and says if Anupriya comes then can join you.

Precap: Kalyani announces that she will punish those troubling her mother and calls someone. Everyone looks surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am so fed up of anupriya bechari act. How long she will behave like a poor women and be used as pawn against kalyani. Okay she had a hard life, other people always tool advantage of her kindness and naivety to put her down. Okay she is unprepared to the real word but now she is not alone, she has a daughter to look after and to be strong for. Even if she is not strong she should act as such to protect & support her daughter at least. I don’t understand why she is scared of atharv, that guy tortured her and kalyani so much shouldn’t she be in revenge mood against him & try to make him pay by any way?! Even with aao saheb why does she act like a scary cat?! What more can that old witch do against her… and atul why the heck she let him take decision about her life?! It is illegal to forcefully stop a grown up women from accessing her human rights so she didn’t even needed to hide, the police constables were already there she could have just said “i am going for exam if anyone try to stop me they will have to answer the law”. We are in 21 century not in 1940 we are already overlooking lots of illogical things ( malhar sampada not being divorced, moksh custody to unstable sampada, criminals roaming around freely & acting like royal family) just let anupriya develop and let her story have some logic.

    1. U r right Bani.. This Atul is very disgusting.. Just hate him.. Evey time I think Malhar will do something to that greedy family for torturing his Kalyani & son.. But at last his hand tied & he fail to success his promises.. Always this is what happened.. BTW I wish this time it won’t happen.. Malhar should do something very big to them.. Anyway love the KalMa moments.. They soooo cute?????

  2. Why we show that the wicked are smarter than kalma .. Atul reaches the colleague and surprises kalma and Anupriya … Why allow the negative to enjoy the situation and allow the evil to win over the good .. I do not know why we insist on showing the difference of age between kaliyani and malhar …. If we persist in showing this difference .. Never the love story of kalma will be the day because malhar will think it is much too old for kaliyani and that it would spoil the youth of kaliyani by staying with him .. In short it seems to me that lately CVs is a little too illusion to the difference in age between the two .. And this is not fair. . Because never could their story begin and they confess their feelings for each other .. To like the scene between anusar because kaka encourages Anupriya .. In short but we turn in circles. But it’s past the time. Even though the kalma moment are cute the situation between the two is slightly tense. Because whenever malhar promises something to kaliyani. Malhar fails .. The upcoming scene Atul reaches college but I do not know if he allows Anupriya to pass the exam waiting to see Monday but we show that the negative reaches the goal and that he is smarter than kalma .. The only good thing is that malhar has to prevent the marriage between arthava and kaliyani .. But at what cost .. Losing the pillu guard and undergoing the sometimes casual sarcasm of the desmuks and kaliyani family .. Who for me should support him instead of making him feel guilty for saving him at the risk of losing pillu .. .. short waiting

  3. Even I am upset that THR is foaming…..there’s no divorce among Malhar &Sampada. Atharv is moving freely and plotting again. Anupriya is still being a helpless and bechari lady though Sarthak, Malhar and Kalyani is by her side….

    But Bani let’s cross our fingers and hope that Aai and Kalyani pass the test.

    Secondly, let’s Kalma, Sarthak nd Anupriya could find Mugdha, reveal Atharv’s original character to the family and Aao Saheb realise her mistake and accept Kalma, Sarthak And Anupriya.

    Thirdly, let’s hope that after Atharv’s revealation Atul accepts Kalma and give divorce to Anupriya so that she can start her new life with Sarthak.

    And most importantly, let Pillu come to Kalma back again…..

    But there’ll be several twists&turns within this process but still they’ll be happy laterand altogether.

    1. Their way to happiness is difficult and fraught with problems .. As long as the truth about Artharva is not divulging anything to do .. In short we cross our fingers .. We put recent pictures of kalma many thought it’s the sequence for their wedding night .. That’s so .. But he doubts that it happens .. Moreover the rumor circulates of Reem decided to leave the series .. True or false I do not know. Waiting..

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