Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rachit is alive and threatens Kalyani to lie to Malhar

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani breaks down seeing Malhar taking Anupriya from there. She cries and runs to hug Anupriya. Anupriya also cries hugging her. Kalyani cries badly. Malhar and Anupriya sit in the jeep with constables and leave. Kalyani cries. Later she sits under the tree and asks herself to calm down. She says if I take stress then baby will have a bad effect. She thinks to take care of baby and for that she has to be happy. She thinks she has to take Anupriya out. She asks herself to breathe in and breathe out. Sarthak comes there. Kalyani says I know your anger is justified, as you loved Aai very much without any expectations. Sarthak asks what did I get in love. He says I asked her to lie for me that she didn’t shoot Rachit, but she didn’t listen to me and didn’t think about me once. He says she should have thought about Riddhi, and tells that now they can’t adopt her. He says Anupriya cares for her only and don’t care about anyone else. She gets a call from an unknown number.

Kalyani picks the call and says she don’t want anything. Rachit is on call and laughs. He says you should be happy that I am alive and says this means you can get your Aai freed from jail. Kalyani asks him to come infront of the world and tells that he is alive. She says I will do whatever you say and asks him to save his Aai. He says I will ask Malhar ji to save you. Rachit says Malhar didn’t lie to save Anupriya, so I will not trust him. He tells that he wants Malhar’s destruction and asks her to say that she is carrying his baby in her womb. Kalyani asks baby, which baby? Rachit says I know everything, I know that you got your IVF done instead of Malti. He says when you lie to him that Malhar will be broken completely. Kalyani says I will not hurt my Malhar ji and will not leave him. Rachit laughs and says I am leaving decision on you, your Aai is important or this relation.

Kalyani drops the phone on floor and cries and asks Bappa, why you are doing this with me? She says why you always keep me in such situation. She says I can’t see Aai in jail, and can’t lie to Malhar. She says how to end my relation with him, I love him. She says neither I can hurt Malhar ji nor I can see my Aai in jail. She thinks what to do and cries?

Malhar is also sad in the jeep. Anupriya asks him not to feel bad and says you have done so much to save me. She asks him to support Kalyani always. She says she fights with you always, but she is a child and needs your support. She asks him to be with her for Moksh atleast. Malhar says I promise you maai.

Swara gets a call from an unknown number. She picks the call and asks who are you, and why you are troubling me? She asks what you are getting by doing this? Aao Saheb comes there and snatches phone from her hand. She asks who will do the house work now. She says I will not forgive Malhar and you will be punished on his behalf. She says Malhar will repent for doing wrong with Anupriya and asks her to get back to work.

Kalyani comes to room and sees Sampada tied. Sampada asks her to free her hands. Kalyani thinks I will not let Sampada know that I know her truth. Malhar comes there and collides with her. Kalyani keeps hand on her stomach and recalls Rachit’s words. Malhar says I tried to save Aai. Kalyani goes. Malhar tells Sampada that he will take her for IVF once the doctor comes back. Sampada thinks she has brought the doctor and that IVF will be done on Malti and you will never know.

Kalyani gets ready to tell Malhar and makes the arrangements. She says how could I hide such a big thing from you, whatever I am going to tell is very special. She says the baby will be born from my tummy, asks if he will support her. She says I love you….Moksh is standing infront of her wearing suit. Kalyani tells Moksh that they will celebrate Valentine’s day together and when the baby comes, he will be fine. She says I will not let anything happen to you. She says I have to hide this IVF thing from Malhar else Aai will never be back from jail. She hugs moksh and cries.

Madhav tells Malhar that he is keeping Mahashivratri puja at home after whatever happened? Aao Saheb tells that even God will not forgive Malhar and curses the day when Deshmukh got related to them. She says there will be no puja at home. Malhar turns to her. Kalyani turns and thinks I don’t know how to face him. She says I am helpless and can’t tell you that your baby is growing in my tummy. Malhar thinks how to convince her and thinks he had taken an oath to keep duty first. Kalyani cries in room and talks to Moksh. She says I am hiding a big truth from him that I have his baby in my womb. She says I have to get Aai freed, says all responsibilities are mine, thinks if I don’t tell malhar that Rachit will not come infront of the world and my Aai will not be saved.

Precap: Malhar thinks Kalyani will be happy to meet Aai. Anupriya collapses on floor as the fire breaks out around her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why is all the shows same?? Evil wins over good….villians always escape…one track goes round n round….good couples never get happiness?? Writer please be realistic

  2. Guys show is going to take leap so kalyani carrying sampada and malhar’s baby her stomach when malhar learn that she is pregnant they will get separate and after yrs reem will quite the show bcoz she can’t act mother of 5 or 6 yrs child they bring new face i wonder these makers why they make kalyani pregnant bcoz she is very young even they can get another that they can safe pillu hate u writers i know very they won’t get the girl suits kalyani character without reem but i don’t care if reem also i will quite

    1. But Reem says that she won’t quit the show. I don’t think that will happen

  3. This show has become so frustrating, just going around in circles. Honestly hasn’t Kalyani learnt by keeping unnecessary secrets she makes things harder then they ought to be and now they’ve got Swara also being blackmailed.
    Aoa Saheb the biggest hypocrite the way she used to treat Anupriya and Malhar whose only doing his duty is always being blamed.
    The valentine scene was so out of place.
    Kalyani all she had to do was tell Malhar she got a phone call from Rachit, obviously he’ll try to call her back at some point so Malhar can put a tap on Kalyanis phone and have prove that Rachit is alive.
    In real life Anupriya would have got off even if a body was found as it was clearly self defence and any decent lawyer would be able to get you acquitted and here she’s gone to prison even though there’s no prove of death.

    Another show on another channel which has much better and more realistic storylines is going off air and this same old recycled storylines keeps on going. It’d be better if it was the other way round at least that has something different

    1. Hi @Lucy This only happens in tujhse .. When concrete evidence is not used for innocent Anupriya .. What CV conveys as a message .. That lawyers and evidence are useless .. Because in the end the innocent are guilty and the guilty are free .. what it is .. pretty frustrating .. i don’t know what it will be .. but i think arthava is blackmailing swara .. i don’t know why blackmailing with she is the reason and at the same time with the problems of kalma and Anupriya .. Kaka who I think is also selfish for having asked Anupriya to lie in order to be able to adopt Riddhi .. In the end what to expect .. To believe that they prefer to lie and flee the truth than to face help and do the right thing to establish and cleared Anupriya .. Anyway .. Pretty mixed with this track of Fiv .. Pregnant not pregnant .. What it ai .. If reem leaves the series .. This no longer has any meaning and no interest in watching .. Because for my apart from their chemistry is unique although the two have a certain age difference. No matter because frankly they make a nice pair of jodi and they complement each other perfectly. And if it leaves no chance that I look again .. Already that the track drags and leaves me perplexed then if it or two leaves for me it’s dead .. It will be the end of tusjhe

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