Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aao Saheb stops Anupriya from writing the exam

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The Episode starts with Aao Saheb telling Atul that they shall not let Anupriya write exam today. Atul says ok and goes to stop her. Atharv comes there. Aao Saheb asks do you want me to do something else. He says if Maai don’t write the exam then Kalyani will also not write, then Malhar and Kalyani will separate and we will get the other side of house. He thinks become my katputli and make Malhar and Kalyani busy, till then I will end Mugdha. Anupriya is getting ready for the exam and prays to make her pass in exam. She thinks Kalyani must have left with Malhar and thinks she forgot that I will not go without seeing her face. Aao Saheb comes there and asks where is she going? Anupriya says she is going to write exam. Aao Saheb asks her not to go. Atul breaks her file. Anupriya asks who are you to stop me? Aao Saheb pushes her and she falls down on the chair and becomes unconscious. Atul asks why did you push her. Aao Saheb says I didn’t push intentionally and says it is good, we will lock her in room. Kalyani calls Anupriya. Aao Saheb says Anupriya left for college. Kalyani says Aai didn’t tell me and calls he, but her phone is not answered. She says Aai must have kept phone in bag. Malhar says may be she don’t want to talk to you. Kalyani gets upset with him. They leave. Aao Saheb asks Atul why didn’t the phone ring? Atul says he put the phone on silent mode. He asks why did we lie to her. Aao Saheb says Kalyani will do drama.

Kalyani asks Malhar to stop the jeep and says she forgot an important work. Malhar asks her to get ready for punishment if the work is not important. Kalyani says I am not scared of you. She peeps through the window and looks at Moksh. She says how are you? She says they left him alone. She says what did you think that I will not meet you before going to college. Malhar also gets emotional and cries seeing him. Kalyani also cries. Marjawun ya jeelun zara song plays….Moksh says baba…They are very emotional. Sampada comes to room. Kalyani takes Malhar to side to hide from her. Sampada takes him out. Kalyani blames Malhar for losing Moksh. Anupriya gains consciousness in the room. Malhar asks Kalyani to come. They sit in the jeep. Kalyani says don’t you think that you shall try and think about bringing Billu back. Malhar asks what do you think that I don’t worry for my son and only you loves him. Kalyani asks then why did you let him go? Malhar says I don’t want to clarify. Anupriya knocks on the door asking them to open the door. She hears jeep leaving and calls Kalyani, but they already left.

Sarthak calls Kalyani and asks where is she? Kalyani says she is with Malhar and will reach there in 10 mins. She says Aai didn’t pick my call. Sarthak says she is not in college. Kalyani says then where is she? Sarthak says I will check again. Aao Saheb comes to Anupriya’s room and warns her not to go. Anupriya says you can’t stop me and asks if I don’t write the exam then what you will get. Kalyani’s call comes on mobile. Aao Saheb asks her to tell Kalyani that she is going to temple and will be late to college. She says your daughter’s future is in your hand. Anupriya picks kalyani’s call and tells that she went to temple. Kalyani asks her to pick the call whenever she calls her. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to rest. She thinks she has fired the arrow and hit 2. She says Anupriya can’t write the exam and Kalyani will not write her exam well.

Sarthak asks Principal about Anupriya. Principal says they have removed Anupriya’s name as her husband Atul called and said that she will not study. Sarthak says Atul is nothing to Anupriya and she wants to study. He says he will bring Anupriya.

Malhar talks to Pawar and comes to know that both ironsmith is unwell. Pawar says he will send other. Kalyani asks Malhar if he will come inside when she writes her exam and says it is good that only few student came to college today. Malhar says Pawar said that he will send someone. Kalyani walks in the college. Malhar asks her to sit. Kalyani sings song. Malhar asks what is it? Kalyani says song. He asks will you sing such vulgar song before exam. Kalyani says it is stress buster for her, either she will walk or sing. Malhar asks her to walk. Sarthak comes and tells him that Anupriya is not here and she was stopped from coming here. Kalyani is shocked.

Sarthak comes home and tells Aao Saheb that he wants to file case against Atharv for Anupriya’s kidnapping and calls her. Atharv says that day it was proved in court that she was in banaras. Sarthak says if you interfere then have to bear the consequences. Atharv says why you want to take statement today. Aao Saheb says I want to see what statement she will give. Malhar tells Sarthak on call to tell them that she needs to give statement in Police station. He whispers to her that he will take her to college. Anupriya and Sarthak are leaving. Atul comes and says I will also come with you. Kalyani and Malhar get tensed.

Precap: Kalyani says if my Aai don’t write exam then I will not write the exam. Malhar says Aai will write her exam. Constable is taking Anupriya out in salwar kameez. Atul stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. These two loosers atul and aau saheb irritating me they are wrost than atharva and sampada. Atharva knows very well that kalyani won’t take the exam without her mother he can do anything to destroy malhar’s promise to atul. I hope anupriya take the exam.

  2. it’s Atool.

  3. The episode is a bit boring .. But still cute??? a little tired as kaliyani blames malhar for the pillu guard .. Sampada is a double face. At night she behaves like a vampire with her son but the day is a perfect mother .. Very nuanced his role .. Kaliyani with his reproaches does not help malhar to seek a solution for recovered pillu. Regarding arthava he moves slowly but surely with his plan .. Atul and aeo saeb their role is degrading day by day .. Have a grandma and beautiful mother as aeo saeb I do not wish anyone .. My series takes a pose I find we do not advance with the Mugdha track and look for evidence to trap arthava and Sampada .. On the contrary we give priority to the negative …. My feeling is quite mixed because we give the romance a little malignant with kalma .. One gives the mental suffering with kaliyani’s reproaches towards malhar and crying of pillu when he sees his Baba .. In short .. It is shown that The equality man is not respected woman. That the woman is physically abused emotionally and psychologically .. Brief mixed feelings ..

  4. Kalyani and malhar and pillu part is so sad…………

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