Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani is fine and shares her plan with Anupriya and Sampada

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The Episode starts with Ketki coming to Kalyani’s room and says I heard that you fought with Shark alone. She stops her glucose drip and says you are a superwoman. She asks her to tell all story else you know what I will do. She takes out her oxygen mask and asks her to tell the story. She then makes her wear it again and says I need you very much. She says if you lie down here then who will make arrangements of Sarthak and my wedding. Kalyani feels suffocated and takes heavy breaths when she takes out oxygen mask again. Ketki makes her wear oxygen mask again. She gets a call and tells someone that she can’t go from here, until she gets that thing and says then only she will go out of this house. Malhar comes there. Ketki hears him coming and goes from the other door. Malhar asks Anupriya to see her and says I can’t see her like this. He says my ears are yearning to see Malhar ji from her mouth. Anupriya says I will pull her ears after she wakes up, I can’t see her condition. Malhar asks Kalyani why she is troubling her mother and asks her to see what he brought for her. He says bollywood news. He starts reading newspaper about Kareena Kapoor and then says you don’t need to lose weight. He then reads about Sara Khan and Karthik. He cries and asks her to get up. He recalls Kalyani telling about Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff doing a movie. Fb is shown, Malhar asks her to read about supreme court case. Kalyani says you also don’t know many things. She asks him to give paper and says John Abraham is doing a movie. He asks who is he? Fb ends. Malhar asks her to get up and promises to read news with her. He asks why you are not listening to me and cries. He gets Pawar’s call and goes. He comes out and asks Pawar if Vaman told something. Pawar says no. It shows that the man is hearing them. Something drops down from Malhar’s pocket. The man comes to him and gives the thing saying it fell from your pocket. Malhar says I didn’t see you before. The man says I came to cut the grass. Malhar says ok and asks Pawar to come.

Pallavi taunts Aparna for marrying Vaman again and says we got saved from your husband. The man says I will cut the grass and asks for the money. Pallavi says we don’t need anyone. The man keeps his grass cutting knife and takes out his fake beard and moustache. He looks at Aao Saheb’s house.

Sampada takes Moksh to the backyard of the house and says Kalyani Aai is unwell, so you will be with me. Ketki comes there and snatches Moksh from her, pushes Sampada. Sampada asks her to return her son. Ketki says you can get your son back for life and says if Kalyani don’t get up and sleep for forever. She says you have to help you a bit and then your Moksh will be yours. Sampada asks what you want me to do. Ketki says Maai has hearing aid and asks her to give it to her. She says once I get it, then I will send Kalyani to her mother, then Moksh is yours. Someone peeps inside Kalyani’s room and goes. Anupriya cries sitting at Kalyani’s bedside. Kalyani wipes her tears and opens her eyes. Anupriya is shocked.

Anupriya says you gained consciousness. Kalyani says I am fine and is acting to be unconscious. Anupriya asks why did you act and says we were so worried. Kalyani says I can’t see tears in your ears and can’t bear tears in Malhar ji’s eyes. She says I have no other way to search Papa and prove him innocent. She says Ketki is sure now that I am unconscious and tells that she will get time to search Atul and tells that she is sure that Ketki has hidden him somewhere. Sampada comes there. Kalyani says I am not alone, Sampada is with me in this plan. She says Sampada is with me and says when I was alone with Ketki, she got a call and she said that she can’t go out of house until she gets the thing. Anupriya asks what? Sampada asks did you have the hearing aid? Anupriya shows it. Sampada says yesterday Ketki came to me when I was with Moksh and tells everything. Kalyani says she will search her Papa. Sampada asks what is in this hearing aid?

Precap: Kalyani asks Sampada to give hearing aid to Ketki. Sampada gives it to her and messages Kalyani. Kalyani leaves from her room. Malhar comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. DannyComments

    I’m tired of these Terrorism track please! I need more of Anupriya and her supposed new beau!!! I need to see them finally falling inlove!!! Come on writers!! This isn’t the Kalyani’s whole life show” It’s like everyone just took a back sit to this character!!!

    1. Exactly danny u r right they only focus on kalyani character even also the show about anupriya. Or Malhar is dump/foolis/untrustee person he doesn’t care kalyani he nothing good his character irritating me.

  2. Nowadays the show is boring, it’s way too much unrealistic drama. Instead of showing track where a 18 years old saves everyone, makers should focus on kalyani & anupriya’s everyday life. Being a wife & mother at 18 while continuing education is a big challenge. Makers could show her struggles to fulfil her responsibilities. And her feeling awkward for being married with a child when all her friends are leaving a carefree life. She never got change to have a crush on a guy, have boyfriend or go in date. It would be cute & funny if she gets envious of her friends and malhar tries to make it up for her & do teens stuff.
    Even anupriya’s life is a challenge, getting an education at this age is not easy. Having to stay with the man who betrayed her is hurtful. Accepting someone new in her life is difficult. There are so many nice & relatable stories that can be made with these awesome characters. Instead makers are introducing criminals, terrorist and the main characters rather than getting their messy life on track are running behind those criminals.
    Thanks for the update Hasan

  3. Woooowww Kalyani…??Don’t trust ur Malhar ji.. Bcz he only does promise but can’t finish it.. ?? U can find ur papa.. Thank u Sam for supporting Kalyanii?

  4. Nice episode

  5. I think u may like patiala babes on Sony TV

    1. I follow Patiala Babes religiously. Good family drama. Thank god that Balaji production had nothing to do with this.

  6. For me malhar who shed his tear is not sincere .. When you see what happens next …. Also kalaiyn takes into account the feeling of malhar .. Girl you are too kind and naive and so adorable .. You forgive fast and easy .. He does not deserve his attention and forgiveness ” … Short guy you cry for her but when she tells you something you do not believe it .. What kind husband are you? Same Sampada that helps so easily .. There is eel under rock .. Sampada will not come to help as well. Daughter who does not like her mother to make him notice that kaliyani is happy with his happiness with Vaman who in the end turned out to be the worst traitor .. Sampada who cursed kaliyani to support arpana and Vaman .. Sampada crying for the survival of kaliyani. I do not believe too much in her tear crocodile .. Moreover kekti who makes him a bid so juicy that she gets again the guard pillu .. Oohh it’s too tempting .. Sampada who helps if easily .. I can not believe it. No I do not trust Sampada .. And even less to his new kindness .. In short .. To understand nothing of this trail of marriage between kekti and kaka .. Why when and how. I do not know .. So frustrating all this .. Anyway ..

  7. RaajaKumaar

    Malhar disgusts me ??? I never knew I could hate a fictional character this much! I’ve started hating Malhar and now loving Sampada Angel ?

    1. It was so shameful to see the last Ep when Sampada a stranger to Kalyani was more worried than her own husband Malhar ?
    2. When Malhar opened his big mouth to tell Anupriya last episode she should have given him one tight right there and also not let Malhar touch Kalyani
    3. Sampada became an angel from a criminal and I think she deserves forgiveness for everything ?.
    4. Last episode best scene was when Anupriya and others beat up the others terrorists!? Congrats Anu in showing those terrorists there worth..
    5. Malhar calls himself a Cop but it looks like Kalyani is one???
    6. Malhar really needs to make it up to Kalyani and needs to do something big!
    7. Kallu took first right step by not telling her husband about her plan? and I’m glad Sampada is in the plan aswell??❤️, really Sampu and Aparna have really redeemed themselves!

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